‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 3 & 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Sung Han Win Park Ae Ran’s Case?


Episode 1 and Episode 2 of “Divorce Attorney Shin” had us thinking that we were in for a sweet drama that would have us laughing at the antics of a couple of middle-aged men, something like a tad slower version of “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” But episodes 3 and 4 changed our opinions because the narrative got too slow, and we are ready to die on the hill that justice wasn’t delivered in Park Ae Ran’s case. We don’t know if that is how it was in the manga, but what were the writers really thinking? Either way, we got some clarity on Shin Sung Han’s past. We had assumed differently towards the end of “Divorce Attorney Shin” Episode 2, but now we know what is going on. The one good thing we can say is that the humor was on-point, though we wish there was more of it to compensate for the slow narrative. This is everything that happened in this week’s episodes of “Divorce Attorney Shin.”

Spoilers Ahead

Shin Sung Han’s Past

Sung Han’s sister, Ju Hwa, was cheated on by her husband. We understand that she died in an accident, and her husband married another woman, Jin Yeong Gu. Shin Sung Han wanted custody of his nephew, Gi Yeong, but Yeong Gu bribed his lawyer, Park Yu Seok, and made him lose the case. Sung Han was granted visitation rights, and Park Yu Seok became a partner in his firm, of which Yeong Gu is the PR director. The anger at the unfair loss made Sung Han turn to a career in law so that he could fight the case himself and get custody of his nephew. But Yeong Gu is not happy about it. Since Gi Yeong is so attached to Sung Han, Yeong Gu’s daughter Ye Sol has also started asking about him. She wants Gi Yeong to stop visiting his uncle so that her family won’t have any vestiges of her husband’s old one. Park Yu Seok tells Sung Han that his visitations have come to an end now, and Sung Han laughs, asking why the family is taking away the rights that they had given themselves. He very subtly insults Yu Seok, and he does it constantly, which the latter takes as a challenge.

Meanwhile, back in Yeong Gu’s house, after her daughter lets slip that Gi Yeong cannot visit his uncle anymore, she is forced to explain her reasoning to her husband. He seemingly agrees but tells her to let Gi Yeong meet Sung Han one last time to say goodbye.

Other developments 

When Sung Han was playing the piano by the river, drunk out of his mind, somebody recorded a video of him and posted it on their page. It has since garnered a lot of views, but Sung Han doesn’t want the video on the internet. He messages the owner of the page asking them to take it down, but they refuse.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin asks Sung Han to give her a job since she needs proof of employment to get custody of her son. But the problem is that there is no work for her to do. She still proves that she can be useful by fixing the sliding door to Sung Han’s cabin and claiming that she can take care of any such miscellaneous tasks. However, she tells Sung Han later on that he doesn’t have to be responsible for her desperation, but by this time, Sung Han is convinced that she can start working there and tells her the same. She proves her worth in his office by giving him some great suggestions about setting up a consultation room and letting her speak to the clients first so that they feel more comfortable.

As for Hyeong Geun, he is devastated after knowing that his wife is pregnant with the man she is in love with and wants to stop seeing her husband now. Also, there is a new owner of the ramen shop close by who has a pet turtle and is certainly going to add some more comic relief to the series.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4: Ending Explained: Does Sung Han Win Park Ae Ran’s Case?

Once Ae Ran decides to get a divorce, she tells Sung Han that she wants her half of the building. It was previously in her husband’s name, but he had transferred it to his mother, to protect his assets when his business went under. Byeong Cheon never expected Ae Ran to actually file for divorce, and he still keeps talking about how his mother sacrificed her entire life for him. Maybe the last straw for Ae Ran was when he revealed that he knew about her depression but hadn’t said anything all this time because if he had, he would have to stand with her and against his mother. As a frustrated Ae Ran recalls the years of abuse and neglect she suffered at both their hands, she decides that she is going to do as Shin Sung Han said and claim that she never hit her mother-in-law and is being defamed by her instead. Meanwhile, Yu Seok decides to fight from Byeong Cheon’s side to spite Sung Han. He sends his intern, Choi Jun, to fight the case, who incidentally happens to be the one who uploaded the video of Sung Han playing the piano.

Despite both parties arriving at the mediation session with their own agendas, they end up breaking down, and Ae Ran admits that she did indeed hit her mother-in-law, but she still wants the building. As for Byeong Cheon, he provides proof that the building was originally in his name, corroborating everything Ae Ran said. We can assume that the session ends in Ae Ran’s favor. Sung Han tells her that he had counted on her husband’s goodwill to win the case, and it had paid off. As for Byeong Cheon, he finally tells his mother that the vice-principal’s daughter never wanted to marry him. He married Ae Ran because he loved her and not just because she got pregnant. The entire family got together again as a happy unit, and we have never seen anything more distasteful. Ae Ran was tortured for years because she was not the daughter-in-law Byeong Cheon’s mother wanted. His mother kept saying that it was Ae Ran’s fault that she got pregnant, so is it easy to ignore the sacrifices that she keeps making for the house even 20 years later? But since the misunderstanding about the vice-principal’s daughter has been cleared, they can all be happy together? It is an understatement to say that we have never hated any TV moment more.

Anyway, Choi Jun resigns from the Keum Hwa law firm and asks Sung Han to take him in as an employee, but the latter is resistant since he doesn’t plan on taking on too many cases. But when Choi Jun tells him that he will take down Sung Han’s video if he gives him the job, he loses his cool at being in front of the person who has broadcast his secret to the world.

Final Thoughts

We truly hope that we will see a better brand of justice in the rest of Sung Han’s cases than what we saw in Ae Ran’s case. Additionally, we don’t completely understand why Yeong Gu wants to cut off Sung Han from Gi Yeong’s life. The move feels a little too extreme. As for the rest of the characters, we want to know for sure whether there will be an actual romance between Sung Han and Seo Jin because we detected some latent chemistry there. Either way, the only thing we want from the rest of the episodes is for them to have a better pace, and we will keep loving “Divorce Attorney Shin” as much as we do now.

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