‘Elite’ Season 6: Ending, Explained – Who Was Responsible For Ivan’s Accident? What To Expect In Season 7?


“Elite” returns with its sixth season, and this time it has more new characters and plots. The Spanish teen drama series has always been about love, betrayal, and accidental murders, and this time is no different. The series begins with a car running over Ivan, indicative of how this might be the series climax, and by the end of the season, we probably will get to know the person behind the wheels. Meanwhile, Benjamin continues to live in prison after he was arrested for his involvement in Samuel’s death and the entire Armando fiasco. Ari is the only one who visits her father regularly. He asks her to convince her siblings to continue attending classes at “Las Encinas” because their absence from school could be interpreted as him being guilty of the crime. Patrick and Ivan are still in love, though it gets complicated over time; Ari tries hard to get over Samuel’s death and has her eyes on the new guy, Nico, at school, and Isadora continues to fight for justice after she was raped by her classmates. With most of the original cast gone, “Elite” attempts to broaden its approach with new characters and a fresh outlook.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Elite’ Season 6: Plot Summary- What Is The Sixth Season About?

Upon their father’s request and the threat of losing their pocket money, Ari, Mencia, and Patrick returned to Las Encinas. They were looked down upon by their schoolmates, but they managed to find their confidence with the support of their friends. Patrick had Ivan by his side, and even though he knew that Ivan adored him, he was self-destructive enough to complicate their relationship. Meanwhile, Ari was captivated by the new boy in school, Nico. Though her transphobic comments made it difficult for Nico to respect her. Isadora suffered from extreme anxiety and depression after she was raped by her classmates in Ibiza. There was not enough evidence to prove that the three accused men had indeed committed the crime, which is why the case was dismissed, and they were free. Faded memories of the night and watching her rapists attend classes at school troubled Isadora. She wanted the support of her parents, but they were too busy with their business to be with their daughter. But thankfully, she had a bunch of great friends who chose to be by her side no matter what.

In “Elite” Season 6, we are also introduced to a new couple, Sara and Raul. They are social media influencers and are famous for being the cute, mushy couple online. Though their relationship off-camera is not as rosy as they portrayed it to be. Raul was controlling and abusive, while Sara did not know what it was to live an independent life and considered his behavior to be his form of love. Cruz, Ivan’s father, stirs controversy after admitting on camera that he is gay. The soccer player’s sexuality became a national debate, and his audience was split over his choice.

From the first episode, we knew that Ivan would suffer from a car accident, but we did not know who was responsible for it. It could be his father’s haters who might have wanted Ivan to suffer for his father’s sin, or Ari, with whom he shared a brief relationship, or Isadora, who at one point started to doubt Ivan and distanced herself from him. It was not clear if it was an accident or an attempted murder, but by the end of “Elite” Season 6, the truth came to the surface.

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Isadora And Didac

Isadora was shocked to find out that her case was dismissed. Not only did she have to get over the fact that her rapists were free, but she also had to get over people commenting on how she fabricated the story for attention. When she tried flirting with her club staff, Didac, he casually stated how women such as Isadora always made-up stories when things did not work in their favor. Isa immediately fired him, but they had to come face-to-face at school. Didac trusted his friend, Javi, who was one of the accused rapists. He decided to test his friends by making them consume alcohol. When they were completely wasted, Didac asked Javi what had happened that night, and he confessed that they had forced themselves on Isadora when she had passed out. He even recorded the confession and later approached Isa to hand over the evidence. The lawyers stated that such evidence meant nothing in court and that it was not enough to accuse the three men. Isa felt helpless; even though she knew what had happened that night in Ibiza, it seemed like nothing was enough to prove them guilty. Didac supported Isa and apologized for his behavior. Later, Isa decided to earn justice her own way. He became one of her trusted friends, and he distanced himself from Javi. She, with the help of Mencia and Ari, drugged the drinks of Alex and Javi and tattooed “rapist” on their backs.

