‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 3 & 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Jeong-Suk Find Out About In-Ho And Seung-Hi?


“Doctor Cha” Episode 2 ended with Jeong-Suk finding her zeal to study and apply for residency at Gusan University Hospital. She had scored 49 points out of 50, making her one of the top-scoring candidates. In-Ho had thought she would give up, but she finally wanted to live for herself. She had been called in for an interview, where she met her son, Jung-Min, who was appearing for his interview as well. He was shocked but was quick to accept and support her dreams.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Cha Jeong-Suk Get Accepted For Residency?

“Doctor Cha” Episode 3 begins with Cha Jeong-Suk appearing for an interview at Gusan University Hospital. However, her age and her recent operation created problems for her. She was ultimately rejected for the position as the hospital accepted other applicants. Jung-Min supported his mother and also asked her not to lose hope and apply to other hospitals again while they were having dinner. In-Ho had gotten home from work after he had had a conversation with Seung-Hi when she saw Jeong-Suk’s application. He had been informed of her rejection and was elated. He went straight to his study after asking Jeong-Suk to take a trip with her friend Mi-Hee. Jeong-Suk took his advice and went on a trip with Mi-Hee. While they were waiting to board, Jeong-Suk received a call from the hospital informing her about her acceptance. Due to unforeseen circumstances, which were later revealed as one applicant applying for military service due to a broken heart, her application was accepted, and she was expected to start her residency immediately. Jeong-Suk, elated with her good fortune, ended up going back home. She appeared for her first day, shocking Seung-Hi, as she was under the impression that Jeong-Suk’s application had been rejected. In-Ho had witnessed her walking into the hospital and immediately hid himself to avoid meeting her.

In-Ho had forbidden Jeong-Suk to reveal their relationship to the hospital for fear of her discovering that he was cheating on her. The hospital staff did not know about Jung-Min, In-Ho, and Jeong-Suk being related and were thus kept in the dark. In-Ho discovered that Roy Kim, Jeong-Suk’s doctor, had joined the hospital on the same day. In-Ho paid him a visit to keep him from telling the hospital staff about his wife and how he had met him. Roy Kim had found this trait toxic; however, he kept his cool and agreed to play along. He later tried to meet up with Jeong-Suk; however, he wasn’t able to until the very end of the day. They shared a conversation while Roy Kim asked Jeong-Suk about her first day at the hospital. He asked if she was considering divorcing her husband because he believed that Jeong-Suk deserved better. However, Jeong-Suk replied negatively because she did not want to give up her family over this matter. She bid Roy Kim goodbye and left for her home.

Is Jeong-Suk Able To Keep Up With The Residency?

It was a little difficult for Jeong-Suk to keep up with the residency because it had been a long time since her last run as a doctor in the hospital. She was not accustomed to the new terms and abbreviations. She also found it hard to carry out certain procedures because of her inexperience. She found her support system in Jung-Min, her mother, and Roy Kim. In-Ho had first approached Roy Kim with the intention of making him dissuade Jeong-Suk from going forward with the residency. Roy Kim had countered this by telling him that he wholeheartedly supported Jeong-Suk’s decision and that it was good to see her doing something for herself and living her life. This wasn’t the end of it; In-Ho’s mother began to try to dissuade Jeong-Suk with the excuse of taking care of I-Rang. Jeong-Suk was also met with I-Rang’s annoyance and accusations of not taking care of her like Jung-Min. I-Rang accused Jeong-Suk of favoring Jung-Min more, and Jeong-Suk stood up for herself for the first time to both her mother-in-law and her daughter. She fought for her decision and also asked I-Rang to support what she wanted to do.

It got harder for Jeong-Suk in the residency because In-Ho had returned home with the agenda of dissuading Jeong-Suk. He had belittled her intentionally so that she would give up. However, a tired Jeong-Suk refused to give up, so In-Ho instead issued a challenge that he would treat her as a resident. She had been reassigned to his department that day and therefore, began her test. She woke up late, and In-Ho had waited to refuse Jeong-Suk when she asked for a ride. This petty man had been late as well but wanted to ensure he arrived before her, even going as far as pushing the buttons to close the doors of the elevator right before Jeong-Suk could board it. Eventually, Roy Kim came to the rescue and escorted her to the floor.

