‘Devil’s Advocate’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed Dalal? Is Loulwa Dead?


Directed by Essam Abdel Hamid, Devil’s Advocate takes us through the life of a star footballer who finds himself entangled in a murder mystery. His wife had been killed, and he didn’t even get any time to mourn her loss as law enforcement authorities put him in prison as he was considered to be the prime suspect in the case. The society got divided into two factions: one who believed that he hadn’t committed the crime and the other who had made up their mind that he was guilty and should be put behind bars. Luckily enough for Bader, there was a reputed lawyer who was not only his fan but also strongly believed that he was innocent. So, let’s find out what happened in Bader Khaled’s case and if he was actually guilty or not.

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‘Devil’s Advocate’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Bader, a famous footballer from the Al-Arabi club, made news not because of his sporting achievements this time but because his wife, Dalal Abdulla, had been murdered in his house, and he was seen as the prime suspect as there was no plausible reason that could justify his innocence. Bader was devastated, as he had lost the love of his life but had to prove his innocence in front of the world. On social media, people conducted their own trials, and there were a few ardent fans who found him innocent, whereas there were tons of conspiracy theorists who believed that he had killed his wife in cold blood. Bader felt humiliated that he had to prove that he had not killed Dalal, and that is why he told the investigating officer, Yousef, that if he believed that he had committed the murder, then he should put him in prison, as he was not going to fight to prove his innocence. Bader told Yousef that his wife meant the world to him, and after her death, he didn’t have any reason to continue living. Even Dalal’s mother believed that her son-in-law was behind the murder of her daughter, and the prosecutors were quite confident that he was going to be convicted of the crime. But just when Bader had lost the will to live his life, a lawyer named Loulwa came as a blessing in disguise, and she made up her mind to fight his case, and her intuition (that’s what we believed in the beginning) told her that Bader was innocent. The prosecutor was Loulwa’s father, and the chief investigator on the case, Yousef, was her ex-fiance, which made the entire proceedings even more complicated. Loulwa had a journalist friend named Hoda who always had her back, and she validated her beliefs and told her to fight for justice and not give up unless and until she made sure that the truth came out in the open. Bader was quite reluctant at first, as he wanted Loulwa to leave him to his fate, but the adamant lawyer had already made her mind up, and she was not going to let him rot in prison for a crime that she believed he had not committed. Seeing the earnestness of his lawyer, Bader mustered the courage and made up his mind to fight for his cause and tell the world that he was not the devil they considered him to be. He knew that the road ahead was going to be tough, but he was ready for every challenge, and he made sure that the prosecutors knew that he was not going down without a fight.

What Happened During The Trial?

At the crime scene, Yousef and his team found a blood-stained towel and the fingerprints of Bader, which made it very clear to them that Dalal had been murdered by Bader only. Also, there was no sign of forced entry, which made them assume that the crime had been committed either by someone who was already present in the house or by someone who was known by Dalal. But Yousef knew that, though he had procured evidence that pointed towards the involvement of Bader, it was not sufficient to hold him accountable. During the trial, Loulwa was able to present a couple of witnesses that proved that Bader couldn’t be charged with murder as the evidence wasn’t sufficient to prove his guilt. Loulwa knew that she wouldn’t be able to prove that Dalal had committed suicide or been murdered by someone else, but all she needed to do was create reasonable doubt in the minds of the judges and nullify the evidence that was presented by the prosecutors. Loulwa got hold of the psychiatrists who were helping Dalal cope with her depression. Ms. Salwa, the psychiatrist, testified in court that Dalal was suffering from depression and had suicidal tendencies. The final nail in the coffin was when Dalal’s father himself came to give his testimony and said that he didn’t believe that his son-in-law would have murdered him. That changed the course of the narrative, and the judges realized that even though they wanted to favor the prosecutors, they didn’t have substantial evidence to incriminate Bader.

What Happened To Jina?

Dalal’s mother wasn’t happy with the verdict, as she was sure about the fact that Bader had murdered her daughter. She was not even happy with her husband, as he had testified in the favour of his son-in-law. Bader and Loulwa came quite close after the trial, and Loulwa even told her journalist friend that she had a crush on Bader. Loulwa was being labeled as the Devil’s Advocate, but she personally didn’t have any qualms about taking up Bader’s case, as she was certain that he was innocent. Bader and Dalal had a housekeeper named Jina, who had stopped working for the family but had some evidence that she knew would be so compelling that it would force the court of law to reopen the case. She had a letter that had been given to her by Dalal, and she had probably foreseen what was about to happen to her. Jina wanted to give that letter to the law enforcement authority, as she felt that it was her responsibility to bring the truth to light.

