Did Big Man Die In ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3? Did Jepp Come Back To Yellowstone?


Maybe I am wrong, but for a complex, social species like us, survival isn’t enough. We have to feel alive, and for that, we need connections. And I guess Big Man, or Thomas Jepperd, knew that better than all of us. Being a former football player, Big Man understood the importance of teamwork and the associations one makes on the field. In the post-apocalyptic world, he spent an entire lifetime searching for his family. [Spoiler Alert] Big Man never met his family again, and he died in Alaska at the end of Sweet Tooth season 3, but if you are still interested in Big Man’s story and the mystery surrounding his death, then keep reading.

During the outbreak of the H5G9 virus, Big Man’s wife, Louisa, was pregnant with his child. Being a hot-headed football player, Big Man was certain that she was going to deliver a normal child, but as soon as he saw the face of the hybrid, he chickened out and left the room, unable to figure out what to do next. It was quite ironic that Dr. Aditya Singh brought a change in Big Man’s heart when he decided to welcome his new son with open arms, but that acknowledgment came too late. His wife had already left him. And there began Big Man’s journey toward redemption, pushing him to make amends so that he could reunite with his family and apologize for turning his back on his son. He even joined the ruthless army of The Last Men and started hunting down hybrids so that he could find some information. But Big Man’s family was long dead. And as soon as he found out, his last connection with humanity was lost forever. Fortunately, there came a boy who saved Big Man’s life, not that he needed any protection. But the towering human being indeed needed some comfort and connection, and most importantly, a purpose to go on.

You know, Big Man had been acting all grumpy since the beginning of Sweet Tooth season 3 because he didn’t want Gus to go to Alaska. Big Man’s intuition told him that Gus might not survive the journey, or maybe whoever he found in the wilderness of the snow country would kill him, and Big Man would be left alone again in this big and cruel world. Big Man had grown old too. His bones were getting weary, and he just wanted to spend the remainder of his time with Gus in Yellowstone in peace, but Gus was hell-bent on finding his mother and the cave, and Big Man gave in to the little man’s wishes. Maybe he understood the fact that, at the end of the day, it was the journey that mattered the most. And he would have crossed mountains with Gus instead of spending his last days alone in an armchair. That was Big Man’s association with Gus. But he never quite let go of the dream of going back to Yellowstone once everything was over; unfortunately, that dream never came true.

Inside the mysterious cave, Gus wanted to pull the ax, which might have ended The Sick, but Birdie and Big Man made him realize that it might also end his species. Gus found himself at a crossroads and wanted to save the best of both worlds, but he didn’t know how. But then his Puppa made him realize that death is not the end of one’s journey, and those left behind stay with us forever in our memories and our stories. That was how Gus, wearing his Puppa’s t-shirt till the very end of his life, kept his Puppa alive. He wanted to do the same for Big Man.

Big Man had the chance to blow up the entire cave, but he couldn’t get himself to do so because he couldn’t possibly bring any harm to his boy, not even in his wildest of dreams. He therefore let his guard down and was stabbed by Zhang. Big Man did what he could to protect Gus, and now it was his chance to do the right thing. After burning the sacred tree, Gus and Big Man did make it out of the cave alive, but Big Man had lost a lot of blood and knew he was taking his last breath. He asked Gus to rest for a bit so that he could cherish the moment. At this juncture, Big Man wanted Gus to tell him a story. Maybe it was the only thing that comforted him in his last hour.

Even though a helpless Gus couldn’t save his best friend’s life, he comforted him with a story about the future that they had dreamed of together. He told him about his new life in Yellowstone. How they would rebuild their new home and live in peace and harmony till the end of their times. Being a parent himself, it was the only thing Big Man wanted to hear before leaving this world. Big Man died with the assurance that Gus would be safe and protected in the woods of Yellowstone, and his ailing spirit need not worry about him anymore. Big Man could now rest in peace, as he had fulfilled his purpose in life and saved a hybrid with his life, even though he wasn’t able to save his son. It was the redemption he had been seeking all along, and it finally happened to him in the end.

But even though Big Man died in Alaska, his story didn’t come to an end. Gus brought his memories back to Yellowstone and imagined a scenario where he drank maple syrup with his Big Man in their new home. It was a happy ending for both of them, and Gus wanted to keep it that way. I am not sure which version of the tale he told his children and grandchildren, but whatever the case might be, he kept Big Man alive until his last breath, and that’s all that matters in the end. 

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
I am an Onstage Dramatist and a Screenwriter. I have been working in the Indian Film Industry for the past 12 years, writing dialogues for various films and television shows.

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