‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap & Ending Explained – Why Does Shin Sung Han Color The Grapes?


“Divorce Attorney Shin” can really test your patience with its slow pace, but on the flip side, it feels like there is a necessity for that pace. For the most part, we are looking at the lives of people in their 40s. They are not necessarily running around town in fear of missing out but have mostly settled into a comfortable place in life. Yet, on the other hand, how does the audience stay engaged at such a slow pace? Shin Sung Han’s family situation has been figured out to a large extent, so unless and until the cases are actually interesting, what is the incentive to tune into the episodes week after week? What “Divorce Attorney Shin” managed with Seo Jin and Ae Ran’s case couldn’t sustain the professor’s divorce settlement. But we don’t want to get too pessimistic too soon. Let us just take a look at this week’s episodes of “Divorce Attorney Shin.”

Spoilers Ahead

The Divorce Settlement Of Choi Jung Ho

The gist of the case is that Choi Jung Ho has been having an affair with another woman, Kim Ji Sook, for three years. His wife, Ji Yeon, knows about it as it is an open secret. However, she refuses to divorce him. In her words, he would rather live as a widowed woman than a divorced one. The fear of the societal stigma aside, Ji Yeon sacrificed her career to support her husband, and it would have all been in vain if he divorced her. Choi Jung-ho has been fulfilling all of his financial responsibilities toward his wife, but the situation remains tangled out of spite. Jung Ho has liver cancer and needs a transplant. Ji Sook is ready to do that for him but can’t since he is still legally married. If he doesn’t get a divorce, he won’t be able to get the transplant and will die, but Ji Yeon doesn’t care. When her son, Choi Min Soo, comes back from abroad, the first thing he does is meet Attorney Shin to find out whether he can donate his liver to his father. In exchange for that, he wants to remain in Korea. When his parents hear about it, they are furious and completely unwilling. Min Soo reveals that he gets panic attacks, but his mother is unfazed, and she wants him to go back abroad and continue with his studies. But Min Soo puts his foot down and makes his decision clear.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin encourages Sung Han to take up the case. He relents and tells Choi Jun that he will end up with a criminal record at the end of it, but he will get a divorce. True to his word, Attorney Shin presents an audio recording as evidence during the mediation. Choi Jun tried to cancel his insurance, and Ji Yeon fired at the agent, saying that Choi Jun had gone senile since his days were numbered. Upon presenting this as evidence, Ji Yeon has no choice but to divorce her husband, though she threatens to sue him for breach of the Communications Act. Either way, Shin Sung Han did exactly what he promised and got the divorce for his client.

Other Happenings In The Series

Jang Hyeong Geun has finally given his wife the divorce she has been asking for for a long time, and his friends are there for him as his support. We often complain that men lack emotional intelligence, but looking at the way these three men are there for each other makes us think that maybe that is a good thing. If you know, you know. In the meantime, Lee Seo Jin is getting more comfortable with her job and her co-workers. Even her son is getting along better with her. As for Choi Jun, he is acting as a double agent for Attorney Shin and the Keumhwa law firm on Sung Han’s instructions.

‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Why Does Shin Sung Han Color The Grapes?

Shin Sung Han’s sister, Ju Hwa, had been separated from her husband for a while. Right before she got hit by a truck, she received a phone call that caused her to go into a state of despair and shock. It was in that state that she had been oblivious to the danger she was in and had suffered that accident. In the present day, Ju Hwa’s former mother-in-law, Ma Geum Hee, comes back to Korea and meets Sung Han, asking him where Ju Hwa is buried so that she can pay her respects, but Sung Han turns her away.

In her house, she makes it clear that she has never approved of Yeong Ju. Jeong Guk had always been in love with Yeong Ju, but since his mother had not approved of her, he married Ju Hwa. He continued his affair with Yeong Ju before eventually marrying her, and Geum Hee has never forgiven him for this. She tells Yeong Ju that she wants to take Gi Yeong to visit his mother’s grave. Yeong Ju decides to talk to Sung Han, but when she calls him, it is the same number from which Ju Hwa received her last call. We believe that Sung han probably knew about this beforehand. When Yeong Ju tells him that she wants to talk about Gi Yeong, he replies that he will deal directly with Jeong Guk.

In his office, Sung Han colors the grapes after the result of each case, whether a win or a loss, when he believes that the parties have fought unselfishly. The last time he colored a grape was for Lee Seo Jin, as she had only been fighting for her son. He did not color a grape after Professor Choi’s case, as the parties had been thinking only about themselves. But when Sung Han receives a client sent his way by Yeong Ju, he starts losing his patience as he considers this an attack from her and, hence, colors the last grape. Now, he is ready to reopen the case of Gi Yeong’s custody.

Final Thoughts

The divorce cases really need to be a lot more interesting, and we believe that the next episodes might just be that. Additionally, as sweet as the development of his relationship with Lee Seo Jin is, we like Hyeog Geun and So Yeon’s relationship a lot more and wish they got more screen time. We sense that the show is going to start rewarding us for our patience in the coming episodes now that all the cards are out in the open. That is the only reason we are keeping our disappointment in check and continuing to give “Divorce Attorney Shin” a chance.

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