‘Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar’ Ending, Explained – Friendship & Christmas Miracle


Elite Short Stories, the famous Spanish Netflix Series, is back with three mini-series. The short stories deal with the lives of Cayetana, Samuel, Omar, and Patrick. The shared theme in the newly released short stories is Christmas. The Holiday mood is set with Christmas songs and fairy lights while new problems are introduced in the lives of the Las Encinas students.

The first mini-series, Elite Short Stories: Philippe Caye Felipe, released on the 15th of December (2021) was about Cayetana and her new friend Felipe. The second story deals with Samuel and Omar. The Christmas joy disappears when Samuel has to pay three years of pending rent to retain his house. 

‘Elite Short Stories – Samuel Omar’ Plot Summary

While Samuel was busy working at the hotel, a team of lawyers visited him to notify him about the money he owed to the landlady. This shocked Samuel, and he was left with just two options: either to pay the rent due for three years or evict the house. He believed that his mother cleared the rent, but the lawyers confirmed that the landlady received no such payment. After having a word with his mother, Samuel learned that the rent was genuinely due.

While Omar suggested searching for a new place, Samuel was not ready to leave the house he grew up in. He was determined to work extra hours and take all the odd jobs available during Christmas. Even though he dressed up as Santa and even a Christmas tree, none of the gigs paid him enough to pay the hefty amount. As he was running out of options, Omar suggested he create an account on “Only for You,” inspired by the idea of “Only Fans.” Hesitant at first, Samuel knew that such an option might be his only way to earn thousands of euros in a short span of time. With the help of Omar, Samuel took pictures keeping his identity hidden. Omar created the account and uploaded his picture, and the two waited for fans to subscribe.

The Las Encinas Uniform

Samuel gradually lost his patience as no fans subscribed to his profile. Omar believed that it was because of his hidden identity and lack of a potential audience. The idea of a potential audience struck Samuel, and he made a brave choice. Samuel proposed the idea of wearing his school uniform for all the pictures that were to be taken for his profile. He believed that students from Las Encinas, who were mostly wealthy, would pay 10 euros to at least learn whose account it was.

The plan was to remain behind a mask, and as the money would pour in, he would gradually reveal his identity. Though he was not really sure about complete identity revelation, they went ahead with the plan. The pictures were uploaded, but he received tremendous backlash from his school community. What he thought was a political statement of doing whatever is required to keep one’s shelter, the school students did not feel the same way. The principal even notified him that he was expelled from the school for disrespecting the uniform and behaving in an unacceptable way.

‘Elite Short Stories – Samuel Omar’ Ending Explained

Samuel was disheartened about losing everything for his silly decision. It was not just the school expulsion but also the disappointment of his girlfriend and her father that bothered him. He prepared himself to let go of the house and look for a new place. Meanwhile, Omar called Rebe and Cayetana to their house for a small gathering and, in a way, to cheer Samuel. Upon seeing Samuel’s condition, Rebe came up with a brilliant plan. She believed that the school could only expel him as he was the only one who did something out of the way, but if most school students did the same, it would be impossible for the principal to expel them all. They decided to do it for the larger cause, to save someone’s home and life from being completely destroyed.

Samuel was surprised to see that more than 70 students posted their pictures in school uniform and created quite a stir. The pictures also helped Samuel raise the money required to clear the rent. While the friends rejoiced at the plan’s success, Rebe entered with a smile on her face, saying that the principal wanted to discuss something with Samuel.

Rebe’s excitement about the call from the principal confirms that Samuel could continue his study with a scholarship in Las Encinas. This mini-series is a tale of friendship, where his friends come to rescue him from his dreadful situation. Undoubtedly, Samuel’s desperate efforts to keep the house he has always lived in, inspired his friends to help him out of the situation. The mini-series ends with the whole fiasco printed in the Parish newsletter and Samuel gaining certain popularity. As Samuel had said to Omar when they discussed the chances of getting caught, “They’ll see there is another reality, which most of the country is in.”, his story did manage to unsettle the elite class that he spoke of. 

Elite Short Stories is a Spanish Romantic Drama Mini-Series streaming on Netflix.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
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