‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Ha-Neul Get To Turn A New Leaf?


When a Korean drama is going well in the beginning, there’s always this underlying fear that something might go wrong in the last couple of episodes. Doctor Slump is a breath of fresh air, specifically in the genre that it’s representing. I’d like to call this the edu-comedy genre because it’s comedies that are equal parts funny and informative, not in the way a science documentary is, but in a way that makes you want to say, “I learned everything about life from K-dramas.” Yeah, I’m exaggerating a little bit, possibly because I love this new pairing that I had never imagined together or because I simply missed Park Shin-Hye on screen, but I do think this kind of show is the one that truly starts conversations amongst those who find them relatable. In Doctor Slump episode 3, Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo go to Sokcho on a picnic, and episode 4 takes off right where that ended.

Spoiler Alert

Why Didn’t Ha-Neul Have Any Friends?

In a flashback at the beginning of Doctor Slump episode 4, we get to see Ha-Neul working really hard towards her desired goals. However, we see how this affects her social life, where she has no friends. In the present day, she realizes the impact of this back then and that she’s finally found a friend in Jeong-Woo for the first time. Despite not getting to see the sunrise because of the cloudy weather, the two of them have some fun in Sokcho and decide to have a meal there, even falling asleep in each other’s presence. This shows us how quickly they’ve become comfortable around each other. Somehow, they spend the night there and then return home the next day. On the other hand, Hong-Ran, Ha-Neul’s only adult friend, decides to give her a surprise visit but ends up giving Ha-Neul’s mother the shock of her life. Ha-Neul hadn’t returned home all night, and her mother had believed she was with Hong-Ran. Fortunately, before the mountain of panic erupted into a volcano, Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo returned home.

Is Jeong-Woo Ha-Neul’s first love?

To add to the matter, Hong-Ran doesn’t know when to stop running her mouth, and she asks Ha-Neul if Jeong-Woo is her first love who moved into the rooftop house in front of him and all her family. Ha-Neul tries to clear up the misunderstanding and tells her that he’s not her first love, but he is her new friend. On the other hand, they discuss Ha-Neul’s depression, and Hong-Ran apologizes for not taking it seriously the first few times she told her about it. Ha-Neul’s mother’s panic is what made her realize the gravity of the situation. Seeing that Ha-Neul spent the night out with Mr. Plastic Surgeon, who might’ve killed somebody, her mother’s inner fears come to the forefront, and she asks Hong-Ran to set Ha-Neul up on a blind date. In the meantime, Jeong-Woo is under the misconception that he’s actually Ha-Neul’s first love and starts to toot his own horn (stupid guy, but I’d definitely believe it if I were him, too).

Ironically, Ha-Neul shyly invites Jeong-Woo to go shopping with her for a dress for her blind date; however, he thinks she’s just trying to spend time with him (hilarious). It does seem like he’s starting to see her in a new and rosier light, too. At the end of the day, Ha-Neul finally tells him about the blind date, and his inflated ego goes poof.

Who Does Ha-Neul Go On A Blind Date With?

Ha-Neul tells Jeong-Woo that she’s doing the blind date because it’s another experience she’s never had. I suppose they’re both old enough to have had kids in their tweens, and yet she’s got no fun experiences to recall (TT). Hilariously, the date is with Dae-Yeong, Jeong-Woo’s friend and rival. A frenemy, if you will. Dae-Yeong was under the impression that the date would be with Hong-Ran, who is the only non-family member who has subscribed to his social media channel. He’s only gone on this date because he’s curious why she was interested in him at all (men, sigh). He keeps asking Ha-Neul about Hong-Ra, and eventually, his teenage daughter spots the two on a blind date and messes everything up. She’s furious that her father would go on a blind date, that too, in their own neighborhood. Ha-Neul, on the other hand, is shocked to see that he’s the father of a teenage daughter.

In the meantime, Ha-Neul’s aunts (from her dad’s side) visit Seoul and throw a tantrum about her having quit her job. They’re horrible people and go to Ha-Neul’s mother’s restaurant specifically to ridicule the family. When Ha-Neul returns from the date, she finds Jeong-Woo and tells him how bad the date went. He goes from sulking about her going on a date to being all smiles because it went bad (oof, this guy). In a fit of anger, Ha-Neul’s mother tells her aunts that Ha-Neul’s found a man for marriage and is planning her wedding. At the same time, Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo walk by, so they end up getting dragged into the restaurant. Ha-Neul is not one for long tales, so she ends up telling the two the truth. This is when they laugh about her losing her job and insult her further. Jeong-Woo can’t tolerate the sound of their cackling, and when they ask him what he’d do with their faces, since he’s a plastic surgeon, he insults them thoroughly. Although, at the time, this works like magic, and they leave immediately, Ha-Neul does feel the prick of their words deeply (someone protect her).

What Happens With Ha-Neul’s Interview?

After getting drunk at night with Jeong-Woo and having more heart-to-heart conversations about the old times, Ha-Neul sends off her resume to a remote hospital. The next day, she gets a call for an interview, and despite being hesitant at first, she decides to go for it. She even talks to Jeong-Woo about it, but he points out that she’s already decided to go, and she just needs a small nudge. He tells her that he believes in her, just as she has done countless times for him by now, and sends her off. Ha-Neul gets all excited about the interview and makes her long journey there. On the other hand, Jeong-Woo gets a surprise visit from his friend and colleague, Kyung-Min. He’s there to discuss Jeong-Woo’s case, and they talk about how Ha-Neul’s research on the case in India will help Jeong-Woo. However, when the subject of Ha-Neul comes up, Kyung-Min tells Jeong-Woo that he got a call from the hospital she’s interviewing for and told them all about how she had problems with her professor and ended up physically assaulting him. Jeong-Woo cuts him off in a jiffy and rushes to find Ha-Neul to tell her that this is not her fault.

When Ha-Neul reaches the hospital, she gets a call saying that, after looking into her background, the doctor thinks she’s not fit for the role. She’s devastated and can’t hold back her tears. She reaches the railway station and makes a call to Jeong-Woo, confessing that she has been living her life all wrong. At that time, a train arrives, and Jeong-Woo shows up there. At the end of Doctor Slump episode 4, Jeong-Woo tells Ha-Neul that he went all the way there just to tell her that none of this is her fault.

In an epilogue, we see the anesthetist, who was present during the surgery, examine a recording device. This means he’s the one who set up all those devices in Jeong-Woo’s rooftop home. Why though? And what did Jeong-Woo do to deserve being falsely accused? We’ll find out more in the next episode of Doctor Slump.

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