Real-Life Dixon, Uber, And Osvaldo: Are Griselda Blanco’s Sons Dead? Who Was Carlos Trujillo?


It is important to know a person’s roots to understand the reasons behind their actions. According to Richard Smitten, Griselda Blanco had an abusive childhood and was raped at the tender age of 13. Her single mother, Ana, used to live with her boyfriend in Medellin, who, in her mother’s absence, sexually abused Griselda. When the young girl confronted her mother about the same, she blamed her for stealing her “man.” After the traumatic turn of events, she never trusted a man again, especially the kind who would try to control her or tame her wild spirit. A few years later, Griselda ran away from the house only to end up in a life of prostitution, where she finally came across her first husband, Carlos Trujillo, a barrio hoodlum who ran a successful human trafficking business.

How Did Carlos Trujillo Die?

In 1964, at the age of 21, Griselda finally moved to the United States with Carlos Trujillo and settled in Queens, New York. With Carlos, Griselda had three sons, namely Dixon (born on April 2, 1960), Uber Esnyder (born on November 15, 1961), and Osvaldo “Chiqui’ (born on May 5, 1962). Some sources suggest that it was through Carlos that Griselda met her second husband, Luis Alberto Bravo. Griselda collaborated with Bravo to distribute cocaine in America, and soon, their professional relationship turned romantic. Apparently, Carlos found out about Griselda’s affair, and the man made the mistake of raising his hands on her. It was indeed the end of the children’s father. While the official reports say that Carlos died of liver cirrhosis, some theories speculate that it was Griselda who poisoned him to continue her cocaine business with her new lover.

The Netflix series began as Griselda moved to Miami with her three kids sometime around the late 1970s. And even though the Godmother told everyone that she wanted to leave the life of crime behind, it was evident from the very beginning that she didn’t know how to quit. Throughout the Netflix series, Griselda tried to protect her sons from the cocaine trade, which is completely false. Heavily influenced by the Medellin Cartel, Griselda most likely had the desire to set up her own crime family and, therefore, taught the nitty-gritty of the trade to her three sons. Michael Corleone, on the other hand, was too young to get influenced by his mother’s dark agenda. His father, Dario Sepulveda, tried his best to keep him away from Griselda, but ultimately lost his life in the struggle. In 1983, Dario, along with Michael, had escaped to the boy’s grandmother’s house in Medellin, where Griselda’s hitmen shot Dario dead. On February 17, 1985, Griselda was finally arrested, leaving her kids vulnerable to the outside world.

How did Osvaldo die?

Contrary to what was shown in the Netflix series, Griselda’s three other sons were apprehended by the police. Each of them was given a ten-year sentence and ended up in a federal prison in Lewisburg, where they came into contact with a drug trafficker named Rayful Edmund III (or Edmond) in 1990. Edmund, who was arrested in 1989, used to import drugs from the Cali Cartel. As soon as Griselda’s boys came into contact with the dealer, they quickly formed an alliance and started making deals within the prison itself. Around 1992, Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo were paroled and deported to Colombia, but they stayed in contact with Edmund and continued working with him while importing more than 1,000 kilos of cocaine. 

It is said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and perhaps the Blanco brothers believed they could continue their mother’s legacy, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the means to do so. These boys were vulnerable and without support. While making a drug deal in Colombia, Osvaldo was killed in a Colombian nightclub within a few months of his release from federal prison. It was said that he was gunned down by a commando of four men in the center of Medellin.

Is Dixon dead?

Dixon left Colombia after Osvaldo’s death and most likely hid himself somewhere in the United States. Some reports even suggest that he joined the FARC, which exported huge amounts of drugs to finance their war. Griselda always knew the whereabouts of her son, Dixon, but never publicly shared any information, as the woman had made too many enemies in her life. Miami filmmaker Billy Corben, at the time of Griselda’s shootout on September 3, 2012, confirmed that Dixon was still alive at the time of her mother’s death and lived somewhere in Colombia. However, years later, Griselda’s youngest son, Michael, confirmed in an interview that all his brothers were dead, which implied the fact that Dixon died somewhere between these two dates.

What Happened to Uber?

In an interview, Edmund confirmed that he continued dealing with the surviving brothers, Dixon and Uber. While there is no hard evidence to state the exact time and cause of Uber’s death, it could be implied that Netflix’s version had some authenticity in its details, which confirms that Uber was shot during a drug deal in Colombia. He presumably died before his mother was killed.

Did Rafa kill Osvaldo?

The Netflix series painted a heavily fictionalized version of the true events, making us believe that Rafa Salazar killed Griselda’s sons before her release from prison to take revenge from Miami’s Godmother. In reality, none of it is true. Rafa died in the year 1987, long before the Osvaldo shootout, making it impossible for the drug dealer to plan an execution. However, based on several conspiracy theories around the incident, one could speculate that the Medellin Cartel, or the Ochoa brothers, in particular, called for the hit on Osvaldo. The boys’ mother had brutally tortured and murdered Ochoa’s cousin, Marta Ochoa, which led to the long-standing rivalry between Griselda and the Ochoas.

Final Words

The Godmother’s cocaine empire started with the death of her first husband, Carlos Trujillo, and finally came to an end with the death of their last son, Dixon. Thankfully, the third husband, Dario, could see Griselda’s influence on her children and therefore ran away with his son, Michael Corleone, in order to protect him, even though he couldn’t protect himself from his wife. Michael Corleone, who is deemed to be Griselda Blanco’s last surviving son, was lucky enough to grow up at his grandmother’s house, miles away from the influence of his mother’s criminal organization. Currently, he lives a righteous life in Miami with his family and shies away from the life of crime. However, it is really disheartening to know that the last-standing son justifies his mother’s actions and is quite vocal about them. In her entire lifetime, Miami’s Godmother had killed more than 200 people in cold blood, and she deserved the death penalty for her actions, even though she got away with a minimum sentence. But in the end, karma does find its way, even if the law fails to punish.

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