‘Dunki’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Is Manu Dead?


Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki, tells the tale of a bunch of people who dreamt of going to London in search of a better life but found out that it was not such an easy task to do so. Rajkumari Hirani has a knack for addressing a social cause in each and every film, but I felt that he was not able to create that kind of magic that we are used to when it comes to his films. The director boasts a filmography that consists of films like the Munna Bhai franchise, Three Idiots, etc., but this time, he was not able to live up to the expectations. So, let’s find out what happened in Dunki film and what the director wants to say about it.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Hardy come to Laltu?

Hardy’s life had been saved by a man named Mahinder, and the former was never able to thank him for that. Mahinder was an athlete, and he left his chance to win a medal for his country because that day, he wanted to save the life of a stranger. Mahinder made sure that he was with Hardy at all times in the hospital, and when Hardy’s condition became comparatively more stable, Mahinder decided that he would go back to his village, i.e., Laltu. After Hardy completely recovered, he decided to go to Laltu to find Mahinder and show his gratitude for what he had done for him. But the thing was, he didn’t know where he lived, what his last name was, or any other details that would help him locate the nobleman. Hardy just remembered that Mahinder had a tattoo on his hand and that he also had a radio, which he left with Hardy in the hospital. Luckily, Hardy bumped into Mahinder’s sister, Manu, who took him to her house and told him that on the way back from the hospital, Mahinder met with an accident and lost his life. That’s when Hardy decided to stay and repay the debt by making Manu fulfill her dream of going to London.

Was Sukhi able to reunite with Jassi?

In Dunki, Hardy, Balli, Buggu, and Manu joined Geeto’s English classes, but the 3-month crash course wasn’t able to help their cause. They didn’t know the English language, and they struggled every day trying to look out for ways to pass the IELTS examination. In their class, there was a guy named Sukhi who used to look very tense, and one day, Hardy decided to make him drunk so that he would reveal what bothered him so much. Sukhi was supposed to marry a girl named Jassi, but at the last moment, Jassi’s father found an NRI for her and got her married. Days after her marriage, Jassi called Sukhi and told him that her husband used to physically abuse her. She requested that Sukhi come to London and save her, and since then, Sukhi has been trying to find ways to get his visa approved, but he was encountering a lot of problems. Hardy had also been left by his fiance on his wedding day, so he could relate to the pain that Sukhi was dealing with. Hardy prepared a template for all the students so that he could memorize it and use it for any question asked by the examiner. The idea was brilliant, but apart from Balli’s examiner, it didn’t work on anybody. Balli passed the examination, and everybody told him to go and check on Jassi as soon as he reached London and inform Sukhi about her status. Balli reached London, and he was shocked to find out that Jassi had committed suicide once she got to know that Sukhi had failed the IELTS. Sukhi was distraught after he heard the news, and he didn’t have anything to look forward to in life. Before Hardy, Manu, and others could come and stop him from taking any extreme step, Sukhi burned himself to death in the middle of the road.

How did Hardy take everyone to London?

Hardy decided that he would use illegal channels to take everybody to London. This illegal method where agents made the people cross borders was called Dunki, and it was said that every year, millions of people who wanted to have a better life resorted to it, but only 25 percent of them succeeded. So basically, it was decided that Hardy, Manu, Buggu, Pampi, Gulaab, and Chameli would first go to Pakistan and then, from there, cross the Afghan and Iranian borders to take a cargo ship from Turkey, which would then take them to London. It was going to be a tough journey, but Hardy knew that he didn’t have any other way to make Manu reach London. Hardy had fallen for Manu, and he wanted to reach London and propose to her for marriage. On their journey, they met with all sorts of problems, but things took a grave turn when, after reaching Iran, they were caught by the local police force. The patrolling officer killed Pampi, Gulaab, and Chameli, and that was when Hardy realized that he would have to do something as this ruthless man was not going to leave them alive either. The patrolling officer tried to sexually abuse Manu, but Hardy killed him and then escaped with everybody. After traveling for several days in the cargo in deplorable conditions, the immigrants finally reached the United Kingdom, and they felt like they had achieved a great milestone in their lives.