Unlike Alex and Hugo, Javi felt guilty about what he did to Isadora in Ibiza. When his friends convinced him to talk to Isa and make her doubt her best friend, Ivan, he initially went along with the plan, but he later disclosed the truth. He revealed that he wanted Isa to doubt Ivan to take her focus off him and his friends. Isa decided to chemically castrate Hugo, and she did so with the help of Nico. Nico was supplying hormones to Hugo to earn money for his gender confirmation surgery, and when Isa found out about it, she decided to add drugs to the mix that would make him impotent. She agreed to pay for Nico’s entire surgical procedure if he agreed to help her win justice. While Nico did not agree with the way she chose to seek revenge, Isa was satisfied knowing that the men who wronged her had to experience humiliation and permanent damage.

Ari And Nico

Ari resorted to alcohol after losing Samuel. She was mostly drunk, be it at school or parties. When she met Nico, she realized that he had the same glow and kindness that she had once found in Samuel. While she was genuinely attracted to Nico, the way she expressed herself offended him. She was too curious about his body after transitioning, and the way she presented her thoughts made Nico uncomfortable.

As a trans man, life was never easy for Nico, but his supportive parents made it a little easier for him. His father was a surgeon and had helped him through the transition procedure. He wanted the healthy and happy relationship that his parents shared, but with Ari, it was not so. The first time they tried to make love, Ari was so focused on Nico’s body that he sensed her tense feelings and decided to stop midway. He was quite happy about himself after transitioning, but with Ari, he always felt that he was never enough, and that Ari would never be completely satisfied with him. He used prosthetics but even that did not turn out the way he thought it would. Unlike Sonia, who made Nico feel comfortable in his own body, Ari made him doubt himself. But at the same time, he was attracted to her and gave her more than her fair share of chances to better herself. After going to Nico’s house and meeting his parents, Ari realized the struggle he had to go through to become the person he was. She could relate to him because she, too, had denied herself the truth, which ultimately led to alcohol abuse. After making love with Nico, Ari realized that it would be unfair of her to toy with his emotions because she knew that she could never have a stable relationship with anyone. She soon learned that she was pregnant and that she was carrying Ivan’s baby. When Ivan was going through a rough patch, Ari comforted him, and that escalated to sex. Ari did not wish to keep the child, but before making the decision, she wanted to have a word with Ivan, but he was not ready to listen to her.

Ari always felt the need to be the strong older sister, which is why she did not let herself grieve after losing Samuel. She tried to take control of every situation, but at times life became overwhelming for her as well. Unlike her siblings, she could not let her father die alone in prison. Her family meant the world to her, and she could not allow them to fall apart. Even though she knew her father was somehow responsible for Samuel’s death, she could not risk losing her family. Since she made decisions for her family, she did the same when it came to relationships as well, which is why she chose to go cold on Nico without ever discussing what she was going through emotionally with him.

Sara, Raul And Mencina

Sara and Raul were known as Saraul. Goals online. Their million fans were madly in love with the couple and considered them the most romantic pair on social media. The two were famous for documenting their feelings and thoughts in the form of videos and publishing them on their platform. Mencia got to know Sara and Raul at a party, but she soon realized that the couple was not as affectionate as they had portrayed it to be. When Sara uploaded a video supporting Isadora, Raul was enraged and forced her to delete it since they were losing followers. He was short-tempered and often resorted to violence. At Isadora’s party, Mencia noticed bruises on Sara’s body and knew that her assumption about them was correct. Mencia had been in an abusive relationship, and she understood what it meant to mistake fear for love. Even though Sara refused to believe that she was in an abusive relationship, Mencia made it clear that she would be there to support her no matter what. Meanwhile, Raul convinced Sara that Mencia was trying to ruin their relationship, and they had to maintain distance from her to keep their relationship safe.

When Raul went to a soccer match, Mencia visited Sara and tried to make her realize how problematic her relationship was. Sara initially denied it; she believed what she shared with Raul was special, but at the same time, she knew that there were days when she could barely recognize him. Raul video-called Sara and expressed his suspicion; he asked her to show him the entire drawing room to convince him that she was alone at home. After talking to Mencia and realizing how messed up her relationship was, she left the house and started staying at Mencia’s place. Raul managed to make amends later; he agreed to do things according to Sara’s terms. She was convinced—or at least wanted to believe—that Raul was genuinely trying to be a better man. But what she did not realize was that he was trying to manipulate her, as he always did.

