‘Elite’ Season 5: Ending Explained: Did Ivan Fall In Love With Patrick? What Happened To Samuel?


“Elite” Season 5 is just like every other season of the series. There is nothing new or special about the new season; it deals with the usual murder, intimacy, drama, and power play. If you have watched the previous seasons, then you will be aware of how murder is always at the center, and this time it does the same as well. It is surprising that “Las Encinas” continues to function as a school after its students have murdered, disposed of bodies, and concealed endless crimes. The police are pretty much non-functional in the “elite” world. They are only there for the interrogation scenes and, at times, for arresting people. Two new characters are introduced in “Elite” season 5: the empress of Ibiza, Isadora, and the son of a famous football player, Ivan.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Elite’ Season 5: Plot Summary: What Is The Season 5 About?

“Elite” is all about drama, and it serves the promised dose of drama this season as well. Two characters left the “Elite” world in season 4—Guzman and Ander. In the previous season, Guzman had murdered a predator, Armando. To earn pocket money, Mencia slept with Armando, a businessman, but after she refused to continue with their arrangement, he started to threaten her. On New Year’s Eve last season, Ari confronted him, and he attacked her and left her unconscious. To avenge his wrongdoings, Guzman decided to put an end to him. After the incident, he and Ander left Spain to travel the world. Omar seems to have not given up on his relationship with Ander. He continues to text him but rarely receives a reply. He sleeps with Patrick whenever the two need each other’s support. After her injury last season, Ari finally decides to attend classes at Las Encinas. Samuel and Ari reunite as lovers. After all the drama, Mencia now listens to her father, Benjamin, and hopes to be the ideal daughter. Rebeka is still in love with Mencia, but she barely receives any acknowledgment of her love. Cayetana is confused about her stance regarding the Prince Philippe case. They decided to be friends as witnessed in the short story series “Philippe Caye Felipe,” but in “Elite” Season 5 after he admitted his crime to Elodie, his previous victim, Caye had second thoughts.

Philippe wanted Caye to confess the truth to the principal. He believed that after two rape allegations, he would be taken back to his country, and he desperately wanted to run away. Everyone around him looked down at him, and he was finding it difficult to adjust. But Caye’s mind was changed by Isadora. The empress made her believe that real feminism is giving the predator a chance to change himself instead of cornering him and making him hate himself. Caye took the advice and announced that he would help Philippe through the process by consulting a counselor. Though Philippe was more interested in getting back with Cayetana than changing his ways.

Meanwhile, Patrick started taking an interest in the new student, Ivan. The son of a football player had remarked that he was straight when he noticed Patrick taking an interest in him. But Patrick always found him next to him, making him confused. Ari and Samuel’s romance had rekindled, but Ari found him more devoted to her father, Benjamin, and tried his best to focus on his career just like her father wanted him to. With Samuel mostly absent, Ari got drunk and slept with Ivan. Patrick saw them making out, and he found comfort in Ivan’s father, Cruz. This complicated their relationship further. Mencia stayed away from Rebeka, but when Rebeka warned that she would not get back with her if she continued her ways, Mencia gave her a chance. Torn between love and family, Mencia and Rebeka’s relationship was deeply affected, resulting in their choosing to no longer be together in the end.

With love, jealousy, and drama unfolding, the future seems to be all the more threatening. A few glimpses from the last episode reveal that a murder has probably taken place, though we don’t know who, and the case of Armando’s murder has resurfaced as well.

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Philippe, Cayetana, Felipe And Isadora: What Happened In Ibiza? Did Cayetana And Felipe Reunite?

Isadora was interested in Philippe from the start. It was perhaps the fact that he was a prince, and they both belonged to aristocratic families that convinced her that she was the best choice for him. She sympathized with him and assumed that the rape allegations were not genuine. She wanted to save him and keep him by her side, so she convinced Cayetana to not charge him with rape. She resonated with Philippe, for they were both lonely and needed a partner. She, too, had a dirty secret; she was an addict, and that perhaps became all the more reason why she wanted to understand Philippe. Even though Philippe tried to be better for Caye, he knew that she could never see him the way he hoped for her to see him. Isadora, with her notorious ways that include spiking drinks, tried to cheer Philippe up and help him get over Caye.

