‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Jeong-Woo Accept Ha-Neul’s Help?


Ah, it’s time to be healed by another K-drama about two fictional characters who have my whole heart and need protection from all things evil. In Doctor Slump episode 9, a few of Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo’s misunderstandings are cleared up, and they’re ready to go back to being each other’s pillars. Record time for a K-drama, if you ask me. I was a bit confused when Jeong-Woo’s trial wrapped up at the midway point of the show, making me wonder what would come next. It is absurd for a K-drama to not drag out its main conflict until episode 14 and then rush everything right at the end. Jokes aside, I hope the show doesn’t become too caught up in being a PSA, as many of the other mental health K-dramas have done so far. Hopefully, Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo will be able to overcome their trauma soon, and we will get one of the most wholesome K-dramas of 2024. Anyway, let’s quickly dive into Doctor Slump episode 10.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Ha-Neul choose to join Jeong-Woo? 

At the beginning of Doctor Slump episode 10, we see a compilation of Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul being fantastic in school, and later in their jobs, too. I suppose it’s meant to make us feel bad about where they are right now. At the end of the compilation, Ha-Neul talks about how she used to fight with fellow doctors about important surgeries, but now she fights with elementary school kids at the arcade. And when Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul get drunk at the local street vendor, nobody believes they’re doctors because they’re “wasting away” by drinking too much. In the present day, we’re in the surgery room, and Ha-Neul has joined Jeong-Woo in his surgery. Everyone knows he’s having a hard time since he dropped his instruments and imagined blood on the floor the last time he tried. With Ha-Neul in the room, he’s somehow able to pull through and make the surgery work. But, after, he tries to tell Dae-Yeong that it would be disrespectful and sort of insulting for him to keep working since he still feels very traumatized by the surgical table and instruments. Ha-Neul overhears this conversation and tries to stop him from rushing into quitting. I guess it’s precautionary because she wouldn’t want him to go through the same thing she did; however, he’s kind of right with what he’s saying, too. 

Their little conversation is interrupted when the school teacher from their high school shows up. He tells them that he’s very proud of both of them for becoming doctors and decides to take them out to lunch. Poor Dae-Yeong has no one to eat with, so he joins in on this spontaneous lunch as well. Even now, they go out to get Teokbokki instead of a proper meal, to the teacher’s surprise. He’s reminded of the time in school when the two of them used to fight for the top spot. Ha-Neul was really something else; she even ate spicy raw chilies to keep herself up. Huh, if coffee doesn’t do the trick, go for chili, kids. This took a toll on her health, though, and Jeong-Woo is reminded of how he felt bad for Ha-Neul and pretended that he got an upset stomach from chillis and got them banned from the school. In reality, he just wanted to help Ha-Neul. After their little lunch, Jeong-Woo tells Ha-Neul the truth about that time. He tells her that if he felt that bad for her back then, she should imagine how he feels now that she’s trying to work at a plastic surgery hospital just for his sake, and she’s never ever thought about doing that. Jeong-Woo feels like it’s a selfish move on her part since he’s the one left hurting. See, he doesn’t even know why they broke up, so why would she suddenly decide to help him out?

What Happens When Jeong-Woo Learns the Truth About Kyung-Min? 

At work, Jeong-Woo overhears Hong-Ran on the phone, where she finds out about everything that transpired between Kyung-Min and Ha-Neul. She repeated everything she heard on the phone in shock for Jeong-Woo to hear and make rash decisions around (I love this part of K-dramas). Jeong-Woo proceeds to visit Kyung-Min, who says some misogynistic things about Ha-Neul and how Jeong-Woo should stay away from the lying lady. Obviously, this makes Jeong-Woo burst a vein, and he ends up punching the guy and getting into a proper physical altercation with him. He immediately goes to find Ha-Neul, apologizes to her, and gives her a tight hug. She’s more shocked by the bruises on his hand and face. Ha-Neul tells Jeong-Woo that she wants to help him so desperately because she somehow feels like if he can heal, then so can she. I don’t think it’s the best way to go about this, but there’s no harm in supporting each other to get better, I suppose. 

Ironically, Jeong-Woo tells Ha-Neul that he wanted to become strong for her because he couldn’t bear the thought of her seeing him weak, since she wasn’t willing to share her pain with him. I guess they’re both a little stupid about love. Now that they’ve cleared the air, Ha-Neul decides to take Jeong-Woo out—another experiment on their healing journey, I suppose. Not going to lie, though, these clubbing looks are killer! After busting out some good moves and chilling together, they return home, and Ha-Neul tells Jeong-Woo that the real reason their teacher visited was that he needed to get a bump looked at on his back. He overheard some nurses talk about Jeong-Woo’s PTSD when he arrived at the hospital, so he decided not to get it looked at. However, during lunch, Ha-Neul notices it and tells her teacher that he needs to get surgery. Ha-Neul now asks Jeong-Woo if he’s willing to do the surgery because it would make their teacher very happy. 

How does the surgery go? 

The surgery works out just fine, and both Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul do a great job helping their teacher, all while supporting each other. Dae-Yeong is overjoyed to see his friend back on his feet, so he decides to take all his employees to a welcome party for both Jeong-Woo’s success and Ha-Neul’s welcome into the hospital. Hong-Ran shows up in the middle of this and asks to see Ha-Neul outside. She tells Ha-Neul that she’s hurt; the girl never told her about what happened with Kyung-Min or that she was helping with Jeong-Woo. Hong-Ran finally does the right thing and gives Ha-Neul a tight hug, showing her that she’s there for her. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Hong-Ran reminds Ha-Neul that she should open up a bit and actually tell other people how she feels.

At the end of Doctor Slump episode 10, Ha-Neul asks Jeong-Woo why he isn’t curious about the reason for her leaving the hospital. Jeong-Woo pretty much understood what had happened, so all he could say to her now was that he felt bad for not being able to help her back then. The episode ends with all our wishes coming true, and the two of them are officially together again. For real this time, let’s just hope things work out for them this time around.

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