‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Jeong-Woo And Ha-Neul In A Relationship? 


Can we just talk about how adorable it is that the siblings in the Nam household are named Ha-Neul (sky) and Ba-Da (sea)?! I suppose the many cute little things in this show are healing me, and though my jaw hurts from smiling, the end of this episode left me needing tissues. In Doctor Slump episode 7, the charges against Jeong-Woo are finally dismissed, and it’s made clear that he’s innocent. Towards the end of the episode, we get to glimpse a heart-to-heart moment between Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul, and he finally admits that he likes her. Although their problems haven’t quite ended just yet, it seems there’s heart-shaped confetti in the air, and they both finally have someone to feel supported by. Maybe the best kinds of relationships are formed when two people are at their lowest, or maybe this will backfire on them.

Spoiler Alert

Why Is Ha-Neul So Confused? 

For the most part, the beginning of Doctor Slump episode 8 is spent on Ha-Neul trying to figure out if Jeong-Woo and she are dating. It’s a new-age problem, of course: “We’ve held hands; are we dating? But he hasn’t put a label on it!” Since Ha-Neul is new to the world of dating, she asks her family members what it’s like, and they all give her different answers that don’t really help with her situation, but one thing is clear: they all know she’s seeing Jeong-Woo. Ultimately, Ha-Neul decides to ask Jeong-Woo straight up because she just wants to know, you know? While she’s chatting with him at home, Ba-Da, her younger brother, shows up to have a “man-to-man” conversation with him. Embarrassed, Ha-Neul hides in the bathroom before she can ask Jeong-Woo what she wants to ask. Ba-Da tells Jeong-Woo that he should date his sister and make her less pathetic (an idiotic brother), and that she is desperate to date someone. Jeong-Woo tells him that he thought they were already dating, intentionally making it a loud and clear announcement for Ha-Neul to overhear. This is a jumpscare for her, and she ends up accidentally turning on the hand shower and getting completely drenched. When Ba-Da leaves, Jeong-Woo confirms to Ha-Neul that they’re seeing each other as more than just friends. 

Why Is It Difficult For Jeong-Woo And Ha-Neul To Go On A Date? 

Jeong-Woo asks Ha-Neul to spend the evening with him so they can go on their first date. Unfortunately, before they can head out, Jeong-Woo’s old friend Dae-Yeong shows up and dramatically apologizes to Jeong-Woo for not calling him during the difficult time. He tells him that, just like him, there will be others who were worried but felt like they would be imposing if they called. Since they had a falling out, they had a lot to catch up on, so Dae-Yeong requested Ha-Neul to give them some time. Dae-Yeong offers Jeong-Woo a job. Later, when Jeong-Woo gets back to Ha-Neul, he gets a call from Kyung-Min (we knew he had bad energy from the start!). Fortunately, this time, Jeong-Woo tells him that he’s busy and goes on that promised date with Ha-Neul. 

What’s Ha-Neul planned for the first date? 

Comically, Ha-Neul’s idea for a date is writing dissertations together and a game of guessing the vein as a “sweet” date. Jeong-Woo realizes he has to take matters into his own hands and decides to take her to a movie instead. He tells her that this is in no way special, but he thinks it’s something she would enjoy anyway. Ha-Neul says the last time she watched a movie was when she was 12 (yikes, I could never), and they have the sweetest time sharing popcorn and glances through the film. Later, Jeong-Woo asks Ha-Neul if there was a moment in the hospital that made her crash, and that really made her feel her lowest, to the point where she decided to quit her job. She denies it and says it was just a lot of things that overwhelmed her. At the end of their night, Ha-Neul learns that Kyung-Min is getting married, and her demeanor changes completely. 

What Was the Relationship Between Ha-Neul and Kyung-Min? 

When Ha-Neul worked at the hospital, Kyung-Min was her direct senior. She wrote a dissertation with him, but eventually, he removed her name from the dissertation, even though she had done all the hard work for it. Throughout the time she was doing it, he made her feel like a princess, treating her well and looking after her at work. Later, the pathetic little man showed his true colors. This was Ha-Neul’s pivotal moment, but since Jeong-Woo and Kyung-Min are friends, I suppose she doesn’t have the heart to tell him about it. Ha-Neul has a breakdown when she finds out about his marriage because she did so much to try and lead a good life, but he stole everything from her and ended up getting everything he wanted. He even became a professor and is quitting the job because his future wife is getting him a new job somewhere better. 

Ha-Neul tells her therapist that when she was in high school, she once had a really great day. While she was feeling joyous about the little things that worked out for her on that day, her father ended up taking his last breath. She always felt guilty about this happiness, but Kyung-Min made her feel better as an adult because he always sided with her and told her she was doing well. This is the worst part of it all because it makes her realize, especially, how pathetic her life must seem from the outside. Eventually, she shows up at Kyung-Min’s goodbye party and splashes some beer on his face (he deserves that fizz up his nose). 

Why Does Ha-Neul Break Up With Jeong-Woo? 

Jeong-Woo tells Dae-Yeong that he doesn’t want the job right now because he needs to be by his girlfriend’s side. He thinks she’ll feel especially low if he gets a job when she’s unemployed. Dae-Yeong tells Ha-Neul’s friend Ho-Rang about this, and she tells Ha-Neul the same (oh gosh, is she really her friend?). Ha-Neul realizes that even Jeong-Woo pities her and her silly little life, making her feel truly unworthy of happiness.

At the end of Doctor Slump episode 8, it starts to rain, and Jeong-Woo finds Ha-Neul. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him that it’s time they end it because she can’t control her emotions. She thought she was doing okay, but she wasn’t in the right place for a relationship, and she couldn’t be with someone when she couldn’t even look after herself. He’s heartbroken, but he hands her the umbrella and walks away because, at that moment, she needs to be alone. Ha-Neul cries her heart out in the rain, holding on tight to the umbrella. We’re yet to learn exactly what happened between Kyung-Min and Ha-Neul, but hopefully, all the misunderstandings between Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo will be cleared as soon as possible. 

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