‘Dubai Bling’ Cast: Season 2 Contestants Ranked From Most Interesting To Least


It is inspiring how the cast of Dubai Bling season 1 and 2 commit to the reality show, as if this is their main hustle instead of just something they are doing on the side for their businesses. There is nothing more professional than that dedication. However, there is no doubt that they were let down by the writers of the show. We know it is scripted, and there is no point in pretending otherwise. In fact, we would be surprised if the members are even friends or basic acquaintances off-screen. After all, they are barely there on each other’s social media for the amount of time and money they spend together. But the debate is not about whether they are real, but whether they delivered the entertainment in season 2 or not. Honestly, not everyone managed it, while some barely got by. So here is our list of the characters that made the show worth watching and who could have done more for themselves.

1. Safa

She was the star of season 1, and she is the reason we were interested in season 2 of Dubai Bling. But why was she given so little to do this time around? There is no question that Safa was not the most reasonable character on the block, but her actions always had a purpose. That is what made her so interesting—that she went about it the wrong way. This time, the purpose was also lost, and there was a renewed commitment to make her look shallow without reason. Safa is simply not the type of person who will go to LJ’s party only to cause trouble. She hated being on a yacht with Danya and Ebraheem in the last season, even though she was accompanied by her husband. Additionally, there is no way she would fly to India to spy on her husband that way. She is too cool for that. Safa could honestly create better drama, but she got a very third-rate arc for her standards, and we are upset for her. Yet she did the most, even for this season, so she is not getting dethroned anytime soon.

2. Farhana

Credit where credit is due, Farhana delivered some beautiful cringe in Dubai Bling season 2 with her ‘elite matchmaking’ arc. Indian Matchmaking is one of the most successful reality shows on Netflix, so the platform decided to transfer an arc of it to Dubai Bling. Farhana wanted a ‘man written by a woman,’ the toxic kind, like someone straight out of a Kathleen Woodiwiss novel, and it was absolutely entertaining to see her struggle with the reality of that. To think that she gave the man a chance because he was so rude to her is laughable and reminds us of a lot of our teenage crushes that we regret to the heavens as adults. It is even more perplexing how she thought she could fish for compliments the way she did as a grown woman and decided to ask him where they stood in the relationship in the third meeting itself. She was obviously not ready for a relationship, and seeing her hunt for a fantasy made us empathize with her. It happens to the best of us.

3. Zeina

Zeina was mostly entertaining because of her association with Safa. In Dubai Bling season 2, her two main issues were the problem with Lojain because of the latter’s association with Ebraheem and the next was her friendship break with Safa. These two issues were extensions of the fight she had last season with Ebraheem and Danya. Zeina wasn’t given much to do this season. She was supposed to be a real estate agent, so why did we not see her at work even once? Couldn’t the writers have come up with something like her and Safa joining forces to convince Fahad to buy a house instead of following him to Mumbai? It was a waste of a strong character.

4. LJ

LJ was our favorite character in season 1, after Safa. She brought a unique freshness with her personality, which made her stand out among the others. However, the second season seemed to insist on her being a caricaturish airhead. However, her performance talent is impressive, and we wish her the best with her relationship. LJ had one moment in this whole season, and it was very against what we had come to know her as. We can tolerate disliking fictional characters that were former favorites, but we hate it when that happens in reality TV shows.

5. Fahad and DJ Bliss

These two were entertaining because they were annoying. As we said previously, these husbands are not feminists or even allies. But they covered it up in season 1. In Dubai Bling season 2, the way Bliss treats Danya will annoy you to no end. His expectations of his wife and constant discouragement of her ideas may be a trigger for many. The scene where he is yelling at her in public is extremely uncomfortable to watch. However, it helps to remember that most of it is staged and could very well be a marketing gimmick to generate interest in Danya’s business. All we are saying is that it is better to take that with a pinch of salt. Second is Fahad, and while he showers Safa with gifts quite often, he also likes to express that he is the boss just that many times, and it is simply annoying. However, he looks like a sport and is far better than the version of him we saw in Season 1.

6. Danya and Lojain

These two women gave us nothing in Dubai Bling season 2. While that was consistent with Lojain, Danya couldn’t decide if she wanted to be the villain or the helpless victim. In season 1, it was so clear that she was the unnecessary troublemaker. In season 2, she hasn’t taken off that cap but has added the role of the person who is dying to make peace between the parties. It is neither here nor there, and yes, Zeina is right when she says that her forgiveness must be begged for.

7. Ebraheem

He was a surprising disappointment in season 2. Ebraheem is the OG troublemaker on the show. He can try to be a peacemaker, but what else is he doing? Literally nothing!! There should at least have been some good comebacks or one-liners from him if nothing else. Is this how he has changed after marriage? Well, his green hair was a moment, albeit very brief.

8. Mona Kattan

Dubai Bling was just a marketing platform for her. All she spoke about was her perfume, her new independence, and her plans for a baby. It was all in pursuit of appealing to an audience and, by extension, urging them to give her brand a chance because of their relatability to the owner. We will say that it worked. In hindsight, it is not fair to blame Mona Kattan for the lackluster nature of Dubai Bling season 2. She did what she came for and probably also funneled some money into the show. It was the writers and the other characters who were supposed to be creating the drama, and they failed on that front.

This is our list of the people who made Dubai Bling season 2 what it is, from the most interesting to the least. Hopefully, notes will be taken, and season 3 will offer us something better.

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Divya Malladi
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