One day, when Sara returned late from a party, Raul could no longer put up with the good man act. He screamed at her and tried to get violent, but Sara immediately started to live stream, and he left the house. Later, Sara tried to make out with Mencia, but she realized that she was not into women. Mencia was glad that her friend was now independent of experimenting and finding out her likes and dislikes without the influence of her family or her lover. Mencia’s experience and her genuine interest in helping a woman in need helped Sara escape an abusive relationship. She could have easily ignored it as Ari asked her to, but she knew how harmful it could get because she had experienced it; therefore, instead of turning a blind eye, she chose to offer a hand to Sara.

Patrick, Ivan, And Cruz

Patrick worried that his relationship with Ivan might be destroyed as a result of his self-sabotaging nature or his recklessness. No matter how many times Ivan tried to prove his affection for him, Patrick struggled to believe that their relationship would not suffer. Just like Patrick had predicted, their happiness did not last long. When Patrick confronted Cruz about how his addiction was affecting his relationship with Ivan, Cruz walked up to him, expressed how much he missed Patrick, and kissed him. Ivan saw his father kiss his boyfriend and left the room in anger. Someone had taken a video of the kiss and circulated it online. To save Ivan and Cruz from humiliation, Patrick published his statement online, saying that it was he who kissed Cruz and was responsible for the entire chaos.

Realizing how his behavior had affected Ivan and Patrick, Cruz discussed his sexuality on camera. He confessed that he was the one who approached Patrick and that he wanted to own up to his mistake to set a better example for his son. Not all of Cruz’s fans celebrated his coming out. His haters started to vandalize his house to express their anger. He started to lose money and contracts. He realized that society was not yet ready to accept that a soccer player could be gay as well. After he scored a goal, he held up the rainbow flag, further offending his haters. The audience started a fight, and the match was canceled. Buses were burned, and people were attacked outside the stadium for being gay. Ivan did not know what his father was dealing with, and he struggled to cope with the stress after the incident. Patrick called Cruz, asking him to spend some time with his son. Cruz had spent the night doing drugs and drinking alcohol; he was not sober, but he still chose to drive to meet his son. His car came into close contact with another car, and that led to a heated argument. The moment Cruz stepped out of his car, the group of men in the other car realized who he was and punched him to death for his sexuality.

Even though Patrick tried to be supportive of Ivan, Ivan blamed him for what had happened to Cruz. He believed that if he and his father had not met Patrick, they could have avoided this unfortunate incident. Patrick knew that whatever Ivan was saying was out of grief, but Ivan was certain that he did not want Patrick around him. Even after being ill-treated by Ivan, Patrick chose to accompany him to the suit at Isadora’s club, only to realize that he wanted nothing but physical pleasure from him. Patrick felt humiliated and heartbroken; he left the room in tears. Ivan realized how his words and actions had affected Patrick and that he should have been a better boyfriend to him.

Who Was Responsible For Ivan’s Accident? What To Expect In Season 7?

Hugo was unaware that he was chemically castrated; he believed that he could only get turned on by raping a woman. He and Alex discussed in private how much they had enjoyed the night in Ibiza. They tried to keep Javi out of their plan, knowing that he was trying to redeem himself. At a party, Hugo noticed a girl who was completely wasted and decided to prey on her. Javi realized what his friends were up to, and he chose to take a step against it. As Hugo and Alex were about to force themselves on the girl, the police knocked on the door, and they were arrested. Javi apologized to Isadora, and he confessed that he had the video of the Ibiza night. He hoped that now she could go on with her life in peace and trust men again. He had lost his friendship with Didac, but he wished that someday they would reunite. The police took Javi along as well. We can assume that Javi will confess to raping Isadora in Ibiza with his friends and will also testify in court about Alex and Hugo’s intention to rape the young girl at the party.

