‘Elite Short Stories: Patrick’ Ending, Explained: A Tale About Patrick & His Past Guilt


Elite Mini-Series brings this Holiday season three short stories about Cayetana, Samuel, and Patrick. The Christmas theme is consistent in all three tales, but the journey takes its own course. While Cayetana dealt with her relationship with the Prince and her new friend Felipe, Samuel worked odd jobs to pay his long-due house rent. Elite Short Stories: Patrick is about self-discovery and family. Patrick learned about the importance of his family when he decided to stay at a cottage amidst the woods for some peace and quiet.

‘Elite Short Stories: Patrick’ Plot Summary

The recently introduced family of the principal consisted of two sisters and a brother who joined Las Encinas in Elite Short Stories: Season 4. The last short story starts with Patrick lying on the sofa after a night of partying, while Ari recovered from an injury she received in the previous season. The father complained about the son’s habit of merrymaking even when his sister was not in her best state. Patrick expressed his frustration in living at a house that felt like a cemetery, even during Christmas. Ari decided to decorate a Christmas tree as a way to bring the family closer, but neither Patrick nor Mencía were interested in joining her. Patrick decided to stay a few days away from his family to gather his thoughts and find peace.

To stay disconnected from his wild lifestyle, Patrick booked a cottage in the woods where he felt he could spend some alone time. After crossing the pine forest, he saw the little cottage and cozied up with a cup of hot chocolate. While talking over the phone with Ari, he saw a group of young men crossing his cottage; they lived next to his. Patrick immediately felt attracted to a guy in the group and felt his peaceful stay might turn adventurous.

Party In The Woods And A Bad Trip

Patrick received an invitation to a party from the group of men who stayed next door. He ignored it and decided to stay true to his original plan. The gay man rang his doorbell and insisted Patrick join the party, especially after learning about his sexuality from a dating app. Patrick refused to join the party, saying he wished to be away from the wildlife he left at home.

When the doorbell rang a second time, the party came to his house. Inevitably, he couldn’t refuse the offer. The men set the decorations and lights, and the party began. In an attempt to stay sober, Patrick refused to take drugs, but he could not refuse upon constant insistence. Patrick hallucinated and unraveled his childhood trauma.

The loss of his mother bothered him always. He blamed Mencía for leaving the house as a result of which his mother drove to find her and met with an accident. Deep down, Patrick was haunted by the thought that he was the one who was to be blamed for leaving his sister unattended. This guilt resulted in him dreaming about Mencía. He felt his behavior towards her was the reason why she kept to herself and might be in need of help. He imagined Mencía taking drugs and overdosing. Right after gaining consciousness, Patrick called Mencía to check on her to find that she was doing alright. Relieved after the conversation, he started taking drugs once again.

Beni, the guy Patrick was attracted to, explained that he would only engage with him if he was worth it, but Patrick kept on losing himself with the drugs. He took a trip into the future where he saw himself dressed in black, what seemed to be a wedding turned into a funeral. Patrick knew it was his sister Mencía who overdosed and died. This evoked extreme panic and pain in him, and he decided to leave the party and reach out to his sister. Abandoning the party early in the morning, a fearful Patrick reached home.

‘Elite Short Stories: Patrick’ Ending Explained

After reaching home in a state of panic, Patrick found Mencía to be alright. He explained his dreams and how important it was for him to be completely sure that she was fine. Mencía was surprised that her brother left a party to ensure her safety. Patrick also expressed his childhood guilt, as a result of which he blamed himself for the death of his mother. The father clarified that his children must not blame themselves for the accident as they were too young to be responsible. He blamed his wife and himself for not being attentive towards their children, which resulted in such a casualty. The family comes together to decorate the Christmas tree Ari bought and placed their mother’s earrings as the first ornament on the tree.

The trauma that the family suffered from the wife/mother’s accident was finally discussed and expressed. The importance of acceptance is something that the mini-series was able to highlight. Even though he mistreated his family members and was busy engaging with people who did not care, Patrick finally realized his love for his family and their importance in his life.

Elite Short Stories is a collection of Coming of Age Mini-Series created for Netflix.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
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