‘Doom Of Love’ Ending, Explained – Did Firat, Lydia And Yusuf Meet Again?


Directed by Hilal Saral, “Doom of Love” is a very meaningful film that relies on the teachings of Yoga to translate the lessons imparted as a way to embrace death when it comes, but before that, it is better to seize the moments as they come and enjoy life. The film was released on Netflix on June 20th, 2022, and with its meaningful plot, it has created an impact in the hearts of the audience.

‘Doom Of Love’ Plotline: What Is Turkish Film About?

Firat, a Turkish man, goes through a crisis in his life where he loses his company and is in debt. His friends, to take his mind off, help him go on a retreat. At this yoga retreat, he meets Lydia and her friend Yusuf. Together, they go on a trip where Firat finds his soul. During their journey, First and Lydia fall in love. Firat comes to know about Yusuf’s first love, who had succumbed to her illness in Angkor. Since then, Yusuf and Lydia have composed music and traveled together. They end up in a car accident, after which the film leads the audience through a concocted memory where Firat leaves to find Lydia during the ongoing pandemic, and they fall in love again.

Spoilers Ahead

Trio Escaping Their Lives

Firat first met Lydia and Yusuf during the yoga retreat. Their second meeting was during a company meeting that Yusuf had to attend to pay off his debts or the bank would seize his house. Yusuf opts to travel with Lydia and Yusuf on a soul-searching journey. He ditches the company dinner and sets out on a trip. They travel around, sing in different setups, and Firat learns to play the percussion and drums. Firat learns that there are other joys to life than chasing after money and richer life. He found himself on the trips he took with them.

When they arrive at Lydia’s house to rest, Firat gets to know that Yusuf is still mourning for his late girlfriend. Yusuf refuses to let go of the past and travels around with Lydia on two, singing the songs he had written for his girlfriend. Lydia was actually traveling because she simply wanted to escape the prison bars of her family. Her family wanted her to return and be the perfect little daughter she had been before she left to pursue her dreams. Her father still tracked her down and was forcing her to go back with him, but he relented after she refused. However, he disowned her on the spot and left without her.

The Car Accident

They set out on another trip, but they came across the sign of the yoga retreat they had attended. They decided to continue their journey towards the yoga retreat and arrived there to find everybody following a silent retreat. They maintain silence for seven days, during which romance blossoms between Firat and Lydia. After seven days of utter silence, Firat and Lydia decide to go out. However, when they were discussing their relationship in the car with Yusuf, they meet with an unfortunate accident that lands Firat in a coma, Lydia unable to walk, and Yusuf’s death.

Firat wakes up with a lot of questions in mind; he loses himself to depression and simply sits in his room reminiscing the memories he had made with Yusuf and Lydia during the little time they were together. He asks for them only to receive negative news. He finally brings himself around to google the incident and finds out that Yusuf is dead. 

The entire trip and accident happened a year ago in Istanbul. Firat was in a coma the entire year, and once he woke up in the present time, he decided to go find Lydia. During the pandemic, he eventually meets Lydia, after a not-so-warm welcome from her father. After meeting with her in a hospital where Lydia was going through physiotherapy, they decided to run away. They end up at the same yoga retreat they had their 7-day retreat at. Lydia and Firat fall in love with each other even more.

‘Doom Of Love’ Ending Explained: Did Firat, Lydia And Yusuf Meet Again?

Firat and Lydia fall in love even more during their time at the retreat. They enjoy their time together, but it comes to an end when the instructor decides to take them to the mountains. This is where he learns that the entire sequence of him waking up and finding Lydia was a concoction of the memories that he retained from his life during his afterlife. Firat realizes that, in fact, the three of them had died in the accident after he meets with Yusuf’s soul sitting and enjoying the view from the mountain. The instructor unites the runaway souls of Firat and Lydia with Yusuf. As they reunite with each other, it dawns on them that they are free from the restraints that were the cause of their trying to escape. In the afterlife, they enjoy their ideal life, not bound to any such strain, free from their stress and each of their personal jails.

Firat, Lydia, and Yusuf understand that this is by no means the end. Death never translates to merely the end. For them, it is the beginning of new possibilities and new ways of enjoying and celebrating their lives. During their time in the mortal realm, they did use yoga retreats and traveling as a means to escape from their troubles. But through Yoga, they learned to live with themselves and to have a free life. They also learned that the end is simply not the end, but another name for a new beginning.

There is no way that anybody knows where they might go or what they might do after they are dead. The afterlife is a mystery and the most sought after. Yoga teachings focus on the end as a new beginning, which teaches us to embrace death as a change that is inevitable. This makes it a little bit easier to accept death as a concept. The film ends with the trio running through the forest without a care in the world. For the first time, they simply enjoy themselves and run free through the forest, exploring their afterlife and enjoying what time they have left in the realm before moving on. The film leaves a subtle message; through its various scenarios, the film urges the audience to reach for their hopes and dreams, to take on the trip they have always wanted to take. Life is too short to waste it worrying about the would-be’s. Instead, it is good to seize the day and live in the moment whenever possible.

“Doom of Love” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Hilal Saral.

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