Did Cha Jeong-Suk Get To Live For Herself?

As a resident, Jeong-Suk did things she never thought she would get the opportunity to enjoy. She found that she loved her residency, even with the difficulties she faced. However, her inexperience was making it difficult for both Jung-Min and her. Jung-Min had told her to ask him what she could not understand or did not know how to do. Jeong-Suk began asking him to do a lot of her work along with his own practice, which ultimately tired him out. He talked to her, tried to make her understand, and later sent her videos to help her out. Armed with the knowledge of looking up whatever she found difficult, Jeong-Suk did not trouble Jung-Min any longer. Some of her patients were, however, refusing care.

Chairman Oh and a convict who had poisoned her husband was assigned to Jeong-Suk. She repeatedly tried to get them to agree to their care, but they refused. Ultimately, she was a little frustrated by her patients. She was cheered up during the time she went for drinks with the other doctors and residents. During their time together, Jeong-Suk, to take revenge on In-Ho, told the rest when they inquired about her marital status that her husband was dead. In-Ho had been boasting of how he had tried to donate his liver, which had the women admitting how he was the best husband. This made Jeong-Suk laugh, as she knew exactly what went down. She also went on to tell them that it felt like she had never been married. Later, she hitched a ride with Kim because In-Ho would obviously not give her a ride home.

Did Jeong-Suk Find Out About Seo In-Ho And Choi Seung-Hi?

Everything began to go wrong when Jeong-Suk discovered the receipt of the bracelet that In-Ho had gotten for Seung-Hi in “Doctor Cha” Episode 1. She questioned In-Ho about it, and he lied to her by telling her that he had bought it for Jeong-Suk’s birthday. She had been overjoyed to hear that her husband had gotten her something after so many years. She had been suspicious because he had not told her about Seung-Hi. Seung-Hi had been his first love, and Jeong-Suk had intruded on their relationship, while In-Ho had been an active participant too. Seung-Hi being in the hospital and In-Ho not informing her had been a breach of trust. Her suspicions grew when Seung-Hi’s daughter, Eun-Seo, who was a friend of I-Rang, came for a visit. She had asked for In-Ho’s whereabouts on the weekend, and Jeong-Suk had told her that he had been visiting the golf course. Eun-Seo, upset about her own mother not taking care of her and also harboring guilt for her mother’s actions, told Jeong-Suk that indoor golf was a dating spot. This raised her suspicions.

Jeong-Suk knew what the bracelet looked like because she had looked it up after she got the receipt. She had earlier asked her mother-in-law if she had been the one to buy the bracelet, but she got a negative reply. Later, when she went to the hospital, she was told that her patient, Chairman Oh, had collapsed and was being resuscitated. She immediately rushed to help in the E.R. While she tried her best to assist because she was not ready to let him die, she looked up to notice the interaction between In-Ho and Seung-Hi. Their interaction came off as them being in a relationship, while she also saw the bracelet on her wrist. This revelation, along with the fact that she had forgotten to take her hand off before Chairman Oh had been shocked with electricity, caused her to faint. “Doctor Cha” Episode 4 ended with her fainting as the doctors around her rushed to check her vitals as well while resuscitating Oh.

Final Thoughts

Trouble for Jeong-Suk arose because “Doctor Cha” Episode 5 will probably shatter whatever trust she had left in her husband. She will also face trouble at work because she made a rookie mistake while the doctors rescued Chairman Oh. This would be a bad mark on her record and would probably result in her job being taken away from her. Also revealed in the episode was Jung-Min’s relationship with his senior, Jeon So-Ra. Jeon So-Ra did not know that Jeong-Suk was Jung-Min’s mother, and thus, she viewed her as a sexual predator. Jeong-Suk had affectionately patted Jung-Min’s back to tell him that she was rooting for him after he got scolded by So-Ra. This had created a wrong impression, which is why So-Ra insisted Jung-Min report Jeong-Suk to the authorities. Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk did not like how So-Ra ate Jung-Min’s meals, and was way too hard on him during his internship as well as residency. Jung-Min was now in a dilemma because Jeong-Suk seemed to not like So-Ra very much.

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