‘Die Hart 2: Die Harter’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Kevin Put Doug Behind Bars?


Die Hart 2: Die Harter, directed by Eric Appel, once again takes us back to the familial world, where Kevin lands himself in all kinds of trouble. This time, he wanted to change the perception people had of him. He wanted to do an action flick. He was just bored with the same old stuff. But Kevin had no clue that there were people who just wanted to take revenge on him, and they were ready to go to any extent to do that. So, let’s find out what happened in the film and if Kevin was able to get the better of his adversaries.

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What happened when Kevin met Debra Simon? 

Kevin was desperate to do a good action film, but the problem was that nobody was offering him to do one. He was associated with a certain genre, and the producers had stereotyped him because they believed that the audience wouldn’t accept him in any other kind of role. So Kevin planned how he would convince Debra Simon, and considering he had a flair for the dramatic, he did something bizarre. A group of people came and attacked Kevin while he was sitting in the restaurant with Debra. It felt like they were actually engaged in a fight, but it was not so. Kevin had planned it all out, and he just wanted to impress Debra by showing his moves. The fight got over, and he gave Debra a huge script for an action film and told her to give it a read. Debra was still not interested in his proposal. She wanted Kevin to do the sequel to the film he had done before, and she was quite adamant about it. Kevin was deeply disappointed, and he wanted to do something about the situation. It was around that time that a man named Carl Stormberg contacted Kevin. He was apparently a European director, and he wanted to cast Kevin in an action thriller. Kevin was elated, and he already started to think about the kind of impact that would have on the audience after doing the film. However, Kevin’s future plans went down the drain when it was revealed that Carl Stormberg was just an imposter and that he had come there just to kidnap Kevin. Some unknown people had laid a trap, and Kevin walked straight into it. There were people who held a lot of hatred against Kevin, and they wanted to settle some scores. They wanted to make him pay for his actions. Kevin had no clue that his actions could have consequences. He didn’t know that his bad karma would come to haunt him one day. But he was stuck in a mess, and he didn’t know what to expect next. 

Why was Kevin’s stuntman angry with him? 

Kevin was hit with a dart, and then when he woke up, he found himself being held captive, tied to a chair, in a facility. Kevin somehow managed to free himself, and he went to the room to find that even Jordan had been kidnapped and brought there. The funny part was that Kevin thought that Carl Stromberg had put him in a situation because he wanted to capture Kevin doing action in the most natural fashion. Kevin tried to convince Jordan, too, to play the part and act along, but the latter was sensible enough to understand that there were no hidden cameras capturing their movements and that they were actually in danger. A masked man attacked Jordan and Kevin, and that’s when the latter realized that it was not a movie set but that there were people who were really after his life. With nowhere else to go, Kevin went to Andre’s house, where the latter waited for him for more than 30 hours in the parking lot, even after Kevin fired him. Jordan told Kevin that things would have been different for him if he had treated everyone around him with respect. In a flashback sequence, we saw that a year ago, Jordan and Kevin were doing a film together. There was a scene where both characters had to drive a bike, and Jordan thought she could do it on her own. When Kevin learned about it, he thought that Jordan was trying to belittle him by showing the world that she could do her own stunts and he couldn’t. So Kevin, in the spur of the moment, fired his stuntman named Doug Eubanks. Kevin didn’t give him any kind of explanation, and even after years of dedicated service, that man was fired on unreasonable grounds. Doug tried to apply for jobs after that, but he realized that nobody wanted him. He had a hard time coping with life, and whenever he thought about Kevin, it angered him from within. Doug decided to take revenge on Kevin and destroy his life. 

Was Kevin able to put Doug behind bars? 

Jordan and Andre went to meet Scott Hayman, Kevin’s agent, and they realized in that moment in Die Hart 2 that it was Doug who had orchestrated the attack. Doug changed his appearance, and in Kevin’s absence, he made everyone believe that he was the real Kevin Hart. Doug took over Kevin’s life, and when Jordan and Andre told the actor about it, he realized that he would have to do something about it before it was too late. Kevin came to the realization that he hadn’t been very respectful towards people to whom he owed so much. He realized that people like Andre and Doug worked day and night, and that is why he was able to be successful. That humility and realization brought Kevin and Andre together. They went to meet the fabled Mr. 206, who was the mentor of Doug Eubanks. But things didn’t turn out the way they would have expected them to. Mr. 206 was actually on Doug’s team, and he was the masked man who had attacked them when they were taken to that facility.

In Die Hart 2‘s ending, Kevin and Doug came face-to-face. It was an uphill battle for Kevin, as it was not an easy task to overpower Mr. 206 or Doug. Kevin killed Mr. 206, and then he went against Doug, all guns blazing. Andre got gravely injured in the process, but he managed to come back and save Kevin’s life. Kevin and Andre were able to get the better of Doug. It felt like Doug would be taken away by the law enforcement authorities, and things would go back to normal. But it was not so. A twist came right at the end of Die Hart 2, which reminded us of the Indian film called Fan, starring Shahrukh Khan. We realized that maybe it was the real Kevin who was put behind bars, and Doug was still out pretending to be him. How Doug was able to pull off such a feat was still a mystery, and it is possible that if there is a third installment of the franchise, we will get to know more about it. 

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