‘Drops Of God’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Issei Camille’s Half-Brother?


Episode 3 of “Drops of God” ended with Issei finding a suspicious group picture that had both of his parents and Alexandre in it. After discovering it, Issei and Camille met for their first challenge. The first challenge is won by Issei, and the lawyer announces the date and time for their next challenge. Episode 4 shows Issei later driving back to Honoka’s office to inquire about the picture.

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How Did Honoka And Hirokazu Meet Alexandre?

Episode 4 of “Drops of God” begins with a face-off between Camille and Issei. They take their pictures together, and during their photoshoot, the scene gradually shifts toward Honoka in her apartment. She asks a staff member to bring Hirokazu after she comes across the news showing Issei’s victory over Camille. As the staff informs Honoka about Hirokazu’s absence, she receives the package sent by him via a staff member from the restaurant. She opens the package and finds his wallet, phone, watch, wedding rings, as well as a gift and other belongings packed and sent to her. Honoka opens the wallet and has a flashback. This flashback lets us see the tale from the past and the secrets behind that group picture. The picture had both Honoka and Hirokazu with Alexandre in it.

The year is 1990, and Honoka, Hirokazu, and some of their other friends take a tour of the Domaine Chassangre, where they meet Alexandre Léger and Philippe Chassangre. They are taken to tour the fields and taste the wine. After the tour ends, Alexandre and Philippe invite all of the university students to the afterparty. Before the invitation, Honoka proposes to buy 50 crates of wine from Alexandre, and their tour translator asks Alexandre to teach an oenology class at the University of Tokyo. Alexandre later accepts the offer and begins teaching the course at Honoka and Hirokazu’s university. Hirokazu and Honoka were just friends at that time as the latter had rejected his advances. 

Did Honoka Have An Affair?

With the beginning of Alexandre’s oenology course, began Honoka’s affection and admiration for him. The university had barred the students from tasting alcohol at the university. Therefore, Alexandre had to think of creative ways to get them to understand and recognize the taste of different wines. They met at a bar near the university where the students could taste wine, and here Alexandre took the group picture with his first ever oenology batch. Alexandre’s wife, Marianne, had supported him wholeheartedly and had asked him to accept the professorship at the university. Marianne, to support his dreams, had begun setting up a base in Tokyo. She arranged for parties to introduce Alexandre to the other wine enthusiasts as well as to Jacques, a famous wine guide writer. However, Alexandre’s attention was being distracted by Honoka and her brilliance. Alexandre began admiring her wit, brilliance, and exceptional palate. After the extra classes, Honoka and Alexandre took a walk together before they parted ways. During such a walk, Alexandre, overcome by his desires for Honoka, made a move on her. That day, Hirokazu had witnessed them walking together and decided to drink away his broken heart. He ended up outside on the university floor, utterly drunk; this reached the ears of the director, and Alexandre’s course was suspended. Honoka reached his house the other day with Hirokazu’s note containing his apology as an excuse. Thus began their affair. Honoka had a long affair with Alexandre, and they met at a Japanese hotel to cover their tracks.

Is Issei Camille’s Half-Brother?

Marianne helped Alexandre write a guide under Jacques to establish his firm hold on the wine industry. She also stayed and supported him after she got the news that the university had suspended his course. Marianne had never lost hope and had been Alexandre’s guiding light. They went to Thailand for a vacation, and here Marianne announced her pregnancy while they chatted about the guidebook. Honoka was on Alexandre’s mind while he conversed with his wife, and he realized then that he needed to break up with her. He met with Honoka at the usual bar, and he told her that Marianne was pregnant with Camille and that he needed to focus on his family. Honoka’s heart was broken, and later at the university, she revealed to Hirokazu that she was pregnant as well. Hirokazu accepts Honoka as she is and takes on Issei’s father’s role. He loved Honoka and was ready to do anything to call her his wife. Issei was born around the time Camille was born. While tending to Camille and Marianne, Alexandre ventured outside the hospital room, where he witnessed Honoka checking out of the hospital with Issei in Hirokazu’s arms. He most probably put two and two together and realized that Issei was his son because Honoka had been with him throughout the affair. Or it could be that he thought Honoka was cheating on him with Hirokazu, which would explain why he accepted Issei later in his life and not immediately.

The scene shifts back to the present timeline, where Honoka starts to revisit her memories after Issei leaves. He had come to Honoka to inquire about the group photo before he left for the photo shoot and the reason why she had not told him about his father and her knowing Alexandre. Honoka quickly shut down any suspicions he might have with the answer that she did not know him that well. She further refuted his claims of knowing him by asserting the fact that she did not enjoy wine, and neither had she had a drop of it throughout the years. Issei seemed to have accepted the reasons, and Honoka asked about Hirokazu’s whereabouts. Issei does not seem to know. “Drops of God” Episode 4 ends with Marianne receiving Alexandre’s ashes and a note from him telling her to spread the ashes over the Domaine. However, Marianne simply pushes the urn containing his ashes behind the suitcases, which indicates that she knows of the affair.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual child, my foot. Oh boy, Marianne knows for sure, which is why she is so angry at him, and Camille has no clue. “Drops of God” Episode 4 really made me respect Marianne. Yeah, she is manipulative, and she wants Camille to have nothing to do with Alexandre because she knows what he did. However, even after his death, Alexandre did not reveal Issei’s parentage to Camille. I mean, it is weird to fight for your inheritance with a guy who is simply considered a student. Yes, teachers do share a beautiful bond with their students, but pitching them into a war of inheritance is not something they would do. The fact that Issei had no idea about Camille was also telling. Oh, Alexandre is a shrewd, shrewd man, and my bet is Marianne gets to know about their little affair after a while. They weren’t that careful, and I suppose it could be that Alexandre came clean to her, or he might have gone to confront Honoka. His behavior must have influenced Honoka’s current attitude because she doesn’t want the world to know about the affair that the heir of Tomine Diamonds had had with her professor.

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