‘Emily In Paris: Season 2’ Ending, Explained – Will We Get A Yes To Paris For Season 3?


The rom-com set in Paris is back with another season of love, friendship and drama. The first season left the audience guessing what might be the consequences of Emily’s action. Emily In Paris: Season 2 starts with a guilt trip, where Emily is determined to forget about the night spent with Gabriel. She prioritizes her friendship with Camille and knows that a relationship with her friend’s ex-boyfriend was definitely a deal-breaker. This season is all about Emily trying to fix past mistakes and, at times, creating unpleasant situations as a result.

‘Emily In Paris: Season 2’ Recap

Emily was sent to Paris by an American marketing firm who acquired Savoir, a French firm. Initially struggling to adjust herself to the Parisian life, Emily gradually became friends with Mindy and Gabriel. Mindy, who was from a billionaire Chinese family, gave it all up to run far away from home after an embarrassing performance in a reality show. Meanwhile, Gabriel, a French chef helped Emily with the language issue. The two were romantically attracted to each other, but as Emily learned Camille was Gabriel’s girlfriend, she decided to not engage any further. Camille, a girl Emily became friends with at a flower shop, was unaware of the affair. The first season ended with Emily spending a night with Gabriel to bid him farewell for his restaurant opening in Normandy. The following day Gabriel informed Emily about the investor he found, which resulted in his decision to stay in Paris.

Emily In Paris: Season 2 continues to show how she regretted the night spent. She found it extremely difficult to come to terms with the fact that she betrayed the trust of her friend and decided to do all that she could to undo the mistake. Her idea was to bring the ex-lovers back together, knowing that Camille continued to care about Gabriel. Though Gabriel was clear about his love and affection for Emily and never expressed his desire to be back with his ex-partner. As a way to bring Camille and Gabriel together, Emily invited them both to her birthday party. Camille found Gabriel’s pan in Emily’s kitchen when she went there to get a bottle of Champagne. She knew how valuable that pan was for Gabriel, and he would only give it to someone he truly cared about. Camille threw a fit upon learning about the affair, and the story gets furthermore complicated.

Spoilers Ahead

The Love Triangle And Alfie

Love is complicated, but Emily can complicate it further. When her plan of bringing the ex-lovers back together failed, she decided to win the love and trust of Camille. Camille despised Emily for what she had done. Inspired by Jules et Jim, Emily decided to write a letter expressing her deepest sorrow and regret. While the intention was commendable, Emily’s French was terrible. With the wrong usage of words, her letter read as a joke to Camille, and it, obviously, did not serve the purpose. Meanwhile, Camille shared the details of the affair with her mother, who advised her to play nice with both Emily and Gabriel. Camille did as was instructed and made Emily swear that she would never try to be intimate with Gabriel. Emily, desperate to win her friend back, agreed to abide. This led to a distance between Emily and Gabriel. Camille took advantage of the situation she created and found her way back into Gabriel’s life.

Emily met Alfie in her French class. He was a British banker who attended the classes only because his company expected him to. The two had their differences but managed to form a friendship. Alfie taught Emily to take a break and enjoy life with one beer at a time. The two gradually felt romantically inclined. Alfie also became friends with Gabriel over a football match and beer at his restaurant. Later, he learned about Emily’s relationship with the chef from Luc and confronted Emily. She assured Alfie that her romance with Gabriel was long over, and she was committed to their relationship. In the last episode, Alfie disclosed that his project was over and he had to head back to London. The two decided to continue their long-distance romance with weekend dates for as long as possible.

'Emily In Paris' Season 2: Summary & Review 2021 Netflix Series
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Madeline And Corporate

While the office space was finally getting comfortable and warm for Emily, Madeline came to Paris. It was Madeline who was supposed to go to Paris, but her sudden pregnancy resulted in Emily taking care of the Paris business. Madeline decided to take a look at how the Paris office functioned by herself, but she was not pleased with it. Even though Savoir had many popular clients, it did not function the way an American firm would have wanted it to. She was not well accepted by the office and sensed rigidity from Sylvie.

Sylvie was displeased to see how her status was reduced by Madeline, and her professional life was constantly questioned. Desperate to find independence, Sylvie sold her share of her husband’s restaurant to her husband and decided to start her own firm with the money. Since the French clientele wanted to be better understood, they decided to work with Sylvie instead of Savoir. Before Madeline could fire her, Sylvie retired from her job and started her new venture.

‘Emily In Paris: Season 2’ Ending, Explained – Paris Or Chicago?

Emily always knew that she had to go back to her life in Chicago after a year, but that became questionable when Sylvie offered her a position at her new office. A part of her knew that leaving her company would mean that she would lose the promotion for which she worked hard for years, but her life in Paris made it difficult for her to decide. Mindy advised her to concentrate on what she truly wants instead of what she ‘should’ do to make people happy. This made Emily rush to Gabriel’s place, and she started expressing her feelings for him, and while doing so, she suddenly saw Camille at his apartment. Shocked and embarrassed, she left the place. Emily felt cheated by Camille, as she abided by the promise Camille made her make. She probably realized how it was a planned move to keep her away from Gabriel. She called Sylvie and said, “I’ve made my decision.” regarding the job offer Sylvie proposed.

The ending of Emily In Paris: Season 2 can be read in two ways, it can either be that she decides to stay in Paris and deal with her heartache with her friends and her British lover, or, there are chances of her returning to Chicago. Knowing the kind of person Emily is, her need to do the right thing and take the proper steps in terms of her career, she might decide to continue with her life in Chicago, but Emily, without a Parisian touch, might not be just right. The series might be back with Emily In Paris: Season 3, dealing with her career choice, and the incomplete romance of Gabriel and Emily. Hopefully, Emily will make better decisions.

Emily in Paris Season 1 Ending What To Expect From Season 2 Explained

“Emily in Paris” is a Romantic Dramedy Television Series starring Lily Collins in the lead role. Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.

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