‘Don’t Kill Me’ Ending, Explained – Who Were The Benandanti Hunting?


“Don’t Kill Me,” originally released under the title of “Non mi uccidere,” is directed by Andrea Di Sica and is based on the book by Chiara Palazzolo. “Don’t Kill Me” starts off as a zombie horror but eventually ends up becoming a romantic drama. Many times you fail to understand the inspiration behind a particular scene, and you look to validate your opinion, to see if it’s only you who feels a lack of sagacity in the sometimes absurd state of affairs. The film makes statements, big ones indeed, that have the capacity to change the outcome, without backing it up with arguments or presenting any kind of theory that might help the viewers buy it, even for a moment. I very well know that it is a work of fiction, but it is the clarity, depth, and strong imaginativeness of the supportive arguments that bring about a tinge of authenticity that helps the viewers get invested in the fictional world.

So let’s take a closer look at the narrative and scrutinize the ending of “Don’t Kill Me.”

Plot Summary 

Mirta Fossati had fallen for Robin almost instantly, because if she hadn’t, then surely Robin would have been serving his time for molestation. Mirta saw Robin for the first time while he was passing her with his group of junkie friends. Next, they meet at a dingy rave party, where without even uttering a word, Robin just picks Mirta up and starts making sexual advancements. I presumed that Mirta would respond to him in a befitting manner, but I guess I was wrong. Mirta had already fallen for him, and they ended up sharing intimate moments that kick-started an affair that was soon going to turn Mirta’s life upside down.

“Don’t Kill Me” does a lot of back and forth, and it starts with a scene where Robin is getting an adrenaline rush by driving his car with his eyes closed while Mirta is giving him directions. Mirta felt that Robin was really stretching it, but he was in no mood to listen. They stopped at a place that was known by the youngsters as the “Moon Quarry.” Mirta asks Robin to get rid of his drug addiction. Robin tells her that if he asks her to start taking it, she wouldn’t, and in the same way, he cannot leave it so easily. Mirta seizes the opportunity and tells Robin that she would take it, provided he leaves it after that one time. Mirta takes the recreational drug, which is in the form of eye drops. We cut to a scene where Mirta’s parents are standing in front of her and Robin’s dead bodies, and we presume that the drug would have led to their deaths.

Something unforeseen happened that changed the course of things. Mirta comes back from the dead, not understanding what has happened to her. She goes to her parent’s place, where her mother sees her. Before her father wakes up, she leaves the house, making her mother look like a lunatic, as the father would never believe that his daughter would come back from the dead. An unknown group of people comes searching for her, but she somehow hides in the forest. Who were those people? Why were they after Mirta? How did Mirta come back to life? Why didn’t Robin? These are questions that are answered as the narrative unravels, exposing us to the oddity of the plot.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Don’t Kill Me’ Ending Explained

With time, Mirta understood two things: firstly, that the unknown group, for some unknown reason, intended to harm her; and secondly, that she was having this intense craving to drink human blood. Something strange was happening to her body: black-colored clots were appearing all over it. The leader of the unknown group comes to meet Mirta’s father, Piero Fossati, to ask him about her whereabouts and also tell him that his daughter is still alive.

The guy introduces himself as a member of a sect called Benandanti and asks Piero to inform him if he hears from Mirta.

Mirta goes to the same bar where she meets Robin for the very first time. Trying to hide herself from suspicious eyes, Mirta exists with a guy named Mario, who was hitting on her, but eventually ends up drinking his blood and killing him. Later, she goes to her old rented place, where, accidentally, her father comes with his lover. She ends up killing the lover, and her father sees her daughter for the first time after he performs her last rites. The Benandanti arrive at the scene, and a mysterious biker rescues Mirta while her father dies in the scrimmage.

The biker was a woman named Sara. She informs Mirta that the Benandanti have had the sole mission of hunting the Overdead since the 17th century. They were the people who were resurrected after violent deaths, and Mirta was not the only one. Sara tells her that the Benandanti had the manpower and resources to carry out their mission. They used to tell their witnesses that they were a government organization, and if somebody saw something that he or she shouldn’t have, then they used to eliminate it without leaving a trace behind.

Robin had told Mirta that they would both be together forever after they took the drug. Mirta couldn’t believe that Robin was not resurrected. Sara tells her not to go to the crematory as the Benandnati might be there. She doesn’t listen to her and goes to the burial vault, but before she can do anything, she finds Ago, Robin’s friend, standing there, who was apparently in love with Mirta but could never tell her. They go back to Ago’s palace, where he makes advances, but Mirta tells him that she doesn’t trust herself and she might end up hurting him. Ago kills himself in the hope that he, too, will be resurrected and be reunited with Mirta forever. Mirta goes to the crematory once again and finds out that Robin’s body was missing from his burial vault. She is struck from behind, and when she opens her eyes, she finds herself in the custody of Benandanti, who had previously captured Sara.

Mirta came to know that Robin was still alive. He was the one who had planned it out from the start. He was an Overdead and had become an ally of the Benandanti. He was doing so because he had lost his friend, Paolo, to one of the Overdeads, and ever since, he had been hunting them down. What he didn’t plan was to fall for Mirta. He had purposefully killed Mirta because he knew that she would be resurrected and then he could be with her forever. Mirta is not able to take it. She decides that she is not going to stay with him. She kills a number of Benedanti and electrocutes Robin, who tries to stop her. Mirta leaves with Sara. They reach a new city, where Sara tells her that she will have to master the art of hiding and carefully pick her victims. Mirta, having been through so much, was now ready for the adventure to come.

“Don’t Kill Me” (or Non mi uccidere in Italian) is a 2021 Horror Thriller film directed by Andrea De Sica.

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