‘Dream Horse’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Dream Alliance Win Welsh National?


A dream flourishes when it’s shared by others. When it gives others the same reasons to wake up in the morning, just like it fuels your own ambitions. Set in a small valley town in South Wales, a dream horse brings new hope to a community. It fills them with enthusiasm to look ahead for the upcoming days. It gives them a reason to live.

Directed by Euros Lyn, Dream Horse is a real-life story of Dream Alliance, bred by Janet Vokes. Her horse went on to race in the Welsh Grand National, and therefore, summarizes a tale of inspiration and motivation.

Plot Summary

Janet Vokes (Toni Collette) worked multiple jobs to support a livelihood. She lived with her unemployed husband, Brian “Daisy” (Owen Teale). He was suffering from arthritis and had given up his chance to change his life. But not Janet.

Janet was once a winner of the Welsh Pigeon Racing Club. At that moment, she felt important or at least had something to look forward to. But on the journey, she lost her way. She wanted to rekindle the dreams, and most importantly, change her mundane life. So she decided to breed a racehorse. While the notion was received funnily by Daisy, looking at Janet’s zeal, he gave in.

They decided to buy a mare. They also invited the local community/neighbors to help them with advice and funds. Another horse racing enthusiast, Howard Davies (Damian Lewis), was captivated by Janet’s diligence. The accountant, Howard, provided an inexperienced breeder, Janet, with all the help and support he could offer. Together, the community bred the horse with dedication called it their “Dream Alliance.”

‘Dream Horse’ Ending Explained

The notion of breeding a racehorse started as an escape from the mundane life. But soon, both Janet and Daisy got attached to the horse. When the horse injured its tendon during the Aintree race, Janet wept like a mother. A mother whose child got hurt. A similar emotion was felt when other members of the alliance discussed selling the horse. The expression on Janet’s face expressed her pain as if someone would piece her heart and take a piece away.

But Daisy was a father. An understanding father to the horse. He told Janet that as much as she wanted to safeguard her child, the horse needed to run the race, or at least if the poor creature could have spoken for himself, he would have said the same. It was in his blood, Daisy commented. The point of the argument was to convince Janet to let the Dream Alliance race in the Welsh Grand National. Of course, Janet was skeptical about the horse getting hurt again. Still, Daisy told him at last that they couldn’t stop themselves from dreaming big just because they were afraid of getting hurt. The safe spectrum that Janet wanted to run away from in the first place was the same pit she was now drowning into.

In the end, Dream Alliance raced in the Welsh Grand National and turned up the winner of the year (2009). Unfortunately, the horse retired from racing in 2012. Janet, Daisy, Howard together set up a new syndicate and thoroughbred another racehorse. The film was an inspiring tale of their endeavors.

Dream Horse is a 2021 sports drama film directed by Euros Lyn. It follows the real-life story of a racehorse called Dream Alliance.

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