‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Jeong Suk Decide To Take Divorce From In Ho?


Tensions are at an all-time high, as Doctor Cha ends in two weeks. With Seung Hi becoming more and more hateful due to her desperation, and So Ra’s sudden soft attitude, we are annoyed by a lot of things. Seung Hi’s character needed more nuance than what it is getting, and So Ra’s sudden shift in attitude, while not fake, is devoid of the accountability she should be taking for her behavior. There is not a lot to say except that things are not moving the way they should be, but we suppose the writers lost the thread of that at the altar of making Jeong Suk a saint. Here’s a recap of Episode 12 of Doctor Cha so that you can decide whether you feel similarly.

Spoilers Alert

What Was Jung Min’s Fault?

We have all had those days when we are too sick to function properly, and we just can’t wait to get over with our work so that we can crash and sleep. Things tend to slip through the cracks on such days, but if you are a doctor, that can be fatal. Ji Seon comes back to the hospital to check on her baby, and since she has some stomach-ache, Jeong Suk sends her to Seung Hi for a checkup. Seung Hi asks for Ji Seon to be admitted, and Jung Min tells her that he would prefer if she stayed but lets her go. However, that proves to be a big mistake, as Ji Seon’s reports suggest that her condition has worsened a lot, and she is readmitted immediately. Her surgery is performed by Roy Kim, and sadly, it is not successful, and she passes away.

The blame for that falls on Jung Min, as he should have conducted the tests before letting her go. Jung Min has always had the habit of making minor mistakes, and he gets told off plenty of times by his seniors, but this is the first time there has been a real price to pay for it. In a shocked daze, Jung Min is nowhere to be found—that is, until So Ra finds him hiding somewhere, unable to face himself. Jeong Min asks In Ho to speak with him, and she requests that he keep a gentle tone. Thankfully, In Ho listens to her. Until that point in Doctor Cha, we have either seen In Ho be the strict authority figure or get berated for his affair by his children. This is the first time we have seen him be a gentle advisor, as children often want their parents to be. It is what probably gives Jung Min the courage to face Ji Seon’s parents, who have been threatening to sue the hospital.

Before Jung Min met the parents, Jeong Suk had met Ji Seon’s mother and offered her condolences, saying that Ji Seon probably wanted to leave her parents with a reason to live, which is why she was so insistent on delivering her child. Jeong Suk does not advocate for her son but is simply there to share the mother’s grief. It is this decency that will help Jung Min going forward. Additionally, Roy Kim seems to have some additional proof of his innocence. We will see that in the coming episodes. Before that can happen, In Ho begins a blame game with the Family Medicine Department, aka Seung Hi. Things are already tense between them due to their personal lives. Eun Soo has had to leave the academy due to her injury, and Seung Hi is badgering Jeong Suk to get a divorce. Meanwhile, In Ho tells Seung Hi that he wants to break up with her. Now that he is ready to throw her under the bus for his own son, Seung Hi might finally see sense and let go of him.

Meanwhile, So Ra is steadfastly by Jung Min’s side as he apologizes to the parents of Ji Seon. So, Ra may or may not have serious feelings for Jung Min, but she does harbor the guilt of having treated him badly. We don’t know what reconciliation will look like for these two, but we pray that they don’t get together as a couple again. It was simply painful to watch.

Does Jeong Suk Decide To Take Divorce From In Ho?

At this point, Jeong Suk knows that if she decides to separate from her husband of more than two decades, her children will be okay. She already doesn’t have it in her to be around him for long periods of time, pretending as if everything is normal. In fact, she is at a point where she doesn’t even care that Seung Hi and In Ho might want to date or get married to each other. But the moment when she decides it is over is when she sees his car in the parking spot reserved for disabled people. At the beginning of Doctor Cha, In Ho had asked Jeong Suk to apply for disability after her surgery so that they could use that to get better parking going forward. Clearly, he was using it more than Jeong Suk ever did. In fact, he was driving around the car more with Seung Hi than he had with Jeong Suk. At the end of Episode 12 of Doctor Cha, Jeong Suk realizes that she no longer cares about In Ho. Hence, she decides that she wants a divorce. When she tells this to In Ho, he immediately gets a nosebleed and collapses.

Meanwhile, there is also some trouble brewing with In Ho’s mother investing in something that her new boyfriend recommended. As for Jeong Suk’s mother, she suspects that something is wrong with her daughter. On the other hand, a doctor tells her that her health is getting weak. The repercussions of all these matters will unfold in the coming episodes.

Final Thoughts

Doctor Cha has started losing its charm for us. It is certainly good fun in the capacity that it aims to be, but what started out as a woman reclaiming her independence is going to end with her getting stuck amidst all her relationships. To be honest, this part of her journey was inevitable, but now is not when it should have happened. The writers of Doctor Cha are excellent, but they missed the mark with this one point. The relationship drama should have happened around episodes 6–10 so that the last few episodes could have been about Jeong Suk standing on her own two feet without her husband’s money or connections, which is an arduous journey in itself. If only this series had been 20 episodes long instead of 16, this timing would have been alright. But we suppose nobody is perfect.

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