‘Earwig And The Witch’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Adventures Of A Fearless Little Witch


Earwig And The Witch follows the life of an orphan girl left in an English orphanage by her witch mother. Her mother leaves on a mission to exterminate the 12 witches who are chasing her. Before leaving she names her child, Earwig.

The head matron of the orphanage finds her name a bit odd and changes it to Erica Wigg, and there starts an amazing childhood of Erica with other Orphanages kids.

What’s peculiar about Erica is her bossy nature. She is fearless and imperious. She hasn’t got the witch powers from her mother but yet she has an inclination towards danger and supernatural forces. Because of her nature, she gets very comfortable staying alone in the orphanage and thus doesn’t want to get adopted. She likes being with her only friend, Custard.

However, in life, nothing goes as planned. Erica is adopted by a witch couple, Bella Yaga and Mandrake. Erica isn’t astounded by this revelation as she has always been fearless but is a bit disheartened to learn that the couple had adopted her as a slave, to have an extra pair of hands in the household chores. Erica finds her way out and demands to learn magic from Bella Yaga.

With a bit of twist and turns, Erica finally gets accustomed to the witch life. She is also accepted by the mysterious Mandrake who is an author and a musician. She learns later that Mandrake and Bella Yaga knew her mother quite well.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Earwig And The Witch’ Ending Explained

Pissed by Bella Yaga, Erica learns a bit of magic from the speaking cat and spells it on Bella Yaga, making her grow an extra pair of hands, something that she kept chanting in front of Erica. Following the madness created at home, Erica makes Mandrake angry and sneaks her way into his private room where she discovers that Mandrake and Bella Yaga were a member of a trio band. The third woman is her mother but she doesn’t recognize her.

Erica’s constant questioning and liking for the band melts Mandrake’s heart as he starts feeling nostalgic. Erica coins the situation and uses her new witch powers to control the house. Her new home becomes a happy home for her, where she is the boss lady. She even invites Custard for Christmas eve, but an unexpected event sparkles the evening. Earwig’s mother knocks on the door. She has come back from the mission.

Earwig And The Witch is an entertaining and simple animated film that encircles the cuteness of bossy Erica. It reminds you of The Boss Baby (2017) at times but the supernatural element and quirkiness add stars to its narrative. The first sequence of the film where Erica’s mother is racing away from a threat grabs your attention. Though the impression created by a single scene and single character is so astounding that you crave to see it more. Disappointingly, Erica’s mother has hardly three appearances in the entire film and whenever she garnishes the screen, the thrill is unexplainable.

If you are looking for an entertaining Animated Film that tickles you, then do give a chance to Earwig. It will take you to a world of witches and you will be enchanted.

Earwig And The Witch (Japanese: Āya and the Witch)’ is a 2020 Japanese CG Animated Film directed by Gorō Miyazaki. The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Diana Wynne Jones. The film is streaming on HBO Max.

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