‘El Camino de Xico’ Review – From Man’s Need To Man’s Greed!

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Xico’s Journey (originally, El Camino de Xico), directed by Eric Cabello, is a Spanish animated film. It portrays the journey of a dog Xico who fulfills his purpose of saving a very old mountain from the hands of greedy humans. The film tackles the issue of environmental degradation done by huge mining and industrial corporations, in the veil of “progress”.

Xico is the pet dog of Copi, a cheerful and brave girl who lives with her grandmother Nana Petra in a small village San Jaime de las Jaibas in Mexico. Beside the village is a great mountain, in the depths of which lies a huge amount of natural resources. A huge corporation sets its eye on the mountain determined to take out every bit of the resource by “fracking”. 

The representatives of the company lure the villagers in their greedy plan, promising them wealth and gold. They instantly received the approval of the village’s mayor. Nana Petra, who is one of the three guardians of the mountain, sets out to save the mountain from the greedy men. Copi, overhearing her grandmother that her mother is not dead but trapped in the mountain, beats her to her mission and reaches the magical land with her pet dog Xico. 

El Camino de Xico (2020 Animated Film) Xico s Journey

Nana Petra, in an attempt to help her granddaughter, sends her best pal, Gus, with the stones that can open the gates of the mountains. Their journey is filled with adventure, magic, and dangers. They meet a talking rabbit, sobbing trees, and a funny, singing possum. They also realize that Xico is adorned with magical powers. Meanwhile, the greedy businessmen start their process of fracking and demolishing the mountain. Will Copi be able to find her mother and save the mountain? 

Verónica Alva has given her voice to Copi. She is able to bring out the beautiful character of Copi, kind, smart, brave. Pablo Gama Iturrarán is the voice of Xico, which is an important element of the film. Pablo’s voice adds wisdom to Xico’s character making us believe in his superpowers. Other important characters are Lila Downs as Nana Petra, Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo as Gus. 

Xico’s Journey has given an important message of human greed which has led to the degradation of nature. For many years now, in the name of advancement, we have cut down large forests, blown up mountains to make residential and industrial areas, and roads connected them. We have also suffered the wrath of nature for these attempts, with the increased number of landslides, earthquakes, and climate changes. Xico’s journey has impersonated nature with its sobbing trees and talking animals to convey that it is now time to listen to nature and stop the exploitation for the greater good.

Xico’s Journey (El Camino de Xico) is streaming on Netflix.

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