Even though Caye was initially a little hurt after seeing Philippe and Isadora together, she realized that Isa desperately wanted to be with him. She knew that Isa was an addict, and she tried to help her give up drugs by making her believe in herself. Isadora had confessed to Caye that she always stayed at hotels from childhood, that she never really had a home. Her parents took her wherever they went to a party and left her by herself. She got addicted to drugs to cope with her loneliness. She liked the person she became when she was high and started to enjoy parties and clubs. It was her way of escaping reality.

Caye ran into Felipe all of a sudden. Caye met Felipe, the guy in the short story series of “Elite.” In the short stories, they parted ways since Felipe believed that Caye had feelings for Philippe, and he did not want to be a part of the confusion. Just when Caye had plugged into music, hoping to magically come across her lover, she noticed Felipe at the restaurant. They decided to hang around together, but Felipe was not interested in the parties Caye attended. He found the people around Caye snobbish and arrogant about their wealth; he wanted to go on a simple date with her. He asked her to contact him if she ever wished for a simple cup of coffee or beer at a local place. In the end, Caye went to meet Felipe. She had lost her job as a janitor and wanted to focus on her dream. She chose to be with Felipe, and they finally went on a simple date.

Isadora went to Ibiza when Philippe called her a junkie. He wanted her to change her ways and decided to stay away from her to help her cope with her addiction. But that took a terrible turn. She and Ivan, along with three other students from “Las Encinas,” went to Ibiza. The night involved unlimited alcohol and drugs. Philippe checked his social media and found her Ibiza post. He noticed the drugs that were present and flew to Ibiza to be with Isadora. Isa was happily surprised to see Philippe there. They all partied together, and she promised to change her ways from the next day. The night took a shocking turn when Philippe and Ivan passed out, and three other guys forced themselves on Isadora. Philippe and Ivan tried to help, but their bodies were sluggish due to the drugs, and they collapsed on the floor. After returning to school, Isa maintained that nothing wrong had taken place that night. Though when she went to shower, she was bleeding and shedding tears. Caye expressed her support for Isadora no matter what her decision was. Isa refused to accept that she was a victim, just as Cayetana was at some point. Though with Philippe’s support and love, she decided to file a rape case.

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Did Ivan Fall In Love With Patrick?

Even though Ivan was clear about his sexual orientation with Patrick, he could not help but notice the mixed signals Ivan gave. He believed that Ivan was not comfortable with his thoughts, which was why he preferred to call himself straight. Raised by a football player, Ivan believed falling in love with a boy was not something to be proud of. He wanted to be friends with Patrick, but Patrick was exhausted from his games and felt that his feelings were being played with.

Meanwhile, Ivan also took an interest in Ari; he even spent a delightful time with her on the boat, but Ari loved Samuel and did not wish to take their fling forward. Patrick was heartbroken when he saw Ari and Ivan together, and he was comforted by Ivan’s father, Cruz. Surprisingly, the macho football player despised gay love but was indeed a bisexual man. After living in denial, Ivan finally felt that he must not constrain his love for Patrick, and they made love to each other. Patrick tried to distance himself from Cruz after being with Ivan. Cruz wanted Ivan to be with a woman and not with a man, and he orchestrated a way to get Ivan to go on a date with Ari while he went out with Patrick. When Ivan went outside his room, he saw his father with Patrick and was shocked. He asked Patrick to stay away from him and his father.

Ivan found it difficult to forget Patrick. Cruz realized that his son loved Patrick and had found friends in Spain, and he did not wish to jeopardize that. The three sat down together, where he spoke to Patrick and explained that Patrick helped him accept his sexual orientation, and he was grateful for that, but he wanted to address the toxic cycle. Patrick slept with Cruz whenever he had a fight with Ivan, and that was not healthy. Patrick and Ivan loved each other, and Cruz wanted them to be together, and he hoped to not come in-between anymore. The two finally united, though the circumstances were not the best.

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‘Elite’ Season 5: Ending Explained: What Was Benjamin And Armando’s Connection? Who Was Murdered And Why? 

