‘Doona’ Ending Theories: Are Doona And Won Jun Dating In Secret? What Does The Coat Suggest?


The question of whether Doona and Won Jun are together or not has taken K-drama fans by storm. Doona was always on the front foot with her feelings, whether good or bad, but Won Jun is shown to be a bit of a coward when it comes to feelings, and whether Doona and Won Jun are dating depends entirely on his courage, because Doona never lacked for it. There are two things that Won Jun said during their reconciliation that stood out. He admitted regretting that he did not fight for them, but he also asked Doona to leave him alone. The latter part was certainly because he was scared of the strength of his feelings should she come back, and Doona knows that. They hug each other, and we don’t think they broke apart.

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Are Doona And Won Jun Dating In Secret?

At the beginning of the final episode, we see Won Jun and Doona in a field in Japan. This is an important clue for us because the director of Doona is the same as that of Crash Landing on You, and we know that this person loves to have lovers reunite in the end, in scenic locations. Additionally, the show is based on a webtoon, and the end of the series is not the end of the story online. If there is more of the webtoon left to cover, it certainly means that Won Jun and Doona are going to be together.

At the end of the final episode, Won Jun seems to be wearing a coat similar to the one he wore in the pink field at the beginning. Let us remember that Japan had been a bookmarked holiday destination for the couple before their breakup, and the final scene is also there. This could mean that they were secretly dating and had met in the country. What lends this theory more legitimacy are the first few seconds of episodes 6, 7, and 8, where Doona and Won Jun are shown at a train station in Japan. The country was clearly significant for those two, and that adds a lot of meaning to their presence in the same place in the finale of the show. At first, we had just thought that the bits of the train sequence were part of the opening credits, but in light of the last episode, they have gained a whole new meaning, and we believe that they may be together after all and are meeting in Japan. It raises the question of whether the present day of the show is in Japan and whether everything we saw of their story in the dorm room was a flashback. That is a strong possibility if we believe that they are indeed together and all our clues were right, which seems to be the case.

Other than this, there are two other clues that stand out. The first is that before Doona met Won Jun after the breakup, Won Jun admitted to his friend (silently) that he hadn’t heard any of Doona’s music. The reason is obvious. But on the day of Won Jun’s interview, we see him walking with his earphones plugged in. We are not saying he was listening to Doona’s music, but for someone who had drowned himself in work to escape her memories, such moments of peace and bliss could not be happening all of a sudden, unless the pain of listening to her voice and songs had suddenly disappeared because they had reconciled. Secondly, we cannot forget the smile on his face when he saw the pastries. If the first scene in the flower field was not a dream and they had indeed met there, perhaps Won Jun smiled because the pastries reminded him of their date. The flowers and the pastries were both pink, after all.

Finally, it is a small clue, but in the final scene, when Doona is walking, she catches everybody’s attention. The man who was with Won Jun also stopped to look back at her. But Won Jun immediately took him away. What we are saying is that if Won Jun was not aware of Doona’s presence, he may have wanted to see what his boss was looking at. But since he already knew and he had to keep pretending to not have anything to do with her, they left immediately. Let us also remember that if anyone in Doona’s agency had seen Won Jun, they might not have easily believed that it was a coincidence. We believe that Won Jun and Doona found their way back to each other, and both have the courage and emotional stability for a proper relationship, so why should they break up? They are definitely together. Also, another clue to add to this pile would be that Doona’s album was called ‘Undercover.’ One thing may be a coincidence, but so many are just signs of a different truth, which is that they are dating.

Why Are Doona And Won Jun Dating In Secret?

Doona has some power with the agency because she is successful, but there is no saying if that is sustainable. The only way Doona can have complete control over her life is when she leaves the agency, and until then, it is prudent to keep her life private and even secret if need be. Woon and the others won’t magically be on board with Doona doing what she wants, and they may hold the contract over her once again. For the health of her relationship, it is best if Doona keeps it a secret. Also, the fans online are known to be extremely critical of the idols’ dating lives, revealing that Won Jun would place him in the line of fire. It is just prudent to stay away from the public eye until things are more under control.

Are Doona and Won Jun not together?

While we are leaning towards a more positive outcome, we are certainly wondering what makes this couple so intriguing and why people are rooting for them so desperately. A friend of ours had suggested that while most couples love each other just as much as Won Jun and Doona do, their being interesting characters facing impossible circumstances is what interests other viewers. We agree with that, and it is a given that it had to be the case; otherwise, no one would watch their story. But he used another term that caught our attention. He said that the couple had a ‘toxic dynamic,’ and people were interested in knowing how that would resolve.

Before hearing him say that, it had never occurred to us that there was anything toxic between Doona and Won Jun in “Doona”. While Doona was reckless with Won Jun’s feelings once or twice, she always explained herself completely, and there was never any manipulation in that. The first time after their kiss, when she tried to meet someone in a club, Won Jun was angry with her for disregarding him like that. Frankly, when we saw that, we even felt that Doona was being insensitive and toxic. But she gave a clear explanation of how she felt and why she acted that way, and she wasn’t just doing it to keep Won Jun by her side but because she was honestly accepting her feelings. The next time, and this was major, was when she left with In Wook. But as we saw, it was something she couldn’t help because of her own trauma.

The girl had been groomed by In Wook for many years, and it wasn’t something she could break out of at any time. It may have looked selfish and toxic, but it was important for Doona’s healing journey. It was because she spent time again with In Wook that she found that she had grown above her feelings for him and that he no longer had a hold over her. If she hadn’t gone with him, she would always have had these doubts and wouldn’t have properly been able to commit to Won Jun. Once again, she doesn’t sugarcoat her reasons for what she did, and she is brutally honest with Won Jun. There is no manipulation here but an absolute admission of the entirety of her feelings. and Won Jun may have been hurt, but he couldn’t deny her because he saw that she was being genuine and honest. As frustrating as it all may seem, we don’t believe that Doona and Won Jun were in a toxic relationship. It was frustrating because they still had a lot to discover about each other and understand to what extent they were willing to go.

Something to understand here is that once Doona figured out her feelings, she wanted to be with Won Jun. The only reason she went back to her career is because she could not afford the payment of breaking her contract, not to mention that she had to protect Won Jun, who would have been persecuted by the agency and fans alike. As for Won Jun, he simply did not know if he could take on Doona’s world. Doona may have a preference for ordinary things, but her world was anything but. Won Jun knew that, and after he got a taste of the difficulties of being with her, he decided to take a step back. When Doona met him years later and made him apologize and confess to her, Won Jun obliged because, after all this time, he had realized that she was the one and his desire to have her in his life was greater than his fear of the repercussions. We have to consider the scenario that the two may not end up together, but we would rather believe that, for once, love overcame all obstacles and two cute and sweet individuals found their happy ending.

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