‘Devil’s Advocate’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


As of now, there has been no official announcement of the second season of Devil’s Advocate, but in this article, we will try to speculate that if there is one, then in which direction the narrative would go. The end of the first season of Devil’s Advocate left us on a cliffhanger where we didn’t know what Bader had done with Loulwa or if she was still alive or not. Loulwa believed that she had created the perfect plan and that nobody would be able to find out what she had done. Loulwa had gone to great lengths, and even the odds favored her at times, and she was able to pull it off. But maybe it was Loulwa’s bad luck that she had a friend who was so passionate about her work that she was just not ready to give up on the case. Hoda made it a to keep going through all the evidence over and over again, even after the court had given her judgment and declared Bader innocent. Hoda realized that something was not adding up, and she knew that even if she agreed that Bader didn’t kill Dalal, there was no theory that could properly prove how she had been killed.

Hoda was relentless in her quest, and she kept on searching for that one breakthrough that could get her closer to the truth. In the end, she struck gold and saw Loulwa in one of the videos that Dalal had probably uploaded on some social media site. Loulwa’s reflection could be seen on the glass surface, and that’s when Hoda realized that she had been deceived by her own friend. Hoda’s first impulse was that this couldn’t be true, and she just could not accept the fact that her one friend, whom she had known for so many years, was capable of such a thing. But then she started to connect the dots, and she realized how Loulwa had made a mockery of the legal justice system. Hoda sent the picture to Bader, who was getting married to Loulwa that same day.

After the party got over, he, too, got to know that Dalal had probably committed the biggest mistake of her life by trusting Loulwa, and she paid a heavy price for the same. Bader could feel the anger in his bones. His entire life had been turned upside down, and he wanted answers from Loulwa. As soon as she came inside the room, he didn’t ask her why she had killed Dalal, but he asked how she had done so. To us, it did seem a little weird because any normal person would want to ask why, but there was probably some other plan brewing inside Bader’s mind because of which he wanted to know how she had gone about her business so slyly and tricked the judiciary, the law enforcement authorities, and the people of the entire country.

Did Bader Know About Loulwa’s Plan Before?

We don’t know as of now if Loulwa is actually dead or not, as we only heard the voice of a man telling the police control room that he had killed his wife and didn’t see anything per se. We believe that Bader was not as innocent as he pretended to be. It was a fact that the man had moved on from the tragedy and decided to marry Loulwa in less than a year’s time. Dalal’s mother always said that she was 100 percent sure that her son in law had murdered her daughter. The conviction with which she spoke made us feel that maybe she was not wrong after all. Bader did act suspiciously a lot of times, and it felt that he was capable of taking the law and order into his own hands. Bader had the resources, and he knew that if he played his cards well, he would be able to get away with a lot of things. It is a possibility that Bader had been conspiring with Loulwa all this time, a fact he had been able to hide from everyone else. Maybe he had pretended that he had met her for the first time when he was in prison, and in reality, they had been having an affair for a very long time. It does not seem plausible that Loulwa was at Dalal’s place so often and Bader didn’t have a clue about her existence. We have a very strong hunch that they pretended to be strangers so that they could accomplish what they had set out for.

Obviously, we wouldn’t know for sure unless and until the makers decide to come up with the second season, but the reason why we speculate this is because it seemed quite baseless that Loulwa, without any kind of assurance, decided to kill Dalal, and she was absolutely sure from the beginning that she would be able to woo Bader. For any prudent man, this assumption on Loulwa’s end seems very far-fetched. If she was going to take such a huge step as taking the life of another human being, we believe that she would have had some kind of surety that Bader would get together with her. It is possible that we will learn in season 2 that the call that the police received was from someone else, probably someone who hadn’t killed Loulwa. If Loulwa and Bader were on it together, then we believe that would make sure that Hoda did not reach the police station. Yousef was after Bader from the very beginning, and if Hoda is able to make him aware of what she had gotten her hands on in Devil’s Advocate Season 2, then he will make sure that both Loulwa and Bader are put behind bars. It is often said that a mother’s instinct about her children is never wrong, and in the second season, we would come to know whether Dalal’s mother was right in blaming Bader or if it was only her false presumptions that were leading her astray.

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