‘Doctor Slump’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Jeong-Woo Have PTSD?


Episodes 5 and 6 of Doctor Slump are like filler episodes. They’re more about the relationship between the two leads and how they are trying to accept their feelings for each other. In the first four episodes, we learn about their past and how they were school rivals. The show places an emphasis on Ha-Neul’s relationship with her work. She never got the chance to take time for herself, which is why she’s troubled now. On the other hand, Jeong-Woo has been struggling with sleep and dealing with his trial. The two of them have been like salves for each other because it seems like they’re healing from the time they spend with each other, especially when it feels like the entire world is against them. At the end of episode 4, Ha-Neul goes out of town for an interview, but before she gets to do the interview, she’s told that the hospital isn’t interested in listening to what she has to say. Jeong-Woo learns that this is because his friend Kyung-Min told the hospital that Ha-Neul didn’t get along with the senior in charge and then ended up quitting unexpectedly.

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How does Jeong-Woo make things better for Ha-Neul?

Jeong-Woo ends up going to find Ha-Neul in the remote town and comforting her. After things are settled, Ha-Neul wonders if Jeong-Woo came all this way just to comfort her, making her excited. Jeong-Woo thinks he might have been really stupid for having come all the way just for that, so he pretends he’s come for sightseeing. They spend the day together, not realizing how late it’s getting. They’re meant to take the last train, but just before they buy tickets, an old man faints in front of the station. Both of them being doctors, they immediately rush to help. It’s a heart attack, and Jeong-Woo starts to give the man CPR but abruptly stops in between. Jeong-Woo’s been having visions of the incident from the hospital traumatizing him for days. Being at the scene has made it much worse. Ha-Neul takes over at that moment, not realizing what really took over her friend, and they manage to save the old man. But, this means they’ve missed the train, so they spend the night together again. They go to a hotel nearby, and since one of the rooms isn’t ready yet, they have to share one room for just a bit. They decide to get some alcohol and play some games. When Ha-Neul’s room is ready, Jeong-Woo tells her to stay for a little longer because he’s still shaken from the incident.

Why Does Ha-Neul Not Return Home?

When they reach the house separately, because Ha-Neul’s mom would find it suspicious that they spent another night together, Ha-Neul overhears her brother saying she mucked up the interview, which is why she spent the night there. As a person already suffering from depression, this really messes with Ha-Neul, and she decides to spend the day outside doing the things she enjoyed with Jeong-Woo, but alone. Jeong-Woo realizes what’s going on when her mother tells him she hasn’t returned yet and finds her in an arcade. He joins her, and after spending another day together, he takes her to their old school. This is where he explains to her that she’s not a failure, and everything’s okay. He says that if he went back to school now, he’d have befriended Ha-Neul and given her a comforting hug to tell her that she was doing well. We find out that Ha-Neul had been sick on the day of the exam, which is why she didn’t make it to the prestigious university. At home, Ha-Neul tells her mother that she did mess up the interview, and that’s because she needs more rest. Her mother is overjoyed, because she wants her to stay with her in Seoul for as long as possible.

Why Does Jeong-Woo “Reject” Ha-Neul?

Kyung-Min meets Jeong-Woo and finally gives him the hidden camera that he found in the office (why so late?). Jeong-Woo looks through his clinic for more and takes them all to the police. We still don’t know why someone would want to keep an eye on Jeong-Woo. Before splitting, Kyung-Min cryptically tells Jeong-Woo that he doesn’t deserve happiness right now (what?!). So basically, he doesn’t believe his friend and thinks he’s lying too. This is why, when Ha-Neul, in a drunken state, asks Jeong-Woo later if he has some sort of romantic feelings for her, he denies it. Unfortunately, Ha-Neul’s family also overhears this conversation and sees it as Jeong-Woo rejecting her. After trying to avoid him all day, Ha-Neul visits her psychologist, and he asks her certain questions that would relate to PTSD. When Ha-Neul hears the symptoms, she realizes that Jeong-Woo has PTSD, so she rushes home to comfort him. Later, when they’re out on a jog and they’re pretending to forget the sweet embrace, Ha-Neul tells Jeong-Woo that it might be good for him to go to a psychiatrist. On the other hand, he’s also just found out that the fingerprints from the hidden cameras can’t be matched with anybody, so he still doesn’t know who is behind it. Jeong-Woo is unable to process her words immediately and becomes a little bit embarrassed. He thinks he’s not that far gone that he would need medication to heal himself.

After some pondering, though, Jeong-Woo realizes she’s right and decides to go to the psychiatrist. He asks her to come along with him because he thinks it’ll help. He was worried because his case is public, and that makes things very complicated. After their little trip to the psychiatrist, Ha-Neul spends the day in the same way that Jeong-Woo did with her when she needed it the most. This can be considered their “comfort language,” going to the arcade, visiting the karaoke, and just being friends. Comically, when Jeong-Woo is singing some songs in the karaoke that he claims he wanted her to hear, she thinks they’re his confession. When he’s trying to explain that that isn’t the case, but he does have some romantic feelings towards her, an ex-classmate (Lee Sung-Kyung cameo!) bumps into them. She believes that Jeong-Woo and she were interested in each other back in school and doesn’t even remember Ha-Neul’s full name. They spend some time at a cafe together, and the whole time, Ha-Neul behaves like a jealous puppy. It’s quite cute because Jeong-Woo has no idea what the other woman is saying. Later, we find out that, in the process of trying to mess with Ha-Neul back in school, Jeong-Woo gave the other classmate the impression that he cared for her.

What Does Jeong-Woo Tell Ha-Neul?

Ha-Neul tells Jeong-Woo that despite her own struggles, she’s always feeling worried for Jeong-Woo. She uses the word “ambivalence” to express her feelings toward him. Jeong-Woo says that he knows what she means because he’s also felt the same way. He tells her that there’s a lot he’s holding back because of his trial and the circumstances in general. Ha-Neul asks for an example of what he means, and he finally tells her that he likes her. He tells her that maybe they’re each other’s drugs, because he’s only holding it together thanks to her support.

Is someone following Jeong-Woo?

At the end of episode 6 of Doctor Slump, Kyung-Min finds Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul just when he’s about to tell her that there are hidden cameras in his clinic. Ha-Neul leaves them alone because he’s honestly got very negative vibes. There’s definitely something fishy about him. For some reason, he apologizes to Jeong-Woo for crossing the line and claims he was just worried for him. On the other hand, the police find some dashcam footage of a guy in a cap and mask who may be the one after Jeong-Woo. In the meantime, Ha-Neul goes to talk to Jeong-Woo but finds that his house door and windows are open. She thinks he’s accidentally left them open and goes in there to check. Ha-Neul finds a pen that resembles the hidden cameras at home, while at the same time, Jeong-Woo is being followed on the street. He catches the guy and notices another one of those cameras fall out of his pocket. In the end, Jeong-Woo tries to remove the mask from the guy, but he ends up smashing a bottle on Jeong-Woo’s head. At the same time, it appears as if someone might attack Ha-Neul. Hopefully, they’ll both be fine soon enough, both physically and mentally.

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