‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 5 & 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Jeong-Suk Find Out Who Choi Eun-Seo’s Father Is?


Episode 4 of “Doctor Cha” had ended with Jeong-Suk being suspicious about a receipt for a bracelet she had found in In-Ho’s pocket. She had asked her mother-in-law as well as In-Ho but to no avail. In-Ho had assured her that he had bought it for her birthday, and Jeong-Suk had stopped being suspicious for a while. However, when Chairman Oh collapsed in the hospital and had to be resuscitated by Jeong-Suk and So-Ra, the former had looked up and witnessed Seung-Hi wearing the exact same bracelet, and the interaction between Seung-Hi and In-Ho resembled that of lovers. Upon witnessing such a scene, Jeong-Suk committed a rookie mistake and forgot to take her hands away while Chairman-Oh was being given a shock to restart his heart. She fainted due to that charge, and the doctors had to rush to ensure she was okay.

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Is Choi Eun-Seo, Seo In-Ho’s Daughter?

“Doctor Cha” Episode 5 begins with Jeong-Suk being admitted to the hospital. She had to be admitted after she fainted due to getting an electric shock while resuscitating Chairman Oh. In-Ho had seen her fainting and had rushed her to emergency care; Jung-Min had followed. Jung-Min stayed till she woke up. Jeong-Suk quickly regained her zeal and later met with Seung-Hi. Jeong-Suk utilized this meeting to ensure that what she saw was right. She quickly glanced at Seung-Hi’s wrist to check for the bracelet, but Seung-Hi had kept it aside earlier because she had been upset at In-Ho rushing to help his wife. In a fit of anger, she had tossed the bracelet into her office drawer, and that had saved her from being found out. While Seung-Hi had a conversation with Jeong-Suk, she accepted a call from her daughter, Choi Eun-Seo. Seung-Hi quickly left to attend to the call, and Jeong-Suk found out that she had a daughter. That day, Seung-Hi had left to pick up Eun-Seo from school, where she had been studying with her friend I-Rang. Eun-Seo, upset that her mother had come without a heads-up, ultimately had a breakdown when she went back home. All the days of keeping the secret of her birth to herself and later having to visit her friend’s home, where her father had not been there to greet her, had gotten to her. Eun-Seo reveals to the viewers that Seo In-Ho was her father, and Seung-Hi had been trying to get her family together. She had not married anyone else in the hopes of getting together with In-Ho. Eun-Seo was anguished over her mother’s decision to wait and remain unhappy because she knew that In-Ho would not divorce Jeong-Suk.

Will Jeong-Suk Quit Her Residency?

The conversation with Eun-Seo stuck with Seung-Hi as she realized how much anguish Eun-Seo faced having to deal with the fact that her mother was In-Ho’s mistress and not his wife. This made her redouble her efforts to ensure Jeong-Suk left the hospital on her own accord. She was tough on Jeong-Suk and assigned her more and more work. She made sure Jeong-Suk was tired enough that she could not focus on her duties, and eventually, she would make a mistake that would lead her to either get fired or quit. Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk had Chairman Oh agree to the procedure he had earlier refused. After facing near death and having an out-of-body experience, Chairman Oh had been privy to Jeong-Suk not giving up on his life as well as to what other people thought about him. Unknowingly, Jeong-Suk gained a formidable ally who helped her at the end of “Doctor Cha” Episode 5. Jeong-Suk had accidentally let her other patient walk free as Seung-Hi wanted her work done immediately, while the other patient, who had been out on parole for the murder of her husband, walked out of the hospital to search for her daughter. Jeong-Suk was admonished by higher authorities, and coupled with not being able to pay attention to her daughter, she had thought of quitting. Of course, In-Ho had been the happiest about her decision; however, Roy Kim wanted her to continue. Chairman Oh became her ally, and he helped her regain her confidence by listening to her and asking her not to quit. He later ensured that she would not quit by showing his support for the hospital by donating 10 billion won for its development. He mentioned that if she quit, he would withdraw the amount. Jeong-Suk, happy that she had received such support from her patient, stepped back from her decision to leave.

Did Roy Kim Find Out About In-Ho And Seung-Hi?

