‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Are Ha Yul And Gi Yeong?


Episode 2 of “Divorce Attorney Shin” had our hearts twisted in a certain kind of way. While the case of Lee Seo Jin that we had seen in Episode 1 was solved within the first 15 minutes, the rest of the episode gave us a glimpse of the next case of our attorney, as well as a look into his personal life, which somehow enhanced the mystery of the person. This was not a funny episode by any means. Even in the part where the three friends had dinner and drinks, the avoidance of the underlying issues was evident, at least to the audience. But on a lighter note, Attorney Shin has started looking a lot cooler to us. We can’t believe that we thought he looked like a serial killer in the first episode. Either way, this is how “Divorce Attorney Shin” Episode 2 plays out.

Spoilers Ahead

Winning Lee Seo Jin’s Case

Shin Sung Han tells Lee Seo Jin that not only will they go on trial for the custody of her son, but they will also contest for half of the property. Seo Jin is hesitant to do that since she worries it could make her husband more stubborn, but Sung Han tells her that he is already being egoistic enough. In court, during the trial, the opposing lawyer argues that living with Seo Jin would harm the ‘dignity’ of the child. That is when Sung Hann reveals his proof. He questions Mr. Kang about whether he showed Hyeon U the video of his mother. Sung Han had previously asked Hyeon U who he would want to be with if he were the only person left in the world, and the child had chosen his mother. It is true that Hyeon U stated that he hated his mom, but Sung Han presented Hyeon U’s diary, in which he had written about how he was unhappy living with his father.

When the opposing counsel tried to argue that these were the writings of a mentally disturbed child, Sung Han called Mr. Kang to the stand and asked him if he had shown Hyeon U the video, to which he unabashedly agreed. Hyeon U insisted on staying with his mother, and in a fit of rage, Mr. Kang showed him the video to make him change his mind. With the facts clear, Seo Jin is in a state of shock, and the fury is clear on her face as she slaps her husband twice for doing what he did to her son. Seo Jin faints, and Sung Han takes her to the hospital. When she comes to her senses, he informs her that they have won the case. She asks him whether she knew about the video and her son beforehand, and he replies that he suspected it but it was only that morning that he received the journal from her son.

Later that night, Seo Jin apologizes to her son, and it is a fresh start to their relationship. However, we never understood why Seo Jin had to apologize. Granted, the boy was subjected to something far too traumatic for his age, but we doubt he understood the meaning of the video clip he was forced to watch. Did he really understand things like extramarital affairs for him to hold a grudge against his mother? Seo Jin’s guilt towards Hyeon U did not make sense to us. But she is grateful to attorney Shin and tells him that nobody but him could have won her case. Shin Sung Han is not a modest man, and he gladly agrees with her. Seo Jin’s life has gained some modicum of peace even though she is on the hunt for a new job, and she is certainly finding Shin Sung Han very amusing. As for our attorney, as soon as he wins this case, he colors in one of the grapes on the painting on his wall.

Attorney Shin’s New Case

We sincerely believe that there is nothing sadder than a strong woman tethered to a spineless man by marriage. Ae Ran works as the building’s cleaner and oversees its maintenance. They have been living in the apartment provided by their MIL ever since her husband’s business went under. The MIL lives upstairs, though she spends her whole day at her son and daughter-in-law’s house. She is a conservative woman who keeps taunting her daughter-in-law and doesn’t like her granddaughters because she wanted a grandson, which she did not get. Ae Ran’s family is in huge debt, and that is why she puts up with her MIL. However, she asks her husband to take a stand for their daughters and ask his mother not to insult them the way she does. Her husband promises to do so, but he doesn’t. The reason is obvious: he cannot stand up to his mother. He is fine, as it does not affect him.

But things get severe when the MIL says they can rent out her apartment, and she can move in with their family. Ae Ran is not ready for this, as her constant presence would only ruin their family’s mental peace. She asks her husband to talk, but as usual, he doesn’t. Finally, during a confrontation in the house, the MIL hits her granddaughter, despite Ae Ran repeatedly asking her not to. When the MIL does not stop, an angry Ae Ran starts hitting her MIL, though she is held back by her husband and her daughter. Ae Ran had previously inquired with Sung Han whether it would be expensive to seek a divorce, and he had told her that it would depend on the circumstances. Honestly, if Ae Ran leaves her husband, she and her daughters will have a much better life, so we hope she takes the step.

‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Who Are Ha Yul And Gi Yeong?

Sung Han listens to trot music, not classical, as we had previously assumed. He loves singing along to them while they play on his speaker, which costs millions. The case of Lee Seo Jin clearly affected him on a personal level, and of his two best friends, Jang Hyeong Geun, knows about his past and, like a true friend, will help Sung Han avoid talking about his problems if that is what he needs. But that doesn’t mean that they will go unaddressed. When they are eating hot pot and drinking soju without Jo Jeong Sik, he tells him that he knows everything and asks him what he is going to do when he has filled all his grapes with color. They are able to continue their conversation because when Jo Jeong Sik sees them drunk, he decides that he does not want to take care of them and walks away from the restaurant.

Meanwhile, in a posh-looking office somewhere, Director Jin Yeong Gu is enquiring about Sung Han. A kid called Ha Yul has apparently been asking about Sung Han, who happens to be her half-brother. There is also someone called Gi Yeong, who we think is Sung Han’s nephew, and whenever he meets his uncle, Ha Yul sulks till he is back. We also heard Sung Han worry about someone named Ju Hwa. Another thing we discovered is that Sung Han’s father is somehow the reason for him quitting wine and leaving behind his job as a pianist to start fighting divorce cases as an attorney. Only future episodes will reveal what the complicated relationships in his family look like.

What We Can Expect From ‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 3?

We know from the preview of “Divorce Attorney Shin” Episode 3 that Lee Seo Jin starts working at Sung Han’s firm. We don’t understand what she will be doing since she has no connection to the legal field. But we are excited to know how Sung Han sorts out Ae Ran’s problem. We can also sense that we will be getting a better look at his personal life, and it would be intriguing to know what could have happened to make a man change careers in his middle age when he is still so clearly in love with the piano. We look forward to these answers.

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