‘Elf Me’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: How Did Elia And His Friends Save Christmas?


Elf Me is an Italian Christmas comedy film that revolves around an elf, Trip, who enjoys making toys that are one of a kind. Sadly, his innovations were mostly rejected because they lacked the appeal required to attract kids. He had designed a whistle that could make any sound in the world and a spin top that could spin the entire room, but none of his creations were practical enough to be considered for Christmas presents. Tired of being rejected, the Elf decided to send one of his creations, the monster teddy, to the world through a delivery machine he had lovingly developed for Santa Claus, but it was never used. Instead of the monster Teddy, he fell into the present blaster machine and traveled from the North Pole to Italy.

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How did Trip help Ivana’s toy business?

In San Nicola Al Monte, lived a mother and son who were happy in their little world. Ivana ran a toy shop, but the business was declining. She refused to sell the new-age toys and believed that the traditional ones would always remain the best. But clearly, Ivana’s little customers did not feel the same way. Ivana’s ten-year-old son, Elia, wondered why his mother would not adapt with time, and he always secretly believed that everything would fall into place once his father returned home. Whenever he asked Ivana about his father, she refused to answer him, and that made Elia miss him all the more.

Elia was fast asleep when suddenly he felt a tremor, and he walked downstairs to find an elf step out of a gift box. He explained that his name was Trip, and he was a crafter elf who had arrived all the way from the North Pole. Initially, Elia did not believe him, but when he turned a regular slime into a creature, he knew that the Elf was not lying. Trip needed Elia’s help; he wanted the little boy to write a letter of return. He required a letter of return from a child to head back to the North Pole because he had been sent as a gift. Elia tried to write the letter, but because he was dyslexic, he struggled to compose it. Elia started to feel overwhelmed with Trip constantly asking him to write the letter fast. He decided to make Trip leave his house, but he soon realized that getting rid of the elf was not as easy.

Trip decided to help Elia win the sled race by turning his sled into a powerful vehicle. Upon winning the race, Elia started to trust the crafter elf. After watching Elia win, the children of the town demanded to know where he bought the sled from, and that was how his mother’s shop became popular. The youngsters rushed to Ivana’s store, and Elia realized that, with Trip’s help, his mother’s business could boom. He made a deal with Trip to help him save his mother’s shop, and in exchange, he would write him a return letter. Trip was glad to find out that the children wanted the toys he created, and he decided to help Ivana out. By December 23rd, most kids were at Ivana’s store to grab hold of the magical toys. Meanwhile, businessman Ciocca, who had loaded his warehouse with the most popular toy of the season, the Buddy Buddy, was making a loss. He decided to find out what attracted the children to Ivana’s store, and he soon discovered that her toys had magic in them.

Why was Elia disappointed in his mother?

Elia and Trip became the best of friends, especially with Trip helping Elia learn to ride a bike. With his mother’s shop turning into a success, Elia decided to write Trip a return letter. The letter was ready, and once the Elven stamp was attached, it would be delivered, but then, Ivana walked into the room. She was proud of her son for finally learning how to ride a bike, and Trip decided to hand over Elia’s Christmas present since he would soon be returning to the North Pole. He presented Elia with a Binocul-Hearts; through the device, Elia would be able to see his loved ones regardless of where they were. The first person Elia wanted to see closely was his father, and he decided to find out what he was up to.

Elia was shocked and devastated to find his father with another woman. He realized why his mother had been ignoring his question, but he expected more honesty from her. Elia experienced a fit of rage, and he accused his mother of lying to him. He assumed that his father would not meet him during Christmas now that he had a different life. Elia blamed Trip for the way he felt and asked him to leave the house. Ciocca had found out about the crafter elf, and when he saw Trip seated on a bench, he kidnapped him and brought him to his warehouse. Meanwhile, after Elia calmed down, Ivana assured him that the separation would not affect the relationship he shared with his father. They could not make it work as a couple, but that did not mean his father no longer loved him. Elia felt better after the conversation and hugged his mother.

How did Elia and his friends save Christmas?

Elia finally found out that Ciocca was launching life-like Buddy Buddies, and he knew there was some mischief involved. Vittorio and the twins were busy sticking posters everywhere, and Elia knew it could become a threat to his mother’s business. The fact that the Buddy-Buddy could speak and do other human activities suggested there was magic involved, and Elia concluded that Ciocca must have gotten hold of Trip. Using the binocul-hearts, Elia found out that Trip was held against his will at the factory, and he was forced to bring the buddy-buddies to life. The girl Elia had a crush on, Giada, also joined him on an adventure to find Trip. Ivana handed over magical toys to Elia and his friends to fight Ciocca and his monster toys. Giada’s dog, Attila, figured out the location using Trip’s scent, and with the help of their magical tools, the gang of four managed to enter the warehouse. Before facing the monsters, Giada kissed Elia, confirming that she felt the same way about him. Giada was also dyslexic, and she could relate to Elia and his problems quite well.

The film ends with Ivana getting hold of the slime creature that Trip had created. The slime devoured toys, and it was perfect given the situation. Hundreds of buddy-buddies stacked up on Ciocca’s body and formed a monster of a toy. Ciocca was ready to destroy every possible threat, and that was when Ivana entered with the slime. The slime consumed Ciocca and the monster toys, and it resulted in an explosion. The toys were destroyed, and Ciocca was dropped on the floor. The Buddy-Buddies had stolen Trip’s return letter, and after the blast, Elia got hold of it. He stuck the elven stamp on it, and it was immediately posted to the North Pole. Elia apologized to Trip for forcing him to leave.

During Elf Me‘s ending Santa Claus comes to the factory to take along his crafter elf. He had read the letter Elia wrote and appreciated his efforts. Through his magic, Santa helped Trip recover. Brina did not expect Trip to become all the children’s favorite Elf, yet he did manage to win their hearts. Before leaving, the elves removed all the magic. It was not easy for Trip to say goodbye to Elia; the two had become the best of friends. Santa and his elves left the snow-covered town, and when Elia returned home, he found his father waiting at home with his Christmas present.

Even though Trip could not visit his human friend, he had the binocul-hearts to keep a check on him now and again. The film ends on a joyful note, with Elia finally realizing the complexities of human relationships. Ivana’s shop remained a popular spot, and Trip perhaps felt more confident about his innovations than ever before.

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Srijoni Rudra
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