“Doctor Cha” Episode 6 began with Jeong-Suk receiving accolades for helping Chairman Oh and also for receiving huge support due to her work. This spoiled all of the efforts of both Seung-Hi and In-Ho, who had tried their best to get rid of her. Jeong-Suk later tried to find the daughter of her other patient, Jung Hae-Nam, who was now free, with the help of her friend Mi-Hee. She contacted her daughter and found out about her situation. It turned out that Hae-Nam’s daughter was now a successful doctor with her own past. She had been the one to murder her father when she was young, and Hae-Nam had been imprisoned instead of her. Hae-Nam’s husband had subjected the mother-daughter duo to domestic abuse, and Hae-Nam had contemplated killing him multiple times, but she had taken a step back due to her child. Although she had no qualms about going to jail instead of her daughter, Hae Nam was heartbroken being away from her, due to her daughter’s guilt. Jeong-Suk reunited them because Hae-Nam had wanted to see her daughter before she died. She had always maintained that she had killed her husband and had refused treatment due to that. Maybe she will accept treatment now that her daughter has returned. Meanwhile, to make up for the mishap with Jeong-Suk, In-Ho took Seung-Hi out on a date. He also had to make up for the fact that he had to gift Jeong-Suk the same bracelet he had purchased for Seung-Hi to avoid suspicions; thus, he agreed to stay back late with her. They were spotted together by not just Roy Kim but So-Ra as well. Roy Kim had been out for dinner with his friends and had put two and two together when he witnessed In-Ho and Seung-Hi together on their way to the hospital.

Does Jeong-Suk Find Out Who Choi Eun-Seo’s Father Is?

Roy Kim had warned In-Ho that he knew about Seung-Hi and him. He wanted to ensure that Jeong-Suk was unhurt and had instead asked In-Ho to come clean with her. Meanwhile, In-Ho had begun his hazing, where he refused to let Jeong-Suk work and had resorted to humiliating her in front of the other doctors. He went so far as to assign her patients to other doctors and refused to let her stay during their rounds. In-Ho had wanted to let this affect Jeong-Suk; she later asked him to stop humiliating her when they returned home and asked for a chance to prove herself, but In-Ho stuck with the same tactics to ensure that Jeong-Suk quit eventually. Roy Kim supported her during this time and wanted to help her out, but because it was not his place to say anything, he kept quiet about Seung-Hi and In-Ho.

Jeong-Suk later won back her rights to continue on with her residency as she made a deal with In-Ho by risking her job for a chance. She had noticed an abscess in the abdomen of a patient, and In-Ho had insisted that it was cancer, while Jeong-Suk insisted that the abscess was not cancerous because it had decreased in size. In-Ho had jumped at the chance to prove her wrong but had instead lost the bet. Jeong-Suk later met with Eun-Seo and her mother, Seung-Hi, accidentally at the hospital. In “Doctor Cha” Episode 4, she remembered Eun-Seo telling her about the indoor hockey clubs, and I believe she connected the thoughts that point to Eun-Seo being In-Ho’s daughter. Meanwhile, In-Ho was informed of I-Rang’s decision to apply to an art college instead of a medical college, which enraged him. He threw her art supplies on the floor and waited for I-Rang to return. Jeong-Suk had been on her way home, but she did not know what went down because she had just realized that Eun-Seo might be In-Ho’s daughter. “Doctor Cha” Episode 6 ended with Roy Kim rushing to tell Jeong-Suk about the affair.

Final Thoughts

These two episodes have been a rollercoaster for not just all of us viewers but also Jeong-Suk as well. She dismissed the bracelet as something Seung-Hi could have bought on her own because it was quite popular. She also found out that Eun-Seo could be In-Ho’s daughter, which means that In-Ho had been cheating on her since after their marriage. I mean, Eun-Seo and I-Rang were of the same age, so it points to the fact that he had cheated on Jeong-Suk from the very beginning. Seung-Hi was waiting for them to divorce, but because he cared for appearances, I highly doubt he would be the one to suggest a divorce. And his care for appearances might just put I-Rang in trouble as well. Roy Kim did rush to tell Jeong-Suk about the affair, but judging by the trailer for “Doctor Cha” Episode 7, I don’t think he ended up doing so. I sincerely hope she divorces him and gets together with Roy Kim, but it could just be a pipe dream.

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