Raul entered the masked party uninvited. With a creepy-looking mask covering his face, he spied on Sara and noticed how she was getting close to Mencia. After overhearing how alcohol and tranquilizers could knock someone out, he decided to get the tranquilizer from Isadora’s room. He mixed the powder into Mencia’s drink, and she could barely stay awake after consuming it. He used this opportunity to talk to Sara and try to win her back, but she explicitly stated that she did not want him in her life anymore. Meanwhile, Ari left the party drunk, and the fact that she was driving made it worse. Everyone started looking for Patrick and Ari out of concern. Mencia found Patrick’s car keys and decided to drive it home to find her siblings, but she was too heavily drugged to operate it sensibly. Meanwhile, after Patrick left Ivan, he realized that he had made a mistake and wanted to make amends with Patrick. He decided to go to Patrick’s house in Isadora’s car. As he waited for her chauffeur to drive up to him, he noticed a car speeding, and it ran over him.

Ivan was admitted to the hospital in a critical state. When Mencia woke up, she realized she was seated inside a car with a broken windshield and splatters of blood on it. She called Ari in panic and confessed that even though she did not remember, she believed that she was responsible for a car accident. After learning about Ivan, she knew that she was the reason why he was in the hospital. Ari met Mencia and burned down the car she was driving to eliminate evidence. She asked Mencia not to disclose the truth to anyone. Ari realized that her family needed to get out of the chaos, and for that, they needed to free their father from prison. With his help, they could start afresh as a family and would have another chance to build a better life. She believed that Mencia could be in trouble for running over Ivan, who might not survive. Not only that, Mencia was driving Patrick’s car; therefore, if the police found the car’s remains, they might doubt Patrick’s involvement in the accident. While she managed to convince Mencia, Patrick was not ready to leave Madrid. He wanted to stay by Ivan’s side no matter what, and he did not know about Mencia’s involvement in the case. Therefore, he had no reason to leave. But Ari managed to manipulate him into thinking that he needed to maintain distance to win Ivan’s affection. She made him realize that Ivan wanted to leave him and that he must respect his decision. If he contacted Patrick even after leaving Madrid, that would mean that they were meant to be together. Patrick could not disagree with what Ari had stated, so he decided to leave as well. Before leaving, he left a message expressing his love for him and the reason why he left. 

By standing up in court as witnesses, Ari, Patrick, and Mencia were able to prove Benjamin’s innocence. As the family moved out of Madrid, Ivan came to his senses and called out for Patrick, indicating that his love for him had not faded away. While Mencia and Ari believed that Mencia was responsible for Ivan’s accident, we get to know the truth. As it turned out, it was Sara who was driving that night. Mencia did take Patrick’s car keys, but she could barely move. Sara saw Mencia and decided to help her, she did not know how to drive, but she decided to give it a go. While concentrating on Mencia, Sara did not notice that Ivan was at a distance and ran the car over him. When she realized this, she called Raul, who advised her to blame it all on Mencia because she was influential and could easily get away with murder. Sara was hesitant at first but agreed to do what Raul asked her to. Now that Raul knows her secret, it will be easier for him to manipulate Sara.

Meanwhile, after learning that Didac’s family was in the same business as her family, Isadora decided it was best that they chose not to date. Their families were rivals, and their relationship would only cause trouble. But in the end, Isadora chose to kiss Didac because, even after all their differences, she admired him. Didac had been in love with Isadora for quite some time; therefore, he was glad that they finally agreed to be together or at least show affection.

But suddenly, a car came speeding up and started shooting at the school. We do not know who was holding the gun and whom they intended to shoot, but it seems “Elite” intends to come back with another season to reveal the truth. It could be that Hugo or Alex’s family sent professional shooters to attack Isadora, or it could be something completely unrelated to this season. We can expect Ivan to go in search of Patrick, but at the same time, if he investigates the car accident, he might come across evidence that will point to Patrick as the one responsible for it. The new characters, especially Nico and Rocio, are an interesting addition to the show. It further confirms that Elite is far from ending any time soon. One thing we know for sure is that there will be misunderstanding, confusion, hatred, and maybe another murder to keep the Elite world moving. At this point, it is almost redundant to discuss how there is an overall lack of logic and repetitiveness that dominates “Elite.” It is just a series about angsty teens partying every day and getting away with crimes that must be watched (if watched at all) without giving it any thought.

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