‘Die in a Gunfight’ Summary & Ending, Explained – What was Ben’s Death Wish?


And Juliet said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” I started with the conjunction because Sheakepare needs no introduction. And evidently, one of his most famous romantic tragedies is known to everyone. With the film, Die in a Gunfight, Director Collin Schiffli has tried to integrate visual enhancements in the acclaimed Romeo and Juliet story.

Much to the reader’s prior knowledge, the narrative chronicles two rival families whose millennial successors fall in love with each other. But but but, this is not a tragedy and no tears, please. Alexandra Daddario especially mentioned in the film that she is really bad at crying. Thus, nodding to the star’s desires, Collin directs a stylized romance filled with capturing voiceovers and comic-strip visuals. The film fills the screen with bright colors and neons to make you Spellbound.

‘Die in a Gunfight’ Summary

Since childhood, Ben Gibbon (Diego Boneta) has been a troublesome kid. He wears a fanny magnet that attracts scrapes, scuffles, and brawls. But he never wins any of them and doesn’t intend to win either. Growing up as the heir to media giant Gibbon Telecommunications, Ben lacks inspiration. He lives a monotonous rich life and thus has the violent need to feel something. Ben lives a scandalous life until he meets the love of his life, Mary Cathcart (Alexandra Daddario).

Mary is heir to Gibbon’s rival Media Giant, Rathcart Corporation. Mary’s notorious actions closely resemble Ben, and thus in each other, they find a perfect match. When Mary’s father, William, finds out about their relationship, he forbids Mary from seeing the Gibson Boy. The couple secretly plans to run away to Mexico, but their plan breaks out.

William sends Mary away to Paris to a boarding school. She leaves without being able to inform Ben about her sudden departure. In the States, a lonely Ben doubts that Mary has left him. He comes across a gossip story about Mary’s exploits in Paris that affirms his doubts. Ben leaves for Mexico alone, with the sole motive to end himself. However, fate intervenes and reunites the estranged lovers.

‘Die in a Gunfight’ Ending Explained

Mary’s father, William, hired a spy, Terrence Uberahl, to shadow Mary in Paris. Terrence got infatuated with Mary, and they dated casually. When Mary came back to America, Terrence proposed to her, falling prey to his feelings. But Mary had moved on, especially after knowing that he was a spy sent by her father.

Mary met Ben in a disco bar while he was in his usual brawl with a hitman, Wayne. While there was no hostility between the two, Wayne played a prominent part in saving Ben’s life later in the film.

The rumors of Ben and Mary’s alleged relationship started circulating again. Mary’s possessive lover, Terrence, couldn’t control himself and requested William to accept him as the son-in-law. William already employed Terrence to handle a whistleblower problem in his corporation. William wanted Terrence to silence a former Rathcart executive Pamela Corbett-Ragsdale, to save the family from a corporate scandal.

Terrence hired Wayne to kill Pamela and hired two other assassins to kill Ben. Terrence’s hired gunmen reached Ben’s apartment and were greeted by Wayna, who arrived at the spot to return Ben’s wallet that he dropped during the night bar brawl. The hitmen perceived Wayne as Ben’s ally and started chasing him. In a sequence, Wayne crashed the car that killed his beloved wife, Barbie.

Wayne wasn’t aware that Terrence hired those two hitmen. But he was burning with a vengeance. He returned Terrence’s money and canceled the contract to kill Pamela. While Wayne started hunting the two hitmen, Terrence killed Pamela himself.

Meanwhile, Ben and Mary decided to marry and run away from their rival families. Ben requested his mother, Nancy, to be present at the ceremony. Terrence’s rat informed him about the wedding, and he quickly steered his car towards the venue. Chasing Terrence, Wayne reached the church and, thus, prepared the climax for a showdown.

Wayne got killed while trying to save his new friend, Ben. Terrence, seeking revenge, shot Mary, but Ben intervened and took the bullet. Ben’s soul-buddy Mukul stabbed Terrence, but Mary took the final shot. Ben was shot and injured, but he was finally saved.

In the end, the couple fulfilled their promise. Ben and Mary drove off to Mexico to celebrate their honeymoon. Ben wanted to buy a small patch of land near the beach and spend the rest of their life in solace. Maybe, the couple would pursue their romantic dreams.

What was Ben’s Death Wish?

Throughout the film, Ben was attracted to the idea of violence and death. Many notable characters pointed out that Ben had a death wish. He wanted to die. Ben’s reasons were crystal clear. Being raised in a super-rich family, Ben lacked any motivation in life. His life was meaningless, and thus, he wanted to end the mindless living.

Ben met his soul-buddy Mukul in Mexico when he was trying to commit suicide but, in turn, saved Mukul’s life. Ben perceived it as a sign from heaven and pursued a new journey with him. However, his death wish remained the same. It only diluted for a brief moment when he fell in love with Mary. However, she left him too, and the heartbroken had little hope left in his weak heart.

At the bar, when Wayne asked Ben, “How you wanna die?“. Ben answered, “I wanna die in a gunfight.” Thus, it was Ben’s death wish, something he was ardently looking for, and the film’s title suggested the same.

Mary emphasized that death excited Ben, and thus, he was so passionately looking out for it. His ultimate wish was fulfilled at the end of the film when Terrence shot Mary and Ben took the bullet. Thus, he finally lived his death wish, to die in a gunfight. Die touched him closely, but fortunately, Ben survived. Symbolically he tasted the adventure.

Die in a Gunfight is a 2021 Romantic Drama film directed by Collin Schiffli. The film is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It stars Diego Boneta and Alexandra Daddario in the lead roles.

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