‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Jeong-Woo Get Absolved Of The Crime?


Is anybody else desperately waiting for Saturdays just to get their special dose of dopamine through Doctor Slump? The seventh episode of the Netflix K-drama series has taken an unexpected turn and addressed one of its biggest mysteries before the show’s midpoint. The show follows Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo, both of whom are suffering some sort of mental breakdown when they reappear in each other’s lives. Once enemies, the two of them started to become friends soon after meeting. Last week, we were left on a cliffhanger where it seemed like both Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul would be in grave danger. Jeong-Woo was chasing after a man who smashed a bottle over his head and left him bleeding. At the same time, Ha-Neul enters his home because the door’s been left open and finds the hidden camera ball pen on the floor of his room. Before she can figure out why it isn’t working like a pen, someone shows up behind her, but we don’t know who it is. Last week, I said it was probably a false alarm, and I’m glad to see that it was. Let’s quickly dive into Doctor Slump episode 7 to see what happened to them. 

Spoiler Alert

Why does Ha-Neul cry? 

In a flashback, we see that Jeong-Woo was always alone as a child. He worked really hard to make his parents proud, but when he needed support to grow, he never had any. When he was in elementary school, there was a project where they had to grow bean sprouts. The plant never sprouted, even though Jeong-Woo worked the hardest, giving it proper nourishment and water. Even when he went home crying, there was no one there to sympathize with him. It seems this has never changed, because Jeong-Woo’s never had anyone take his side or support him. Even when he is considered a criminal, his mother is more worried about his father’s reputation than his feelings, which is a terrible shame. In the present day, Jeong-Woo loses the guy after he crashes into a car, and gets left behind. On the other hand, Ha-Neul’s brother is the one who shows up behind her in the house and realizes that the pen she’s holding is a hidden camera. She contacts Jeong-Woo immediately, and they take it to the police. However, the pen is damaged, so they’re unable to retrieve any footage. 

Ha-Neul notices Jeong-Woo is bleeding and takes him to the hospital. She’s terrified of what’s happened and begins to bawl her eyes out. Ha-Neul had thought the death of the lady had just been an accident, but actually, so much more was happening, and Jeong-Woo had had to endured it all alone. Her crying is, in some way, comforting to both of them. The next day, Ha-Neul gives Jeong-Woo special attention, bringing him her mom’s special banchan (side dishes) and an iron to help him get ready for the trial. Before she leaves the house to join him, her brother tells her that he saw someone follow Jeong-Woo the day he arrived at their house. At the same time, Jeong-Woo notices someone on the street. 

Is the anesthesiologist the murderer? 

Jeong-Woo notices Jin-Seok, his anesthesiologist, in a car near the house and rushes to talk to him. In a panic, Jin-Seok drives away, and Jeong-Woo runs after him, bumping into a woman and dropping his phone. Ha-Neul notices the phone and heads to the court, where Jeong-Woo is 10 minutes late. He finally shows up with the thumb drive that has evidence that it was the woman’s uncle who had her killed because she inherited her father’s casino business. With regards to why Jin-Seok had stashed hidden cameras across the clinic, it was because of an incident previously where the wrong medication was administered, and he was wrongly blamed. Jin-Seok was afraid of being reprimanded, and so he was never able to tell Jeong-Woo the truth. He did place the ball pen in Jeong-Woo’s house after trespassing, but it was in vain because it fell to the floor and Jeong-Woo never noticed it. 

Why is Jeong-Woo still sad? 

Even after being proven innocent and his name being restored to its former glory, Jeong-Woo feels disheartened. He realizes how many people are superficially friends with him. As we already know, no one has supported him since he was a child, except for Ha-Neul. She was with him at his lowest point, I don’t think it can get worse than being considered a murderer. A few days after the trial, Ha-Neul tries to text Jeong-Woo, but she’s unable to do it because she doesn’t want to come across as someone desperate. She wants to give him time since he’s been through so much, but that doesn’t stop her from worrying. At night, though, her family, who is just as worried about Jeong-Woo, starts a barbeque on the rooftop and gets him to join them. It’s an excuse for fresh air, good food, and better health (mental too). After they eat some fantastic food and drink some ginseng wine together, Ha-Neul is embarrassed by her mother, who keeps scolding Jeong-Woo for rejecting her daughter. She takes him out, and a drunk Jeong-Woo can’t stop telling her that he likes her. He compares her presence to a sweet spot in a bitter life. Later, he tells Ha-Neul that she’s the bean sprout of his life. He says he’s curious to see how she sprouts. All he wanted was someone to support him, and that’s when Ha-Neul reappeared in his life, becoming the light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end of Doctor Slump episode 7, they finally hold hands! There’s a silver lining to loneliness; it helps you open up your heart to those who may not be open to loving themselves. Now, who is ready for some soapy K-drama stuff? because I can’t wait! I have no idea what’s next for these two, and I hope it’s all positive from now on. They only deserve better! 

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