‘Doctor Who’ 2024 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Saves the Music? 


Ah, we’re back in the season of timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly goodness, and I’m ready for it, babe (wink wink). The 15th Doctor’s first episode introduced us to his new companion, Ruby Sunday, and also gave us a ride with some space babies; however, unlike the norm, the second episode of the premiere takes us on a completely different musical adventure. If you haven’t seen the Christmas specials, i.e., the 60th-anniversary stuff, there might be a few things that’ll go right over your head in this episode; however, I’ll try and make things as simple as I can with the little bit of knowledge I have myself. With that said, let’s not waste another note and dive straight into Doctor Who, episode 2, The Devil’s Chord.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Maestro? 

You know how the Doctor always asks their companion to choose an exciting first destination, but it always happens to be a place that’s in serious danger? Well, Ruby asks to go see the Beatles at their first recording because she holds them close to her heart thanks to her mom. On the other hand, the year is 1925, and Timothy Drake is trying to teach his student Henry some music, which he finds very boring. To entertain him, innocent Timothy plays the “Devil’s Chord,” music that’s meant to bring forth the devil himself, and well, he does. In comes Maestro, the devil incarnate themself. Maestro has one goal: to take away the music from the world and keep it all to themself. Maestro is music personified. But with music gone, the world will be a completely different place. It will be ruined. What Timothy Drake did was play the lost chord and bring Maestro into the world. This sets off a chain of events where Maestro takes away music from everyone’s heart. Also, a special mention goes to Maestro for playing the iconic theme song and spoiling us. 

The TARDIS then lands in 1963, and Ruby’s quick on her toes to realize that they need a slight wardrobe change to fit it. With new wigs and perfectly ’60s outfits, the Doctor and Ruby walk out onto Abbey Road. For old fans, this is a moment to get teary-eyed over because the Doctor mentions Susan, his granddaughter, as he stares admirably at the London Bridge. Fun fact: Doctor Who first aired in 1963. At the then-EMI studios, currently Abbey Road Studios, the Doctor and Ruby make their way to find The Beatles. To their utter shock, they’re singing about having pet dogs and not cats. Uninspired, to say the least, so what’s really going on here? Now, with music out of the way, there’s no tapping of feet or bopping of heads—just plain old life—a bitter world, to say the least. With music gone, the world has also lost its natural tune, moving towards destruction. 

The Doctor then gets Ruby to play some music, only for Maestro to come crawling out of the piano. The Doctor is terrified and takes Ruby into hiding. He then silences the world for a few seconds using his sonic screwdriver so Maestro can’t find them; however, he’s not willing to fight them because Maestro is one of the Toymaker’s (from the Christmas special) legion. It turns out Maestro is actually the Toymaker’s child, and so the Doctor doesn’t want to fight them because the last time he fought the Toymaker, his soul literally ripped in two (bi-generation and all that). 

The Doctor then brings Ruby back into the future, where the world is much bleaker and taken over by destruction. Ruby’s survived because of the Doctor, of course, but she can’t imagine living in such a world. Maestro comes into the picture and plays some music for the Doctor and Ruby, introducing themself to them. Maestro can control anything with music, including the TARDIS, so the Doctor quickly jumps in and brings Ruby back to 1963 before the TARDIS is completely destroyed. 

Who saves music? 

The only way Maestro can be sent back into hiding is with more musical notes. The Devil’s Chord may have brought Maestro into the world, but another tune will send them back where they came from, saving humanity. So now, Maestro has one thing to do: steal music away from Ruby, the only human left with music in her heart. They capture Ruby with a string of notes, and the Doctor can’t do anything to save her. Ruby then starts to sing “Carol of the Bells,” and Maestro feels strange. They say it’s got “power like him,” yet another Easter egg for future episodes. Apparently, Ruby’s birth on Christmas Eve is more important than we could imagine, but we’ll probably get there later. I guess this season of Doctor Who is going to be snow-clad. 

Maestro then releases Ruby, and she falls into the Doctor’s arms. He’s got the special piano the Beatles use to record all their famous songs, but for the moment, he has to play the chords to get rid of Maestro. The Doctor tells Maestro that he may not be a genius, but he’s “lived and loved,” so he can figure out the music through his experiences (why does this oddly sound like Lady Danbury from Bridgerton?). The Doctor is able to play all the notes, but one ends up being bogus. Maestro then uses all their strength to trap Ruby and the Doctor into instruments while they banish the special piano into the open corridor. 

At the end of Doctor Who episode 2, it’s John Lennon and Paul McCartney who come together and play the last chord, “real” music, to get rid of Maestro. Before they leave, Maestro reveals that “the one who waits will be here soon.” The episode ends with the real twist, as the Doctor breaks the fourth wall and tells Ruby that the thing about being with the Doctor is that there’s always a twist at the end. They then break into a song and dance number, a musical Doctor Who episode. I never thought I’d say that. It’s fantastic and joyful, leaving us with both confusion and excitement for whatever’s coming next. Which is apparently more destruction, as we learn from the preview. 

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