‘Dynasty Warriors’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did The Rebellion Overthrow Dong Zhuo?


Dynasty Warriors is a live-action film based on the hack and slash action game of the same name. The period drama directed by Roy Hin Yeung Chow captures unrivaled warriors who thrived during the Chinese Imperial Age. The film centers around the Late Eastern Han Dynasty. It focuses on three prominent warriors who pledges to bring peace and prosperity to their nation. These heroes forged out of chaos narrate their fables.

Plot Summary

The Han Empire is one of three kingdoms in Imperial China. It faces rebellion from all parts of the nation—the rebel Yellow turban army corners the Han Army and its chancellor Dong Zhuo. Three martial arts warriors, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, overthrow the rebellion and save Dong Zhuo. But chancellor Zhuo is too arrogant to accept acknowledgment from three warriors without an official rank or lineage.

A spiteful Dong Zhuo declares the Han Dynasty emperor too weak to rule and takes over the empire. The loyal militants and generals are not happy with Zhuo’s reign but are afraid to appeal against him. Cao Mengde, a royal loyal to the Han Dynasty, decides to kill Dong Zhuo and save the empire from eternal disgrace.

The three warriors, Liu, Guan, and Zhang, travel to the hero’s peak to join an alliance against Zhuo and correct their mistake of helping him fight against the Yellow turbans. In their dreams, a fort master narrates the tale of Cao’s attempt to murder Zhuo and his exile from the nation. She warns them about Zhuo’s invincible general, Lu Bu, who will become their archnemesis.

The film further explores their journey to save the Han Dynasty from Zhuo’s cruelty.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Dynasty Warriors’ Ending Explained

The ending of Dynasty Warriors, in plain words, is a battle of VFX, filled with thunderous weapon clashes and gravity-defying jumps. Keeping mockery in my bin, Cao instructed the three warriors to fight against Lu Bu. The eight alliance armies marched towards Luoyang to overthrow Dong Zhuo.

In a face-off battle, Lu Bu crushed the three brothers. Liu recalled the Fort master’s wisdom and repeated that their weapons were made of blood-ore. It meant, the more blood their weapons would shed, the more powerful it would become. They slashed their bodies and poured blood on their blades to level up their power. However, before the weapons could unleash their true strengths, Lu Bu was called off by chancellor Zhuo.

Before the rebellion could kill Zhuo, the spineless coward shifted the capital from Luoyang to Chang’an. Zhuo took the emperor with him, and thus Cao’s rebellious efforts went into vain. The rebellion failed because alliance armies opted for their gains over the nation’s property and the safety of their majesty. By the end, only Cao and Liu ardently kept the cause alive.

Before the final battle, Lu Bu saved Diao Chan from killing herself. A valorous Lu Bu promised to marry Diao after the war, unaware that she was marrying his master, Zhuo. In the climax, Diao’s father reminded her of the purpose of her marriage, to kill Zhuo. The first chapter of the film leaves behind some crucial cliffhangers. Lu Bu and Diao will associate further in the upcoming chapters.

Liu, Guan, and Zhang have forged their armies. They will declare war on Zhuo and recover the emperor from his captivity. However, a final conversation suggests that Cao aspires to sit on the throne, but Liu remains loyal to the dynasty. If Cao decides to take over the throne, then Liu will inevitably declare war on him. Thus, the ending of Dynasty Warriors suggests a possible clash between Cao and the three warriors.

Dynasty Warriors is a 2021 Live-Action Period Drama film adapted from an Internet game of the same name. It is directed by Roy Hin Yeung Chow.

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