The fear of last season’s murder resurfaced when a body was found floating in the lake. The body was that of Armando, which was disposed of in the lake by Guzman, Rebe, and Samuel. When Omar found the body, he asked Samuel to inform the Civil Guardian about it. Even though Samuel wanted to get rid of the body once again, Omar stopped him and asked him to do the right thing. The case gained attention after involving the Civil Guardian. What made matters worse was that Benjamin was also involved with the man. Benjamin collected data on the world’s most rich and influential people. Armando wanted him to sell the data; if not, he would destroy him and his company. This conversation could act as the motive to pin Benjamin for the murder.

Mencia first doubted her father when she dropped her phone and discovered two SIM cards. She did not have any idea about it. She used the card to call the number it had and found her father’s phone ringing. The SIM card was hidden in Mencia’s phone by Armando to keep it safe from Benjamin. She assumed that her father was involved in the murder of Armando. She found data on the card that could link her father to Armando’s murder. She was confused about whether or not to protect her father or submit the proof to the police. She decided to be by her father’s side.

Meanwhile, Benjamin wanted Samuel to admit to the crime to divert the case from Benjamin since the police were doubting him for hiding some truth. Samuel had blind faith in Benjamin; he was like a father figure to him. When Benjamin said that he would help him with his case if he admitted to the crime, Samuel trusted his every word. He enticed Samuel with the promise of a better future and a family that he could call his own.

Samuel got himself arrested for the murder of Armando. This enraged Rebe and Omar. They knew Benjamin had entrapped Samuel with the promise of a stable future, and they did not trust him at all. Benjamin did not immediately help Samuel with the bail money. He wanted to help, but not immediately. Ivan organized a party for Samuel when he noticed it was upsetting Ari. The students contributed to his cause, and Samuel was finally able to get his bail. He thought it was Benjamin who helped him, but realized it was Ivan and the students. Rebe tried to convince Samuel to steal the SIM card that Mencia had mentioned to her. She believed that Benjamin should be punished for his illegal trading and for not helping Samuel. When Mencia found Rebe sneaking around the house looking for the card, she asked Rebe to take it if it mattered more than her love for her. Rebe took the card not because she did not love Mencia, but because she wanted her friend to be free. Samuel kept the card with himself and did not immediately take any action. Benjamin wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with him, knowing that he had the card with him.

Over drinks, Benjamin tried to buy Samuel once again, with a seat at the University of Oxford and a monthly allowance. He promised to even recruit him for his company after graduation. Samuel expressed that he helped Benjamin, not for financial stability but because he considered him nothing less than a father. He wanted to be faithful to him, knowing he would always have his back, but that did not happen. He simply wanted to pay for Samuel’s silence, and Samuel was not up for it this time. Benjamin realized that he had lost Samuel’s trust and that, with the card, he would be incarcerated. He attempted to snatch the bag from Samuel, and in the moment of a scuffle, he had pushed Samuel. Samuel banged his head on the edge of the swimming pool and fell into it. Blood started to flow into the water. Benjamin felt helpless, and when he noticed Patrick, he sought help. They dragged the body off the swimming pool. Patrick called his sisters, Ari and Mencia, and they were accompanied by Rebe and Omar. Samuel gradually gained consciousness and blamed Benjamin for his injury. Rebe punched Benjamin, and he fell to the floor with his broken glass lying by his side. He knew he had lost all his chances.

The police arrested Benjamin. Samuel lost consciousness once again, and the death of Samuel cannot be completely confirmed knowing how “Elite” series brings back characters, but from what it looked like, Samuel might not survive. The students mourned the loss, while Benjamin’s son and daughters were in a state of shock and sorrow. It was difficult for them to watch their father being taken care of. After all, he was their support after losing their mother. Ivan finally came for Patrick in the end and hugged him, expressing his love and support.

“Elite” Season 5 has nothing going on for itself. It is becoming repetitive by now, and one can’t help but think about how long the same bunch will continue to study at a high school. A new character, Bilal, was introduced, but by the middle of the series, the creators thought to do away with him. The character had no purpose, and he was nowhere to be found in the end. Even though Samuel did not murder Armando, he was an accomplice in getting rid of the body. Therefore, what exactly they hoped would happen after informing the Civil Guardian remains unknown. Instead of calling the police and confessing the truth, the high schoolers always take justice into their own hands causing havoc, which is quite strange to think about. The truth about the murder continues to remain hidden from the world.

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