‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Jeong Suk’s Mother Find Out About In Ho’s Affair?


The entire narrative of Doctor Cha Episode 13 is a testament to just how embarrassing men can be. Be it In Ho, Roy Kim, Jung Min, or even Ah Eum’s boyfriend, they really can’t see the world beyond their own noses. Before you come at us with conflicting opinions, we would humbly like to point at Seung Hi, and how despite her being in the worst situation of them all, she never behaved like In Ho. Here is the recap of Doctor Cha Episode 13 to support our judgment.

Spoilers Alert

How Does In Ho React To Jeong Suk’s Decision?

Remember how In Ho fainted at the end of Doctor Cha Episode 12 when Jeong Suk announced her decision to divorce? It turns out that he was just faking it, and Jeong Suk is simply not impressed. She stays firm on her decision, though she tells her children, particularly I Rang, to decide where she wants to live after they part ways. Once Jeong Suk leaves, In Ho is desperate to do anything to keep her, and that is why he does everything a boyfriend does during the early days of a relationship. He buys her food so that she won’t be hungry, and he sends her pretty pictures, saying that the beauty in them reminds him of her, and In Ho just turns overall exasperating. Jeong Suk can see right through it, and her face is one of disgust whenever she sees In Ho up to one of his shenanigans.

Doctor Cha Episode 13 deals with the personal matters of Jeong Suk’s family since a lot of the other troubles were peacefully resolved. Roy Kim had spoken to Ji Seon’s parents about the difficulty of their daughter making it out of the operation alive due to the complications of her cancer. He adopted a rather sensitive approach to the issue, and that, combined with Jeong Suk’s previously expressed empathy, meant that the parents decided not to pursue the case further. Jung Min is surprised but he is annoyed at how everyone is treating the matter without consideration for the life lost. So Ra takes advantage of this, and the two get back together. This couple gives us the ick. But Roy Kim is no better. He slyly says something to Jeong Suk along the lines of asking her to “come to him.” She is in a huge turmoil of emotions, but he is more concerned with getting romantic. What did we say about men in this episode being embarrassing? Of course, nobody can beat In Ho at this, who shamelessly admits to Seung Hi that Jeong Suk wants a divorce, and he is trying to win her back. But Seung Hi has seen enough and is way above getting insecure. She just says that she will wait for the madness to end and for In Ho to come to her. Meanwhile, Roy Kim is out to find out who his birth parents are. Knowing how K-dramas tend to connect their characters, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he is Ah Eum’s illegitimate son and In Ho’s half-brother.

But the biggest issue seems to be some financial trouble coming the family’s way. Ah Eum had taken out a huge loan against a building registered under Jeong Suk’s name without her knowledge. Additionally, In Ho wants to register the house under Jeong Suk’s name, as she had asked him to do once upon a time. But now, Jeong Suk is not interested in this hollow gesture anymore. However, Ah Eum has invested some money at her boyfriend’s suggestion, and that could tie back to Jeong Suk. There is trouble brewing, and with just three more episodes to go, it is all going to spill out.

Does Jeong Suk’s Mother Find Out About In Ho’s Affair?

Deok Rye has not been keeping well, and she quit her part-time job because of it. She had only been working two days a week, but even that became too much for her. Once she quits, she takes up life insurance under Jeong Suk’s name. Jeong Suk, who is alert to her mother’s failing health, gets her admitted to the hospital just in time, but unfortunately, Seung Hi is in charge of her case. Of course, that puts Jeong Suk on edge, and she wants her mother to change her doctor. She even tells her that Seung Hi is In Ho’s first love, but Deok Rye laughs it off as a silly thing that happened ages ago. As for In Ho, he takes Deok Rye’s admission as a chance to further try and influence Jeong Suk. He invites them all for dinner, and from Deok Rye’s expressions, she is equal parts surprised and happy at her son-in-law’s attention. But In Ho has no game, and he shoots money out of a gun as a performance to impress his mother-in-law, who is kind enough to pretend to be excited.

However, it is all for naught when Ah Eum steps out and finds her boyfriend having dinner with another woman. He had told her that he was going out of town for a while, and she had caught his lie. It looks like Ah Eum chose to date the exact kind of man she raised. The woman he is with gets into a fight with Ah Eum, and when In Ho tries to break them apart, she reveals that he has an affair and a child with his “first love.” At the end of Doctor Cha Episode 13, when Deok Rye hears this, the cat is out of the bag, and she knows the entire truth. In fact, at that exact moment, she finds Seung Hi and Eun Soo about to enter the restaurant. Obviously, Doctor Cha Episode 14 is going to open with this confrontation.

Final thoughts

In Ho is stubborn about not wanting a divorce, and his mother is torn between her loyalties to Jeong Suk and the heiress of 100 billion won, Seung Hi. But the most worrying aspect is Jeong Suk’s worsening health. In the past few episodes of Doctor Cha, Roy Kim has been reminding her and us that she has not been taking care of her health. In this episode, the other doctors remarked how she had pushed herself to the limit by overworking. It is bound to take a toll on her, after all. We just need to see how this gets in the way of her divorce or how it affects Seung Hi’s course of action for herself and her daughter when she sees the continued behavior of In Ho.

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