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Netflix is known for its adult animated series and popular ones like Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, and Death Note are still close to fan’s hearts. From the past few years, the programming giant has approached a new way to fascinate its fans, adopting the storyline of popular games and putting them in an animated series, Dota: Dragon’s Blood (animated series) is the product of that vision.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood is based on a strategy video game Dota. The series is developed for Netflix by Ashley Edward Miller under the wings of Studio Mir and Valve (the developer of the game).

Season 1: Plot Summary

Through a quick montage, the series puts forward the basic threat and pursuit. It revolves around the wrath of a demon named Terrorblade who has got hold of a truth. With the help of two fragments, the Radiant and the Dire, thought and action, Terrorblade wishes to remake the world in his own infernal image.

To implement his actions, Terrorblade needs the powers hidden in the soul of dragons living on earth. With each conquest of a soul, he becomes stronger and stronger.

To challenge his intentions arrives a Hero named Davion the Dragon Knight. Davion starts off as a dragon killer but in a battle between Terrorblade and fire dragon Slyrak, the demon injures the dragon badly. To save himself, Slyrak bounds his soul to Davion’s body.

Davion’s body is found by Princess Mirana. Mirana is an exiled heiress of the Coastal Kingdom. She is looking for precious artifacts or magical Lotuses stolen from the temple of Selemene, the moon goddess. Davion assists Mirana and her mute assistant on their journey while struggling to find his own answers.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Dota: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 1: Ending

Fymryn, the elf who stole the lotuses from the temple of Selemene, brings them to the Sage tower, where a sage named Invoker lives. According to a prophecy, the lotuses will aid in bringing back the Goddess Mene to Earth. Fymryn believes when Mene will come back, she will improve the state of the Elves on earth who are living in hiding.

Invoker is romantically connected to Selemene. He was in love with her and they also had a daughter. But Selemene sent them away, due to which Invoker’s daughter started suffering from an incurable disease. Only Goddess Selemene had the means to save her daughter but in her pride, she let her die. The sage has been burning with a vengeance since then. He makes a pact with the demon, Terrorblade, to kill Selemene in exchange for Dragon Souls. The sage uses lotuses to eclipse the moon, which blocks moonshine from reaching the earth. Selemene becomes powerless for a period and Terrorblade coins the situation to defeat her.

Davion and Mirana fail to control the Elf uprising. Mirana retreats with the remaining soldiers, and Davion is captured by his fellow dragon hunters.

When the eclipse ends, Invoker looks upon the dying Selemene and cherishes his victory.

‘Dota: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2

Season 2 of Dota: Dragon’s Blood will follow the pursuit of Davion and Mirana. With their combined powers of gods and dragons, they will try to fight Terrorblade and stop him. They will not let the world end up in the hands of a demon.

DOTA (animated series) lures the viewers into the world of Elves, Humans, Dragons, and Demons. A visually enchanting fantasy drama that engages you with a gripping storyline. The main characters, especially Davion and Mirana, didn’t look much fleshed out, but other characters like Invoker and Selemene had better storylines. The heroes of the tale weren’t striking enough. The moments of their heroism were close to none. It’s an adventure that keeps introducing new characters and sub-plots but ignores the character development of the main protagonist. Hope season 2 of Dota (animated series) will dig deeper into the protagonist’s skin. For anime fans, the graphics, fight sequence, and adventurous storyline are appealing. It keeps you hooked.

If you are a fan of fantasy animated series, then do not miss Dota: Dragon’s Blood. It is hyped for a reason and it delivers what it promises.

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Dota: Dragon’s Blood‘ Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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