Why did Hardy come back to India?

Hardy and others thought that now their lives would be easy, but they had an uphill battle in front of them. They were illegal immigrants, and so the authorities were after them, and the fear of being caught by the police made their lives miserable. To make things worse, they got to know that Balli was not doing as well as it looked in the pictures he sent. He was earning enough to send some money back to his home, but in reality, he was struggling to make ends meet. Hardy found a lawyer named Puru Patel, the one we saw at the beginning of Dunki, and he told everyone that they had three ways to stay in London legally: the first was that to make an investment of a substantial amount of money; the second was to marry a British national; and thirdly, accepting the fact that their own country was after their lives and they wanted to seek asylum in Great Britain. Hardy was not ready to speak against his own country and defame it like that, so he decided to go back to India. Hardy wanted Manu to come back with him, but she had other plans. She didn’t have a home, and she was desperate to earn some money in pounds to pay the mortgage and once again have her father’s nameplate on the entrance. Buggu and Balli were also in the same boat, so together with Manu, they decided to stay while Hardy was deported back to India.

Why Did Manu Want To Come To India?

Manu, Balli, and Buggu stayed in London for 25 years, and they didn’t exactly make a fortune for themselves, but they did earn a good amount of money, and they made their parents proud, and more importantly, they provided them with financial stability. But as the years passed, they realized that they wanted to go back to India. Manu was suffering from a terminal illness, and she didn’t want to die in a foreign country. Manu never married, and back home even Hardy believed that one day she would come back to him. They both hid that fact from each other with the hope that the other person would move on and live a happy life. Manu, Balli, and Buggu weren’t getting a visa for India since they spoke against the country 25 years ago. Manu once again called Hardy, and she told him that she was coming to Dubai and that she would need his help to come back to India.

During Dunki‘s ending, Manu made a plan, and he didn’t tell anyone about it. Manu contacted an agent named Bakir, and with him, he plotted to get everybody caught by the police officers in Jeddah. Hardy told Omar Abbasi, the chief of police, that the real names of his three friends were Pampi, Gulaab, and Chameli, as he knew that if he took their real names, then the authorities in India would get to know that they were British nationals who had taken asylum there 25 years ago. Apart from Hardy, Manu, and Buggu, nobody knew what happened to Pampi, Gulaab, and Chameli in the Iranian desert, and according to the records, they were still missing. Omar Abbasi contacted the authorities in India, and they confirmed that those three people did live there and had gone missing. Hardy didn’t have to lie about himself because he was still an Indian citizen, unlike Manu and others. So they were all deported back to India, and though Omar Abbasi believed that he had stopped them from entering the United Kingdom illegally, in reality, he had helped their cause.

After so much struggle, all four of them finally reached India. Hardy proposed to Manu for marriage, and she agreed to it, but moments later, she passed out on her chair, and Hardy realized that she had died. Hardy was distraught, but he was satisfied with the fact that he was able to fulfill Manu’s last wish. Manu came back to her home, saw her own name on the entrance of her house, and met her parents after almost two decades. She was happy that life had given her a chance to once again come back to her roots.

Final Words

Dunki ends on an emotional note where Raj Kumar Hirani informs his audience about how every year, so many lives are lost as people who don’t get a visa resort to “Dunki” to enter a foreign country. The director wanted to make the point that there was a time when no visa was needed to enter a foreign land, but today, a visa is not given to those who need it but is given to those who can afford it. The subject matter had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the director was not able to capitalize on it. There is a desperate attempt made by him to add humor to each and every scene, which, for me, somehow spoiled the broth. I mean, I understand it had worked for him in the past, but this time it was a complete misfire. To sum up, Dunki was not able to impact you in the manner it should have and ends up being an underwhelming affair.

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