‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Ha-Neul Let Jeong-Woo In Again?


We’re past the midway point of Doctor Slump, and I have to admit I really missed Park Shin-Hye. Not just her presence as an actress, but also the kind of roles that she chooses to do. I know it’s a running joke (no, I’m not going to be commenting on her on-screen kissing skills) that she’s always crying, but there’s something about her sad face that really helps me emotionally. Yeah, yeah, I’ve got issues. Episode 9 mainly focuses on Ha-Neul, but now that she’s chosen to distance herself from Jeong-Woo, it’s about how they’re managing life on their own. They’ve both been each other’s support systems for a while now, so it’s rather hard for them to figure things out on their own. Will they manage? It’s not like they aren’t already miserable from everything they’ve been through; with a few small misunderstandings, they’re now isolating themselves from each other, too. At the end of episode 8 of Doctor Slump, Ha-Neul breaks up with Jeong-Woo, and this leaves him reconsidering the job he’s been offered. Let’s see how that works out for both of them.

Spoiler Alert

How Did Kyung-Min Mess With Ha-Neul? 

Despite being strong-willed and perfectly capable, there is a gullible side to Ha-Neul, who always puts work before herself. It seems like Kyung-Min noticed this the second he set eyes on the young woman. From the day of the interview, Kyung-Min was extra nice to Ha-Neul. He’s the reason she gets the job, and he helps her with all the work, making her feel welcomed and sociable. Ha-Neul’s always found it hard to make friends or even talk to people, but Kyung-Min made her feel like she could do it. However, soon, she learned that he also thought she was pathetic and socially awkward. He then went on to lie to the professor, saying Ha-Neul was messing with data. This is when Ha-Neul couldn’t tolerate the lies and decided to speak up first. Kyung-Min always just wanted to use Ha-Neul because she would simply do all the work, and he just had to put his name on it since he was so nice to her (Chi, spit on this man). What upsets Ha-Neul in the present is that she thinks Jeong-Woo sees her in the same light as Kyung-Min. Of course, he doesn’t think this way, but since he wanted to “stay by her side” instead of taking up a job, she believed he did. 

How’s Jeong-Woo doing? 

The break-up is harsh on Jeong-Woo (even if they were together just for one day), and he decides to take up the job at Dae-Yeong’s hospital. Seeing as he looks miserable all day, Dae-Yeong tells Jeong-Woo that he might have made a mistake, not realizing Ha-Neul was his girlfriend. He tells him that he told Hong-Ran to get Ha-Neul to persuade him to take up the job. We know by now that Hong-Ran is actually stupid because she never knows what to tell Ha-Neul or what to keep to herself. Jeong-Woo realizes what may have triggered Ha-Neul. At least he’s treated really well in the hospital, and everybody is smitten by him (much to Dae-Yeong’s fake disappointment; I love this duo). In the meantime, Ha-Neul’s paternal aunt has learned that there’s a man in Busan who is looking for a daughter-in-law to inherit his hospital because his son is aimless. Ha-Neul’s mom thinks it’s a decent opportunity, and it may help Ha-Neul step out of the house. Ha-Neul’s mother learns that they’ve broken up because she comes back home drunk the night Jeong-Woo leaves the house. 

How Does the Blind Date Go? 

Of course, Ha-Neul doesn’t know that she’s going on a blind date because her mother tells her that a man wants to ask her some questions about starting a hospital. Ha-Neul doesn’t hate the idea and chooses to go (big mistake, honey). It’s a disaster, and he basically calls her life pathetic because her aunt told him all about how she was “fired” from the hospital after not becoming a professor. Ha-Neul isn’t heartbroken because of what he says, though; she’s used to the onslaught of insults. However, this makes her realize that even her mother thinks not being successful makes her pathetic. Ha-Neul has a massive fight with her mother at home, honestly telling her that this was not at all well-intentioned and that maybe it’s okay for Ha-Neul to actually live a non-successful life. Later, Ha-Neul’s uncle has a word with her, lending a shoulder for her to feel better (they’re so cute; I miss my uncle). 

What Does Ha-Neul’s Mother Tell Her? 

In Doctor Slump episode 9, we get to see some of Park Shin-Hye’s best work. She’s just so natural at crying (TT). Ha-Neul’s uncle brings her to a restaurant to arrange for her to meet her mother. Ha-Neul’s mother finally talks about the time Ha-Neul had insomnia when her father died. Ha-Neul and her mother never spoke about it, but she knew that Ha-Neul felt guilty for not picking up her father’s call the day he died. Ha-Neul’s always been a hard worker, and she was never appreciated for it. Her mother finally tells her that her parents were always proud of being her parents. Just her existence was enough for the both of them. In fact, her achievements were always beyond their imagination. She says that Ha-Neul’s grades made it feel like they were getting the best grades in parenting without realizing how much she was actually suffering at the time. Now, she knows that she wasn’t the best parent, but she’ll never stop trying (TT). 

Why does Jeong-woo return? 

After a lot of drinking with her family and feeling better, Ha-Neul gets home and sends Jeong-Woo a drunk text (oops). To make things worse, when Ha-Neul goes up to the rooftop, Jeong-Woo is there waiting for her. See, he thinks she’s been enjoying life because he heard about the blind date (overhearing Hong-Ran on the phone) and also saw that she went out for a family dinner. Jeong-Woo tells Ha-Neul that he wants to wait for her and that she can take her time getting better and then come back to him. These two are going to be the end of me. 

Is Jeong-Woo able to do surgery? 

At work. Dae-Yeong and Jeong-Woo are totally shocked to see how busy things are. The PR team decided to market Jeong-Woo as their new doctor, so suddenly, they became a famous hospital. Jeong-Woo is asked to perform surgery, but this is when the PTSD takes over, and he sees blood all over the surgery table and floor. Dae-Yeong hears about how serious Jeong-Woo’s condition is and tells him to step aside, but Jeong-Woo is adamant about trying again. On the other hand, Ha-Neul realizes that Jeong-Woo’s seen the picture of her and Kyung-Min, so he may have been especially hurt about the breakup. Seeing as Kyung-Min was giving out his wedding invitation the day before, Jeong-Woo would’ve imagined Ha-Neul was hurt because she may have had romantic feelings for him.  In reality, we can imagine Ha-Neul is simply hurt because a man like him is living a much better life than hers. A little later, Hong-Ran calls Ha-Neul and asks her if she knew that Jeong-Woo had PTSD. Ha-Neul is shocked to hear it from her friend and finds out about the debacle at the hospital.

At the end of Doctor Slump episode 9, Jeong-Woo has another episode before going into surgery, but to his surprise and excitement, Ha-Neul is the anesthesiologist present inside to support him through the surgery. They are each other’s support, after all! Well, I can’t wait to watch the next episode for all that love and support. 

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