Yousef was informed about it, and he was supposed to meet Jina and get to know her side of the story, but before that could happen, Jina met with an accident and succumbed to her injuries. Yousef knew that Jina’s death was not an accident and that the perpetrator had gotten to her before the law enforcement authorities could. Once again, after Jina’s death, the prosecution came to a roadblock, and they were stranded in the dark. Meanwhile, Yousef got the news that Loulwa and Bader were about to get married, and he was agitated by the fact that a woman like Loulwa was not able to see the truth. Yousef knew that Bader was guilty, but the fact that he couldn’t find a single piece of evidence irritated him. He wanted to see Bader behind bars, but he was helpless, and at the end of Devil’s Advocate, he somewhat accepted his defeat.

Who Killed Dalal? And Why? 

Hoda was not able to make peace with the fact that Bader was innocent because of the recent developments. The maid, Jina, had been hit by a car, and nobody had been able to see whose car it was. The letter that Jina had on her, which she was supposed to give to Yousef, went missing. Hoda was going through the pictures and videos that Dalal had uploaded on social media, and in one of them, she saw a reflection of a person from a glass object kept behind Dalal. She recognized that it was her friend Loulwa who was present at Dalal’s house when she was recording that video. Hoda froze for a moment, and she wasn’t able to comprehend what she had just seen. Everything started to make sense, and Hoda came to know that it was Loulwa who had orchestrated the entire thing. Loulwa had lied when she said at the beginning of Devil’s Advocate that she had only talked to Dalal a few times, because both women were constantly in touch with each other. Dalal always used to go over to Loulwa’s place or call her over whenever she had an argument with Bader.

Loulwa, of late, had started feeling that Bader would either divorce her or hurt her, and that is why, as a security measure, she always kept a video with her that she had recorded a long time ago. Bader and Dalal had known each other since their childhood, and they had been through thick and thin. Dalal was present at Bader’s house when his father was stabbed to death by his mother. Bader and his mother were sick and tired of the barbaric treatment they had been subjected to, and one day, in the spur of the moment, Bader’s mother killed her own husband as she couldn’t see her son getting beaten mercilessly. Bader had buried the dead body in the family owned farmhouse, and after that day, nobody talked about it ever again. Dalal had started blackmailing Bader, saying that he should be aware of the consequences he would have to face if he decided to leave her. At the end of Devil’s Advocate, we see that Yousef got suspicious about Bader’s father, as he had never been reported dead, and Yousef believed that he would find something in the farmhouse that would help his cause. Yousef didn’t have a search warrant, so Bader didn’t allow him to enter the premises. Bader knew that it was not safe to keep his father’s body buried there, so he dug the grave, put it in his car, and burned it down in an isolated location where no one would see it.

Loulwa not only killed Dalal but also made sure that Bader fell in love with her. Everything went according to plan, and she was able to prove Bader’s innocence in court. Bader proposed to Loulwa, but on their wedding night, he got a text from Hoda telling him that Loulwa was not who she pretended to be and that she was the one who had mercilessly killed Dalal.

How Does ‘Devil’s Advocate’ End?

Devil’s Advocate‘s ending left us on a cliffhanger, as there was a fury raging inside Bader the moment he got to know that Loulwa had killed Dalal. After the ceremonies were over, Bader, in a fit of rage, confronted Loulwa and asked her directly how she had killed his wife. The series ends at a point where the police receive a call from a man who confesses to having killed his wife. It could have been possible that Bader had killed Loulwa after he learned about what she had done, but because we are not shown anything, we cannot say that for certain. Loulwa was deprived of love her entire life and she wanted to have a life like Dalal. After Yousef called off their marriage, she was ready to go to any extent to fend for her vested interests. She wanted a loving husband like Bader, and she wanted to live a life of opulence. Loulwa was a lawyer, and so she knew how to play around the loopholes in the legal system. She deceived everybody and had her friend not been so obsessed with the case she would have gotten away with it too. She was proud of what she had been able to accomplish alone, but she forgot that the truth always finds a way to come to light. Loulwa was doomed once her own best friend, Hoda, figured out who had killed Dalal. If there is a second season of Devil’s Advocate, we will get to know if Bader actually killed Loulwa or if he had something else up his sleeve that nobody knew about.

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