‘Duty After School’ Episodes 9 & 10 Recap: Did The Students Find Out How Soo Chul Died?


In the eighth episode of “Duty After School”, the students had decided to split into two groups. One group would check the hospital for supplies, while the other group would check the prison. However, the group that went to the prison found themselves in trouble because Ae-Seol had been manipulated into opening the door for one of the prisoners. She was held hostage while the others figured out how to get her away from the prisoners. Meanwhile, the group at the hospital witnessed Soo-Chul falling to his death and was left aghast. The three who stayed back at the base camp had received technical advice from the Science Tech School that suggested that someone had tampered with the radio. Those students had been on their way to Seoul and had wandered right into the base camp in search of supplies, thus having a talk with the students there.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Ae-Seol And The Others Return From Prison Safely? 

At the beginning of “Duty After School” Episode 9, Jo Young-Shin, Jo Jang-Soo, Kim Yoo-Jung, and Yeon Bo-Ra had gone back to the prison while Woo Hee-Rak and Wang Tae-Man ran to lure the spheres to attack the prisoners inside. Before opening the doors, Young-Shin alerted Ae-Seol about the four incoming spheres. Ae-Seol instantly realized their plan as she braced herself for the events to come. The prisoners started misbehaving immediately after being set free, as the four students left. The prisoners leave Ae-Seol for a few minutes to take in their freedom; however, one of them takes hold of her and, with bad intentions, drags her to the medical ward. Ae-Seol kicks him and immediately escapes the prisoner. She is later saved by a sphere attacking the unsuspecting prisoners. Only the one wearing glasses was left, who was ultimately killed by another of the prisoners. He had tried to harm Bo-Ra and Ae-Seol and was eventually shot dead by the only decent prisoner around. The other students immediately gathered around to protect Bo-Ra and Ae-Seol after destroying the spheres. The prisoner admitted that maybe the spheres had been sent to the earth to take care of the humans because the humans no longer have humanity in themselves and would rather kill and pillage each other. With that said, he dropped the gun left without a weapon, on his own.

Did They Find Out Who Had Been Manipulating The Votes? 

During their time at the hospital, the students witnessed Soo-Chul’s death and were devastated. While preparing to bring him back, they found the ballots that had no writing on them. They realized that their votes were being manipulated and that Soo-Chul had a hand in it. They returned to the base camp and confronted the other students. However, Soo-Chul’s death remained a mystery. The students were about to turn against each other when the truth finally came out. Kim Yoo-Jung, Jang-Soo, and Kwon Il-Ha confessed to manipulating the votes with Soo-Chul. Kwon Il-Ha also confessed to tampering with the radio to keep the other students from knowing that the exam had been canceled so as to prevent them from going out alone to Seoul. They had already received the news that the exams had been canceled, which was cemented as a fact by the Science Tech students. The students felt betrayed by Yoo-Jung, Jang-Soo, and Il-Ha, so much so that they thought of leaving their base camp. 

Did The Students Set Out For Seoul? 

At the end of “Duty After School” Episode 9, the students packed their bags and set out for their long journey toward Seoul. They walked until they reached the port, and Seoul was still 100 km away. Meanwhile, after hearing the news, Young-Soo began to display signs of losing his mind. In the port, they found the dead bodies of the Science Tech students who had also set out for Seoul after bidding Deok-Joong, Ha-Na, and Jeon-Hee goodbye. They had told them about the tampering of the radio; however, Deok-Joong, Ha-Na, and Jeon-Hee did not want to believe it. However, that was the last they saw of the Science Tech students until they found their bodies near the bus.

So-Yoon immediately tried to get the bus to work, but she failed, so they made their way toward the amusement park near the port. They found food there, and after witnessing the dead corpses of the other students, all of them realized that Il-Ha, Soo-Chul, Jung-Soo, and Yoo-Jung had good intentions to keep them all in the base camp and prevent them from leaving. They ultimately forgave them for lying and tried their best to keep all of them together and alive. They offered them food to make amends while So-Yoon and Young-Shin found a way to restart the amusement park. After days of running and trying their best to survive, the students found an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves a little. They went on rides and bonded with each other. They also took pictures to commemorate their time together. 

How Did The Students At The Hospital Find Out How Soo Chul Died? 

While playing around and enjoying themselves, they decided to use Chi-Yeol’s camcorder to take a group picture. Chi-Yeol had found batteries at the hospital to power it up and had left it recording when he went to find out the voices. Soo-Cheol had found the camcorder and picked it up to record his confession about the radio. He confessed, and he also told them that he did not want them to lose hope, which is why he insisted on tampering. While Soo-Chul was busy confessing, three spheres sneaked up on him, causing him to shoot them. While he shot them, he lost his footing, and fell to his death. The video solved the mystery behind Soo-Chul’s death, and the students were relieved that none of them had been the perpetrators. Kwon Il-Ha then confessed to Chi-Yeol after finding out about Soo-Chul’s death. At that time, near the stairs, it had been Il-Ha who had been arguing with Soo-Chul. He was overcome by guilt because he thought he was the reason for their deaths, to which Chi-Yeol assured him that it was not true. 

Did All The Students Die?

While the students had fun, Jung-Soo followed So-Yeon to make sure she was okay. They sat on the beach near the ocean to discuss the situation and also to share how they missed their platoon leader. Young-Soo witnessed them talking alone, and he concocted an affair between them, which drove him to jealousy. He found a newspaper mentioning that the exams had been postponed and rushed to show it to So-Yeon when she left Jung-Soo to wander a little on her own. Young-Soo pushed So-Yeon when he realized that she wasn’t listening to him. She lost consciousness after she hit her head, and Young-Soo got scared and did not know what to do. He tried to wake her up; however, his other thoughts got the better of him, and he sexually assaulted her.

Il-Ha caught him kissing an unconscious So-Yeon, and he immediately shoved him away from her. Il-Ha tried to wake So-Yeon up; however, Young-Soo turned against him. Il-Ha got the gun away from him the first time; however, he wasn’t quick enough the second time. Young-Soo killed him and dragged him to the ocean to sink his body. When the others appeared after hearing shots, he blamed it on the spheres. The device also helped prove his words, and the students quickly took So-Yeon and Young-Soo to run away from the area. They made it to an abandoned school, and this is where all hell broke loose. Young-Soo lost his mind entirely and began shooting all of the other students. He was ultimately hurt by Na-Ra and then killed by Ae-Seol. Chi-Yeol, Na-Ran, and Ae-Seol were the only ones alive out of all of the students. “Duty After School” Episode 10 ended with Chi-Yeol walking out of the exam hall as a sign of silent protest, followed by the early happy memories the students had shared both before and after getting enlisted.

Final Words

The story had been gripping and intriguing from the very first episode of “Duty After School.” The students expressed their zeal to live, making it a tough battle for them to survive on their own. Chun-Ho had been their guiding light; however, once he died, the students tried their best to survive. The story shed light on their struggle but conveniently forgot Won-Bin and did not mention anything about him. I really hope his character’s disappearance is addressed by the creators of the show. All in all, “Duty After School” is one of the best survival miniseries, and I would recommend others try it out.

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The story had been gripping and intriguing from the very first episode of "Duty After School." The students expressed their zeal to live, making it a tough battle for them to survive on their own.'Duty After School' Episodes 9 & 10 Recap: Did The Students Find Out How Soo Chul Died?