‘Duty After School’ Episodes 3 & 4 Recap And Ending Explained: Did The Students Escape The Monster?


The second episode of “Duty After School” concluded with Bo-Ra and Soon-Yi searching for a safe space to secure themselves from the attacking monsters as the sirens started to blare right after the glass door closed itself. The monsters immediately left the other places and began attacking the glass doors to get to them. The monsters were attracted to the noise, which is why they decided to unanimously attack Bo-Ra and Soon-Yi. Meanwhile, some of the students were safely waiting on the staircase with Won-Bin as Choon-Ho searched for all of the others. Tae-Man and Hee-Rak were still missing, and the platoon had been compromised in their search for them, which had led to such a disaster.

Spoilers Ahead

Did The Others Find Hee-Rak and Tae-Man?

“Duty After School” Episode 3 begins with Wang Tae-Man and Woo Hee-Rak having food inside a shop that they had discreetly gone to search for on their own. They remained unharmed and were rather alarmed by the gunshots ricocheting outside. However, as they scrambled to look around, they stumbled upon the miniature monster. During their absence during that time, the creatures wreaked havoc inside the area; both Tae-Man and Hee-Rak remained oblivious to its danger and found the creature fascinating until it attacked. They were only able to escape the situation after they locked the creature in the freezer and left it to freeze to death. Meanwhile, Bo-Ra and Soon-Yi locked themselves in the safety building, and the blaring sirens of that building attracted more and more of those monsters toward them.

Lee Choon-Ho, their platoon instructor, who was searching for them, was able to detect their presence and save them. However, Choon-Ho missed one last monster that was killed by Lee Na-Ra. After safely rescuing most of the students enlisted in Grade 3 Class 2 Platoon, they made their way toward the school only to discover Tae-Man and Hee-Rak alive and searching for the others as well. The reunion had been very nerve-wracking because all of the students had thought Tae-Man and Hee-Rak to be one of the monsters, and although Choon-Ho had commanded to cease fire, a spooked Ae-Seol had accidentally fired a shot. Choon-Ho calmed her down enough to escort all of the students back to school from the massacred city after paying respect to and keeping little keepsakes of their fallen soldiers to remember them by.

Were The Students Able To Return To Their Homes?

The students were escorted back to the school; however, they were scared for their lives and were absolutely livid that they were being marched to their deaths. They were led to their eventual graves with the promise of extra points to get into good colleges. In the beginning, for those extra points, the students were overjoyed and excited to participate in the drills; they were kids at heart, and they enjoyed the drills the best they could. However, after they had a near-death experience, the extra points were not able to quell their rage, and they wanted to go back to their homes. All of them shared a difference in opinion as they were uncertain if they would survive after they left the school; however, except Kook Young-Soo, all of them unanimously decided between leaving together and staying together. They signed a petition asking their platoon instructor to send them back to their homes; however, the petition was disregarded because Choon-Ho’s hands were tied due to the superior’s commands.

The kids decided to unite all of the other third graders and rebel together after their many plans to escape had been thwarted. All of the high school final-year students united and decided to rebel till they were able to escape to home. However, all of their plans of escaping came to a standstill when the school came under attack as the spheres surrounding their school began dropping from the sky. The monsters began their attack, and all of the platoon instructors immediately got into formation to save the students and kill those monsters with the help of a special grade of DU ammo.

Were They Able To Successfully Escape The School?

The students ran toward the school, but they had to take cover multiple times during their journey while the army officers provided covering fire for them. A senior commander thought it best to deflect in that situation and decided to escape but got into an accident instead. The students took cover in the very obstacle courses they had been training in as the monsters were intent on killing all of the humans present there while the officers shot the monsters. Many students lost their lives as they rushed to make it to safety; and even, the ones who took shelter in the medication camps were immediately in danger; Woo-Taek and Soo-Cheol from Grade 3 Class 2 Platoon were two of them. Woo-Taek was attacked by those monsters, and he eventually lost his life, while Won-Bin, another of their platoon instructors, helped Soo-Cheol escape while he had to shoot the monsters on Woo-Taek.

The rest of the students of the platoon were able to seek shelter inside the school, and as soon as they were united with their instructors, they were handed the DU ammunition to save themselves while they made their way to the trucks that would lead them to the barracks located at a place away from the spheres. The platoon was divided into two halves; one half followed Choon-Ho to the barracks, while the other followed Won-Bin. But Won-Bin could not reach the second truck in time as he was defending the students. He made his way to the first truck, but even he could not save Kim In-Hye, who had injured her leg as she failed to board the truck. She tried her best to run and get in; however, the monsters attacked her and killed her before Won-Bin could reach her.

Did The Students Reach The Barracks Safely?

