‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Jeong-Suk Find Out About In-Ho’s Affair?


“Doctor Cha” Episode 6 ended with Jeong-Suk meeting Eun-Seo again. However, this time, she met her along with Seung-Hi. She found out that Eun-Seo was Seung-Hi’s daughter, which made her wonder if Eun-Seo was, in fact, In-Ho’s daughter. She reached her home only to start sprinting away from the door because she was overwhelmed by her thoughts. While sprinting, her heel caught onto a ledge on the street, and she was going to fall but Roy Kim caught her. Roy had come to her place to confess about In-Ho’s affair. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with him helping her and not really saying anything to her.

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Did I-Rang Get to Go to Her Art University?

“Doctor Cha” Episode 7 begins with the continuation of Roy Kim saving Jeong-Suk from falling down; he had been in the vicinity to confess to Jeong-Suk about the affair he had witnessed. However, he could not tell her anything because they were intercepted by Ae-Sim on her way back home. Ae-Sim took hold of Jeong-Suk while also asking her to be discreet. When they reached home, they witnessed I-Rang kneeling while the living room was strewn with I-Rang’s art supplies. In-Ho had expressed his displeasure toward I-Rang’s choice of pursuing art and had purposefully made her feel that her dreams were not worth achieving. Jeong-Suk tried to deal with the situation as she brought back her supplies from the dustbin that In-Ho had thrown them in. She talked to I-Rang, who, even after being under so much stress, had asked Jeong-Suk where she would get the money from if she decided to help pay. Jeong-Suk deliberated over the situation and time later presented her with the solution. Over the next few days, Jeong-Suk had a lot of her things appraised and sold to collect the amount. But she had realized that she wouldn’t be able to raise the amount anytime soon; she had almost lost all hope when So-Ra came to her rescue. Unknowingly, So-Ra provided her with the answer to her problem by telling her about using an overdraft account. She used that to pay for I-Rang’s education. While I-Rang had been disappointed that she might just have to let her dreams go, Jeong-Suk’s job saved her dreams, and she became more accepting of her job. I-Rang had not deliberated much over the job but had not outright supported Jeong-Suk. It all changed when she realized that her mother was always on her side, even if her father ruled over both of his children with an iron fist.

Did Jeong-Suk Save The Patient?

Back in the hospital, while Jeong-Suk deliberated over the issue of paying off I-Rang’s bills, she looked after a patient suffering from depression. Hwang Seon-Gyu had been admitted to the hospital due to his suffering from Crohn’s disease, and his stroma reversal had failed. He had lost all hope after a quick talk with his wife’s parents, who had insisted he give up on his marriage. He was utterly depressed, and his wife feared for his life as well. She had a talk with So-Ra and asked for her help because she feared that he would try to take his life. Jeong-Suk had talked to him as well and held the same notion. She had asked So-Ra to talk to the psychiatry department and refer Seon-Gyu for immediate treatment. So-Ra ignored all of the requests which resulted in Seon-Gyu asking his wife to buy him something so that he would have enough time to leave the hospital room. Jeong-Suk had witnessed an empty room, which brought her to the roof while she searched for him. She had also called in an emergency for suicide before she left for the roof. She tried to appease him and also had a conversation with him while Roy Kim and In-Ho rushed to save her when they were informed of her interference. Seon-Gyu jumped, taking Jeong-Suk with her, and Roy and In-Ho had rushed down quickly to ensure her safety. “Doctor Cha” Episode 7 ended with Roy Kim hugging Jeong-Suk to ascertain that she was okay, while In-Ho could do nothing but hold her hands because they were pretending not to be related.

The episode revealed a lot of things. Ae-Sim had used Jeong-Suk’s name to own a building that resembled a cafe, which was why she had money. She discovered that her son, Jung-Min, was dating So-Ra and had been overcome with more stress. She discovered the use of an overdraft account and used it to pay for I-Rang’s education because she wanted I-Rang to be happy. She was also informed that Seung-Hi had a husband who had gifted her the bracelet. She confronted In-Ho about her suspicions after she met with Eun-Seo. He denied all her allegations, however, Jeong-Suk could not bring herself to confront him about the bracelet. In “Doctor Cha” episode 8, Seon Gyu’s love for his wife had made Jeong-Suk converse with In-Ho and ask him to arrange a trip for the family. He had insisted that he and Jeong-Suk had gone to Aewol, which had not been true, and this had also made Jeung-Suk suspicious. 

