‘Di4ries’ Season 2, Part 1 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Does Pietro Love Isabel?


A year later, Di4ries season 2 is here. At times, we wondered whether we had been a little too harsh in our review of the first season, but strangely, the fact that this season is released in two parts seems to have validated our opinion that the first one felt too self-important. Either way, Di4ries season 2 undoubtedly has more depth, and despite the derivative nature of some plotlines, we feel they come together quite well. Here is a recap of the season so far.

Spoiler Alert

What Is The Pact For The Bonfire?

It wasn’t a surprise that the students had to move to Marina Grande to continue their schooling. While their protest was admirable, in all practicality, it wasn’t going to yield any long-term effects. The class of 3D, Galileo School, find themselves studying in Marina Grande for the last year of their middle school, and they hate it as much as the students of Marina Grande. A lot of things have changed over the summer, including Isabel and Michele breaking up and Livia changing the color of her hair. Giulio and Arianna are still dating, but Giulio is not into the relationship as much, as Arianna is possessive and not as easy going as him regarding things. He wants to break up with her, but Aarianna saves him the trouble and does so herself because she has been feeling the difference as much as him. However, they remain friends and are each other’s support for the majority of the show.

Coming to Pietro, Livia wants nothing to do with him, though they are on polite speaking terms with. Isabel keeps encouraging Pietro not to give up hope, and she is rooting for the couple, but Pietro and the rest of 3D are uncomfortable with Livia’s new friends, Katia and Sara. Katia is the daughter of Pietro’s father’s girlfriend after the divorce, and that is just another reason for Pietro to dislike her, in addition to her being a snooty bully. But Katia and Sara are good friends with Livia, and the three have spent the entire summer together. At a party that the entire class pitches money for, Katia doesn’t let the students of Marina Picola come, and that night, they end up having a separate party of their own, which Livia joins later. They make a pact around the bonfire that they will always stay friends and even apply to the same high school so that the class can stay together. This is an immediate problem because everyone is interested in different subjects, and there is no school that will be good for them all. But the pact is made, even though not everyone is able to commit to it 100 percent.

Why Is Livia Hanging Out With Katia And Sara?

From what we can tell, Livia is having an identity crisis of sorts. In Di4ries season 1, she had been the ‘good girl,’ and that had just made her the object of a bet and given her some serious heartbreak. While she did not hate herself, it is a natural part of growing up to test and understand all we can be. She made friends with Katia and Sara because they were so different from her previous friends. She was a different person around them, and she was trying to understand how much she liked this other version of herself. But Livia was not aware that Katia and Sara were bullies. When she confronted them about the sign at the party, they denied being the ones to put it up. They also encouraged Livia to skip school and even encouraged her to shoplift with them. While Livia understood that it was all wrong, she felt a certain thrill with them that made her feel different from her previous self, and she did not want to let go of that. Maybe that is why she ignored the warnings about them given by her other friends. However, when they were shoplifting one time, Livia got caught, and Katia and Sara abandoned her immediately. It was Pietro who helped her out. That incident shook up Livia, and she is angry with her new friends. She has put some distance between herself and them, but that may not last long.

Why Are Katia And Sara Bullying Arianna?

We are shown that Katia is a lonely person who doesn’t get the attention she wants from her parents. While we understand that this is a troublesome situation for a child, it cannot be used as an excuse for her bullying and harassing ways. We could be wrong, but we don’t feel any sympathy when we see her spending Christmas alone, after what she and Sara did to Arianna. They body-shamed her and posted one such picture of her online without her consent. Luckily, Arianna’s friends rallied together for her and helped her gain back some confidence while getting her out of that situation. As much as this situation reminds us of a particular scene from Sex Education, it was still powerful. Arianna knows who her culprits are, but she cannot say anything since she doesn’t have any proof that Katia and Sara did it. Then they shoot another humiliating video of Arianna, and the bullying increases under the threat of doing what they tell her to if she doesn’t want that video going online. Throughout it all, Arianna is silent since she is still conscious and embarrassed of it all. It is sad to see, and this is the reason that we feel no sympathy for Katia, who even treats Sara poorly, who is the only friend always by her side.

Does Pietro Love Isabel?

We simply did not expect this twist. Isabel has been the romantic of the group, and she is currently single. As for Pietro, he starts the season with the intention of getting Livia to forgive him and get back together. However, he is hesitant to commit fully to the idea despite Isabel’s encouragement. In the meantime, he wants to get into the basketball team, but he barely manages it, with some help from Roby, who is interested in Isabel. Roby actively pursues Isabel, but she is not as sure of her feelings for him. Meanwhile, she is helping Pietro train for his team, and that means that the two spend a lot of time together. Pietro’s performance in the game is very uneven, and the coach wants him to give it his heart and soul, which he is only able to do with Isabel’s help.

On the other hand, Roby has started noticing the closeness between the friends, and he is a little insecure about it. However, Isabel assures him that it is nothing, though, in the very next episode, she and Pietro give in to their feelings and end up kissing each other, though they don’t talk about it any further. It is clear that they share something special, and Livia catches on to it at the Christmas party, though we don’t think she is sure. Livia is also on the verge of forgiving Pietro for what happened between them in season 1 of Di4ries. When she tries to do it the first time, she finds Bianca and Pietro kissing, but the misunderstanding gets cleared up when Bianca tells her that she was the one to make a move, and it meant nothing. After that, the timing is also never right, as it has reinforced for Livia that she cannot trust Pietro. Isabel even remarks at one point that she and Livia seem to understand Pietro very differently. In our opinion, Isabel should also have trouble trusting Pietro because she has seen the kind of guy he is capable of being.

However, after Pietro helps Livia with the shoplifting incident, she grows soft towards him, and she wants to forgive him and give their relationship another chance. But at the Christmas party, at the end of Di4ries season 2, part 1, Giulio and the others announce that they don’t want to follow the Pact of the Bonfire as they all have different dreams. This upsets Pietro, as he sees it as some sort of end to the friendship of the group. Everyone leaves the party upset, and Livia comes back for her bag, which is when she tries to kiss Pietro, but he steps back. He has already accepted that this is not the Livia he used to like, and he is also confused by his feelings for Isabel, which he has to think about. Di4ries season 2, part 1, ends on this stressful note, and the next part will tell us how these feelings are resolved.

Final Thoughts

We still feel, just like Di4ries season 1, that this should have been one or two episodes shorter. But the stories are still good and make sense from a budding teenager’s perspective. We cannot ignore the fact that they are a bit idealistic, but that is a liberty taken for the screen. We don’t want to call this a comfort show yet, but it is good enough.

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