The trucks, traveling at breakneck speed, made their way toward the barracks; however, they had split and taken two different routes to reach their destination. The truck containing Choon-Ho, Won-Bin, and the first half of the platoon made its way safely into the barracks. But, the second half of the platoon stumbled into misfortune as one of the monsters made its way into the truck, and overturned it, killing the drivers. The students panicked and shot into oblivion till they hit the monster; all of them escaped unharmed except So-Yeon, who had injured her stomach. She had a long gash on it, and Yeon-Joo immediately performed first aid as soon as they made sure they were safe for the time being. The students stayed near the truck, and some of them took to searching for shelter along the roads.

Chi-Yeol was the only person who came back with news of stumbling upon shelter. The students made their way toward the shelter; however, due to its obscurity, it took them time to pinpoint its location. Once inside, they immediately set out to look for supplies while also searching for a bed for So-Yeon, as Yeon-Joo began tending to her after the students found a first aid kit. They found liquid nitrogen in one of the abandoned sheds; however, they disregarded it and set to finding food. Joon-Hee found a packet of ramen that she had in secret, which eventually attracted one of those monsters. Meanwhile, Choon-Ho and the other half of the platoon in the barracks stole a truck with the help of Won-Bin, and they set out to find the rest of the missing members of their platoon.

‘Duty After School’ Episode 4 Ending Explained: How Did They Escape The Monster?

In a state of panic, Joong-Hee made her way back to the shelter as the students tried to save themselves while they delayed the monster from entering the abandoned house. Half of the students shut them in the room where So-Yeon was being tended by Yeon-Joo, and the rest of them locked themselves in another room across from that one. Chi-Yeol, after the monster had stopped trying to enter their rooms and was, in fact, waiting for them to eventually escape so as to attack them, took the lead to make sure the others were safe and also looked for a tool to help them escape. The room he was in had a broken window, which they had barricaded with a cupboard, while the other room had no such escape routes. He set out to find a tool in the shed to cut off the wired window; however, the monster soon realized somebody had escaped and decided to look for Chi-Yeol.

The monster began attacking him, and Chi-Yeol ran and was saved by the other students who had come out of the room to help him reach safety. They planned to distract the monster by playing a movie on the DVD as they made their way out of the room. Tae-Man kept an eye on the monster, still distracted by the noise of the movie, as all of them decided to make their way toward the abandoned van in the shed. They had almost reached the shed, but Hee-Rak’s clumsy nature and the ending of the movie alerted the monster, and the students rushed toward the shed. The monster decided to force its way into the shed, and in their fight, while they decided who would drive the van, the key flew out of their hands and landed behind an unmovable cupboard. The monster had almost made its way in when the students had to decide to leave an injured So-Yeon behind, and Jang-Soo took the lead to distract the monster while they fished for the key and made their escape.

Final Thoughts: The Death Tally

The first thing to notice is that the liquid nitrogen, which the camera had decided to linger on for a few seconds, could be a hint and be used to kill the monsters off. The episodes gave more insight into how the monsters functioned. They could detect people, and they were attracted to noise. They used the noises to pinpoint the location of the humans, and they attacked until they could eat them. The monsters were vulnerable to the DU Ammo, and as suggested at the beginning of “Duty After School” Episode 3, they could be frozen to death. One of the many uses of liquid nitrogen is that it is used in food preservation as well as freezing. Therefore, if the rest of the students were aware of the fact that the monster could be frozen to death, they could have used it to their advantage. However, only Hee-Rak and Tae-Man knew of this, and they were unaware of the presence of the tanks containing liquid nitrogen. 

“Duty After School” Episode 4 ended with Jang-Soo sacrificing himself to distract the monster because he knew that Hee-Rak was not up to the task because he was scared. I really hope he does not lose his life because, apart from Lee Na-Ra, Jang-Soo was also trained in the military as his father was an army officer, and he was capable of leading along with Young-Shin. But there could only be one leader, I suppose, so if Young-Shin survives, then Jang-Soo would have to die, although I really do not want him to lose his life.

It could also be that Choon-Ho arrives at that moment to save them, and Jang-Soo would be fine, but only the next episode will be able to tell. These two episodes, however, killed off countless grade 3 students and platoon instructors. From the Grade 3 Class 2 Platoon, we lost In-Hye and Woo-Taek during the attack of the monsters at the school. Half in the temporary shelter was unaware of In-Hye’s death, while most of them were unaware of Woo-Taek’s death, except for Soo-Cheol and Won-Bin, who had witnessed his death. Soo-Cheol later informed Chi-Yeol about Woo-Taek’s death in the shelter, as they wondered about the safety of the other half who were in the barracks.

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