Did I-Rang Find Out About In-Ho’s Second Family?

“Doctor Cha” Episode 8 brought the biggest plot twist. Seung-Hi had made In-Ho agree to meet his other daughter, Eun-Seo, while they were at the indoor golf club. She immediately called to inform Eun-Seo that her father was willing to meet her to offer his congratulations because she had won the competition. Eun-Seo agreed to meet him; however, she also set up a plan to bring I-Rang with her. She wanted her to know about In-Ho’s other family because she refused to live as the mistress’s daughter any longer. She wanted a solution to the situation, and she wanted it now. Eun-Seo quickly directed I-Rang to join their family dinner after In-Ho had joined them. She went off at In-Ho, accusing him of keeping their relationship a secret from his other family. She told him that she had approached Eun-Seo because she knew they were sisters, and she wanted In-Ho to tell her that. I-Rang was surprised when she entered to meet her friend’s family and found her father sitting. Eun-Seo quickly confessed to them being sisters, and I-Rang threw a disappointed glance at In-Ho before she left. In-Ho had reached home before I-Rang and was worried about her whereabouts. When she reached home, she accused her grandmother of not raising In-Ho right. In-Ho lost his right to scold I-Rang after she found out about the situation.

Did Jung-Min Find Out About the Affair Too?

After Ae-Sim, the second person to find out about the affair was Jung-Min. Ae-Sim had punished In-Ho, and both I-Rang and Ae-Sim had decided to keep Jeong-Suk in the dark. Jung-Min had not known about Eun-Seo; he had discovered Seung-Hi and In-Ho hugging each other by chance. He had been notified by a message he saw on In-Ho’s phone and had been suspicious about it. Therefore, he followed the timing and the place mentioned in the message sent by Seung-Hi only to discover the affair. Jung-Min had been in In-Ho’s office to give him the book sent by a patient of his. Here, he had come across the notification, and thus, later, confronted In-Ho about the affair after the surgery. He had been disappointed in In-Ho, had asked him to take care of the affair, and had agreed not to let Jeong-Suk know. The family had an emergency meeting after Jeong-Suk left to go out with her friend Mi-Hee. All of them had agreed not to let Jeong-Suk know, and Jung-Min found out about Eun-Seo as well. He gave In-Ho the ultimatum of three years, and after three years were over, either In-Ho would have to divorce Jeong-Suk, or he would have to cut off the other family. He gave him three years because he did not want Jeong-Suk to go through the pain of knowing about the affair while she was already stressed with her residency. She would finish her residency after these three years. Ae-Sim did not want In-Ho to divorce Jeong-Suk either and had asked In-Ho to take care of his affairs immediately.

Did Jeong-Suk Find Out About In-Ho’s Affair?

The entire family caught on to In-Ho’s affair before Jeong-Suk. They had surmised that they would pretend not to know otherwise for her sake. Ae-Sim organized a dinner for Jeong-Suk’s birthday in order to keep her away from suspicions; however, Jeong-Suk connected the dots after she got to see Seung-Hi’s profile by chance. She had asked about the ‘conference’ that In-Ho had used as an excuse to go to Europe, but the nurse had denied it. She later scrolled through Seung-Hi’s profile, and her suspicion turned into the truth once she discovered In-Ho’s silhouette on the glass window in one of Seung-Hi’s posts. Jeong-Suk cried her eyes out over the heartbreak. She decided not to let it affect her in the hospital, as “Doctor Cha” episode 8 ended with Jeong-Suk appearing at the family dinner wearing a black dress, signifying that she would fight back.

Seung-Hi, too, arrived at the exact moment, but she did not find it in herself to actually enter the hall. A little reference to Lady Diana’s little black dress that she wore after King Charles’ affair was discovered. Since then, the black dress has become infamous for being a revenge dress against adultery. It seems to me that Jeong-Suk will leave In-Ho in the next episode, as shown in the trailers for the next episode. Jeong-Suk will probably leave the house even after her mother-in-law and children’s insistence to do so otherwise. It is high time she left; she did have to live in that house as an unpaid laborer because In-Ho neither respected her nor loved her. She is now standing on her own two feet, and this might just be the beginning of her villain era. I sure do hope she does not get back with In-Ho at the end of the season because that would simply not do enough justice to her self-respect.

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