‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – What Happens to Davion?


Netflix’s ‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 (or Book 2)’ continues the saga of Davion, The Dragon Knight, while developing the narrative strands that shaped Season 1, including the rise of the marauder demon, Terrorblade. Much more rushed in terms of pace than its predecessor, ‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2,’ almost exclusively focuses on Mirana’s arc, and how the motif of faith continues to guide her choices. While Season 2 incorporates certain aspects from DOTA lore, such as the legendary rivalry between Rylai and Lina, and the sacrifice of the Winter Wyvern, these explorations often remain surface-level to a certain extent.

Is Davion a Part of the Dragon Clan? 

Per DOTA lore, Dragon Clans most definitely exist, being one of many ancestral clans, such as the Bear Clan and the Serpent Clan. In Season 2, Father, the leader of Dragon Hold, comes to the conclusion that Davion might be a part of the Dragon Clan, based on the properties inherent in his blood. As no records exist regarding the beliefs and practises of this clan, it is difficult to gauge what it means to be a part of this ancestry, although Father explains that Rylai and Lina, much like Davion, are more dragon than human (due to their abilities). Due to Davion’s unique value as someone with regenerative dragon properties in his blood, Father wishes to exploit him (bleed him dry) and use him as a resource to create more dragon knights. This is a direct parallel to Ciri’s value within the walls of Kaer Morhen due to her Elder Blood, which Vesemir wishes to use to create more witchers, although he does the same by asking her explicitly. 

Mirana: Leader of the Dark Moon Order or Empress of the Sun?

At the end of Season 1, Davion and Mirana went their separate ways, with Mirana leading the Dark Moon Order and trudging forward alongside Luna, the Scourge of the Plains. The two women lift each other up and are bonded inherently by their faith, although there is a crisis in identity after Selemene’s loss of power and a brimming sense of uncertainty. Soon after, they are captured and brought into the Helios Imperium, Mirana’s kingdom, which is ruled by her uncle. While Mirana is unable to understand the political machine of the Imperium from the get-go, her close adviser, Kashurra, urges her to step into her birthright. 

Surviving an assassination attempt and a temporary usurpation by Lina as Regent, Mirana comes to understand her innate power as Empress of the Sun, as she is the physical incarnation of the Worldwyrm, a manifestation of the power of the sun. In the end, this power is activated by acute grief (Marci’s death) and she uses it to separate Davion from Slyrak. As Luna and her forces ultimately reject Selemene, and Mirana steps into her role as Empress, it is safe to say that both Luna and Mirana reject the core ethos of the Dark Moon Order.

Dota Dragons Blood Season 1 animated series Ending Explained
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The Rise of Selemene and Invoker’s Dilemma 

Throughout Season 2, Selemene undergoes zero character growth, failing to learn any essential lessons brought about by her fall, even after she is faced with the absence of her daughter, Filomena. Rather than truly feeling remorse about her failure as a mother and her power-hungry nature as a Goddess, Selemene leverages Filomena’s lingering love to garner power, eventually draining all power from the girl’s favourite flowers, which Invoker had infused with the essence of Mene’s lotuses. Fymryn, unbeknownst to Selemene’s irredeemably selfish nature, plays a part in her resurrection, owing to the fact that she does not kill her and leads her straight to Filomena’s grave. This not only means the rise of an even-more vengeful goddess, but also directly foils Invoker’s plan to resurrect Filomena and have Fymryn assume Mene’s lost status.

What’s Next For DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3?

Terrorblade works on the level of mental/psychic manipulation throughout Season 2, embedding himself deep inside the minds of the heroes and using their fears and weaknesses against them. Although he does not have a direct impact on events in Season 2, except the destruction of Dragon Hold, Terrorblade is bound to play a more central role in Season 3, as Slyrak is bound towards Foulfell to engage in direct battle with him. As the Invoker did not hold up his end of the bargain with Terrorblade, it remains to be seen what transpires between them and the lengths either of them is willing to go to achieve their deepest desires. As Terrorblade also teased that he has the vision to look into multiple realities, DOTA season 3 could very well delve into the multiverse route, making things more interesting for the central characters in question.

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