‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Ha-Neul Get Back To Work?


While Doctor Slump episode 14 is mostly just a festival of fun, it focuses on grief. Everyone has their own way of getting over sadness and dealing with death, and that’s precisely what Jeong-Woo gets to see now that Kyung-Min is dead. There’s sadness, but there’s also remorse; there’s also hatred and years of pent-up resentment, but at the same time, there’s a sense of losing someone dear—love. Jeong-Woo and Kyung-Min’s relationship was almost enviable. There are only two episodes of the show left, and I’m shocked to feel like I want more. Since K-drama episodes are normally over one hour long, there’s a chance you feel somewhat oversaturated by the end of them. However, Doctor Slump doesn’t feel overbearing or overdone in any way. There’s ample drama, romance, and just so much fun that it leaves you happy after each watch (for the most part). I feel like this might be a show that I can rewatch years from now, kind of like Suspicious Partner or Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

Spoiler Alert

Why Does Jeong-Woo Really Go to Busan? 

After Ha-Neul’s recovery, she returns home in a much better state, both physically and mentally. In the meantime, she also gets an offer to go back to the hospital where she used to work because everything about Kyung-Min is out now, and anyone who was associated with him has been fired. Not only this, but Ha-Neul is also going to be made a professor if she returns. On the other hand, Jeong-Woo wants to know the truth about Kyung-Min, so he visits a woman in prison who has done Kyung-Min’s dirty work for him. She confirms that when Kyung-Min found out that it was Jeong-Woo’s clinic, he didn’t want to cause a fatal accident there. This leaves Jeong-Woo a little bit heartbroken, and at the same time, he gets a call from his mother, who tells him that she and her father are visiting Seoul the next weekend. Jeong-Woo asks if she had known Kyung-Min’s father had died before his CSATs. Jeong-Woo’s mother has the audacity to say that if he hadn’t gotten into Hankuk University, she wouldn’t have let Kyung-Min off easily. Jeong-Woo is appalled by his mother’s words and decides he doesn’t actually want to meet his parents right now. This is when he finds out that Ha-Neul’s family is planning a trip to their hometown, Busan, and asks to go along. Ha-Neul never got to go with her family earlier because of work, but she finally has a chance to feel the sea breeze and let loose with her family. 

When they’re about to leave for the trip, Ha-Neul overhears Jeong-Woo telling his mother that he can’t meet now because he has to attend some conference. She doesn’t ask him about it, but she does worry for him. The drive there is hilariously exciting, and things keep going consistently wrong for Jeong-Woo. At first, Ha-Neul’s mother drops a bottle of “makgeolli” on him, and then the clothes he has to wear are historical and a little bit too breezy for his liking (if you know what I mean). On the other hand, Hong-Ran and Dae-Yeong get closer as they spend the whole day together in the sauna for Hong-Ran’s son. It seems they make quite the perfect couple, but they’re unable to really tell each other how they feel, only creating space and time for proximity. 

When they reach Busan, Ha-Neul apologizes to Jeong-Woo for not telling him that this trip is actually a family ritual to celebrate her father. It’s not the day of her father’s death, but since the family can’t really laugh around and be happy on such a day, they decide to do it on a different day. This leaves Jeong-Woo worried that he shouldn’t have asked to tag along so selfishly. However, Ha-Neul’s mother explains to him that he’s not imposing, but it’s actually nice to have him tag along. After dinner and a lot of drinking, Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul’s mother share a moment together to eat ice cream. Jeong-Woo becomes vulnerable at this moment and breaks down after telling her how he isn’t over his “Hyung’s” death. See, Kyung-Min was more than just a friend to him; he was the only person who ever truly cared for Jeong-Woo. So much so that even after his father’s death, Kyung-Min showed up to Jeong-Woo’s graduation with a black suit as promised, while even his parents didn’t bother showing up. This would’ve obviously been very meaningful to Jeong-Woo, and this shows the meaning of their relationship. Ha-Neul’s mother explains that Jeong-Woo may have hate, but forgiveness is never for the other person’s sake; it’s for one’s own good. She also tells him that the pain does dull after some time, and just like they are able to celebrate her husband’s death, he will be able to miss Kyung-Min in a different manner much later. 

Does Ha-Neul accept the job? 

Ha-Neul’s sadness stems from the fact that she’s the reason so many people got fired from their positions in the hospital, yet she’s being given special treatment after all these years. This woman has always been so selfless that she can’t even tell that she deserves to become a professor, and those people actually did terrible things. Additionally, she’s not the reason for their mistakes. She tells Jeong-Woo about the position after she sees him talk to her mother, and Jeong-Woo is over the moon for Ha-Neul. Finally, they can look at the world with rose-tinted glasses yet again. Hong-Ran ends up joining Ha-Neul’s special farewell party. Circumstances lead to a misunderstanding between her and Dae-Yeong because rumors have it that he might be too close to one of his nurses. Dae-Yeong immediately tries to defend himself to Hong-Ran while they’re alone, and finally, when he’s about to confess that he likes her very much, that same nurse shows up, trips, and falls on him, landing a kiss on his cheek (only K-drama things). This leads Hong-Ran to be especially grumpy and leave. 

Finally, we get to see Ha-Neul return to her whole self. Working hard and having no time to even breathe (in a good way). Ha-Neul looks perfect as a professor, and she’s doing brilliantly at work; however, this leaves no time for Jeong-Woo. At first, Jeong-Woo is very disappointed because Ha-Neul gets stuck at work for emergencies and doesn’t return till the wee hours of the morning. Then, when he gets some money because he was falsely accused (a whole 2 billion won), he decides to do some good for society. 

Does Jeong-Woo want to propose? 

Jeong-Woo tells Dae-Yeong that he wants to spend that money on something to make sure he and Ha-Neul can be together. The obvious thought that comes to mind is a ring, so she’s with him forever. Ironically, this is not it, or so we are made to think (another googly). Jeong-Woo has decided to do some charity work and help those in need with reconstruction surgery. Jeong-Woo’s step to make sure he can be around Ha-Neul is to conduct these surgeries in her hospital and have her join in on them. Not only is he paying for this young girl, but he’s also doing the surgery himself. This allows them to spend time together and also do the thing they love the most—help people. 

At the end of Doctor Slump episode 14, after a hard day’s work, Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul are examining documents by themselves. Ha-Neul tells Jeong-Woo that it was not right for him to make it seem like he had other plans when he just wanted them to work together. This is when, unbeknownst to Ha-Neul, Jeong-Woo brings out a ring from his bag. The writers of Doctor Slump really know how to leave us craving more with cliffhangers such as this one. This episode shows progress for both Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul in the mental space. Ha-Neul can finally work in peace in the place she loves, and Jeong-Woo, too, has closure from everything that’s taken place. Though not completely healed, they’re both in better positions than they were at the beginning of the series—almost done with their slump. 

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