‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Ending, Explained – Is The Blind Man Still Alive?


Don’t breathe 2, directed by Rodo Sayagues, takes us once again into the life of the old assassin Norman. The character played by Stephan Lang is once again the prime attraction and the pivot around whom the narrative revolves. If I tell you that a self-sufficient blind man, who is a former U.S Navy seal, tries to fight the odds and protect the only thing that he treasures, it will be enough to captivate your attention.

‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Recap

The premise that was created in Don’t Breathe 1, left a lot of people wanting to know more about this trained assassin. It was fascinating to explore Norman’s world. How even after being blind, he had the kind of ferocity that no sane person would want to make him his enemy. Shadow, the Rottweiler, is still his trusted ally as he was in the first part.

In the first instalment of Don’t Breathe, the narrative focused on how a group of youngsters planned on robbing an old blind man living a secluded life. They thought they could steal the settlement money that was given to him by the defendants in the case of a car accident. He had lost his daughter in the accident. The youngsters, who were small-time scammers, thought it was a jackpot. Little did they know that the man from whom they wanted to steal would become the biggest nightmare of their lives.

‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Plot Summary

In the starting sequence, we see a house burnt to the ground, and a little girl is seen walking on the adjoining road. We see the same girl living with Norman in his house eight years later. She does not go to school and does not have a lot of friends. She is envious of how other children could move around freely and have friends with whom they could talk.

Norman had fabricated a story for the little girl whom he had named Phoenix. He told her that he was his dad and her mother had died when their house had caught fire. Norman knew that the past would haunt him, and someday or the other, he would have to face it.

Norman taught Phoenix combating skills and made her ready for an impending war.

Why Did Raylan Break Into Norman’s House?

A gang leader named Raylan breaks into Norman’s house. A gang doing illegal trafficking of organs had amped up their operations, and one believes that Raylan and his group members had entered Norman’s for a similar pursuit.

Norman finds out that his beloved dog, Shadow, has been shot by someone. He senses that a group of people have broken into his house. The goose chase begins, and the gang realizes that it is not a commoner they are dealing with. A bruised, cut, and tattered Norman defies all the odds and makes sure he hears the groans and moans coming out from each one of them. But their numbers were many. They hurled gunshots at the old man and attacked him from all sides.

Raylan then breaks his silence and tells Phoenix that Norman was not her real dad. He tells her that he did not come to hurt her but take what was rightfully his. He reveals to Phoenix that he was his real father, and Norman had abducted him eight years back. He leaves with the little girl and burns the house with Norman inside it.

Raylan and Josephine – The Revelation

When Raylan brings Phoenix into his house, his real motive is revealed. He tells her that her real name is Tara and that if she wished, she was free to go. As Tara is about to leave, she sees her mother for the first time. She stops as she is overwhelmed by seeing somebody she had wished to see for her whole life. It seemed as if everything would get better from here. But it all seemed too good to be true.

Josephine needed a heart transplant to survive. She was paralyzed, and her body had suffered dramatically after the fire had broken out. She was the cook of the meth lab that the couple used to run. Her staying alive was of utmost importance for the whole gang. Tara is intoxicated and put on the surgery bed where a doctor is ready to do the transplant. But as soon as he was about to begin, the lights went out, and everybody knew it was the old Hitman who had come for their lives.

Phoenix trapped inside Norman's house
Credits: Bad Hombre/ Ghost House Pictures

‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Ending Explained – Is Norman Still Alive?

Norman makes a war cry and kills everything that comes in his way. He saves Tara and sets her free. He tells her to not come near her as he didn’t deserve her. Tara leaves the wounded old man as he tells her that he does not wish to be saved this time. Tara goes to the covenant shelter, where she finally gets to make friends for the first time. But something unexpected happens in the end.

Raylan had left his dog to burn in Norman’s house. The dog was saved by Norman, and that’s why he had pledged his loyalty to him. It was the dog who had helped Norman reach Raylan’s hideout. In the end, the dog sniffs and licks a wounded Norman who is believed to be dead. But his hands twitch, and the screen turns black.

The makers have clearly indicated that Norman is alive, and an instalment of Don’t Breathe is on the cards.

In Conclusion

Don’t Breathe 2 is a tantalizing thriller that banks heavily upon Stephan Lang’s character, and he doesn’t disappoint. Heavy with grief and racked with pain, Norman is deadlier and even more fatal this time. It would be interesting to see the direction in which the makers head now.

Don’t Breathe 2 is a 2021 Drama Thriller film directed by Rodo Sayagues.

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