‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – Did Emily And Gabriel Reunite? What To Expect From Season 4?


Emily is back with another season of love, friendship, and business. The American workaholic’s life changed the moment she set foot in Paris. Throughout the two seasons of “Emily in Paris,” we followed the marketing expert turned social media influencer as she navigated business and pleasure skillfully in the new city. The new season of the popular Netflix drama is about Emily making a choice between her heart and mind in both her romantic and professional life. After Sylvie and the rest of the French employees left Savoir and started their own marketing agency, Emily had to make the most difficult career choice—she could either work for Savoir and climb the ladder, or she could settle in Paris and work for her colleagues turned friends to help them turn their new marketing firm into a success. Apart from a major career decision, she also had to figure out whom she wanted to be with romantically. While Alfie was the perfect boyfriend, Gabriel was always the man she loved. Will she admit her feelings for Gabriel, or will she follow what her mind advises her to do? Let’s find out.

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‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3: Plot Summary: What Happens In The Third Season?

Emily had nightmares about confronting Madeline and disclosing her true feelings about Savoir. For a short span of time, she tried to work for both marketing firms. Emily was always a people-pleaser, and it was not shocking that she chose to overwork rather than tell Madeline the truth. While Madeline was struggling to run the Paris office alone, Sylvie, too, was not in the best condition. She and her employees were working out of her house, and they even lost their major clients because of a “no contact” clause they signed while working at Savoir. After an embarrassing confrontation with Madeline, Sylvia was made aware of how Emily continued to work for Savoir, but before she could speak for herself, Sylvie fired Emily.

Emily was forced to focus on her job at Savoir, but with zero employees and clients, it was almost impossible to fix the mess. Sylvie lost her one and only client, Pierre Cadault. Cadault’s brand was acquired by JVMA, and they had their own in-house marketing team to cater to the brand. While JVMA offered Sylvie and her team the chance to join them, they declined the offer and decided to continue trying to build their own independent marketing firm. Upon Sylvie’s influence, when the building manager tried several tricks to push the Americans out of the building, Madeline gave up and decided to leave. Their business in Paris was over, and she was flying back along with Emily to Chicago. The thought of moving back to Chicago was almost unbearable for Emily, and without taking a minute to think, she announced that she was quitting. While she admitted it was not the most sensible decision, it was what her heart wanted. She could not imagine living her life outside of Paris. After quitting Savoir, Emily decided to simply enjoy the Parisian life. She focused on her social media and showed the world the best that Paris had to offer. Though her unemployment phase did not last long, with major clients asking about her whereabouts, Sylvie decided to allow Emily to join her firm. She would be paid less than the rest, considering that they still had to figure out her visa situation. Nonetheless, Emily was happy to be back in her element. 

It is not just that Emily’s professional life was in jeopardy; her personal life was too. With constant work calls and commitments, Alfie could not help but feel ignored. When she did not turn up for his farewell party, he parted ways with her. Emily texted him, hoping to fix their messed-up relationship, but it seemed too late for Alfie. When she went with Madeline to meet Antoine, she was shocked to see Alfie in the room. Apparently, Alfie had not left for London that night; he had been in Paris all along. He was now the CFO of Antoine’s company. At the farewell party, he suggested a few financial tips to Antoine, impressing him enough to be hired as the CFO. It was not easy for Emily to get over the fact that Alfie had lied to her all this time, but at the same time, she knew that she, too, did not value his presence as much as she should have. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Camille continue to be together. Even after breaking her pact with Emily last season, the two continue to be friends. Gabriel is mostly busy working at his restaurant, often leaving Camille alone. While Emily adored Alfie, it was not easy for her to ignore her affection for Gabriel. Though she made it a point to never cross the line with Gabriel and tried to be there for him as his friend.

What Secret Was Camille Hiding From Gabriel?

Camille had gone behind Emily’s back to fix her relationship with Gabriel. While initially, it did seem that Gabriel and Camille were settled and happy, we later learn that Camille mostly spends her days alone at home. Due to the restaurant’s immense pressure, Gabriel barely has time for her. Even though Alfie encourages Gabriel to take the initiative to keep their relationship interesting, it does not last long.

Sofia was one of Camille’s clients at the art gallery. There was an immediate spark between the two, even though Camille tried to deny it. She did not wish to lose what she had with Gabriel but resisting Sophia’s tempting glances was not easy. She dropped several hints for Camille to realize that she was truly interested in her, and as her ultimate desperate measure, she mentioned how she would prefer a “smart French woman with exquisite taste” to the man who was trying to flirt with her. With Sofia’s constant flirtatious remarks, Camille could not help but give in to them. The two became inseparable soon, while Gabriel was completely unaware of the affair. Emily spotted the two kissing at a party, and from then on, she hoped for Camille to disclose the truth to Gabriel. She believed that it was unfair how Gabriel was kept in the dark. When it was time for Sofia to leave for Greece, she asked Camille to accompany her. Camille reminded her that she had a boyfriend, but Sofia believed that loving one person could never be the rule. Without giving it a thought, Camille decided to follow her heart, and she went with Sofia to Greece.  

Gabriel had no clue what Camille was up to. While Emily wanted to tell him the truth, she was constantly advised by Mindy not to get between the lovers, as she once did. It was best for them to deal with it the way they thought was best suited. To Emily’s surprise, Gabriel informed her that he was engaged to Camille after she returned from Greece. Even though she knew how problematic the entire situation was, she chose to stay out of it. At their engagement party, Emily spoke with Camille and expressed how she was aware of her affair with Sofia. She asked her to tell the truth to Gabriel, but Camille could not care less. She reminded Emily that it was just a fling that was over, just like her relationship with Gabriel.

‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3: Ending Explained: Why Did Camille Get Engaged To Gabriel? Did Emily And Gabriel Get Back Together?

Gabriel had started his own fine dining restaurant, serving authentic Italian dishes with a contemporary twist, and hoped it would get a Michelin star. Emily had always admired Gabriel for dreaming big, and with each day, he was getting closer to his dream. While his career was at its peak, he was also seemingly content romantically. He was unaware of Camille and Sofia’s relationship, and his engagement with Camille further demonstrated his commitment to her. The engagement was also a little surprising to the audience, considering how it was always assumed that Emily and Gabriel would end up together. While Emily was not his girlfriend, she surely never stopped caring for him. Emily made it a point to conduct meetings at Gabriel’s restaurant whenever she catered to influential clients. Not only did she trust him to impress them with the food, but she also wanted him to get the fame that he deserved. She was his cheerleader at any given moment. Therefore, she helped his restaurant grab the attention of the anonymous Michelin food critics with the help of Luc. Luc once dated a woman involved in the process and took her out for dinner at his restaurant. She fell in love with the food and confirmed that if the restaurant continued to maintain the same quality, it would surely be awarded a Michelin star.

In the third season of “Emily in Paris,” Emily stays away from making any romantic moves on Gabriel. Even when he was drunk and confessed how much he loved her, she refrained from showing any emotions. She could not risk her friendship and relationship over a drunken hookup that he might regret the next morning. She was loyal to Alfie and tried to make the most of their relationship. She enjoyed the comfort and consistency that Alfie brought to their relationship, and she wanted to maintain it. She had finally struck a balance between work and life, and she could not risk it for anything unstable. Therefore, when Gabriel announced his engagement, she chose to be there with him.

At the engagement party, to everyone’s surprise, Gabriel announced that he wanted to marry Camille on that very day. He was overjoyed to find out that his restaurant might have been reviewed by a Michelin critic, and he decided to marry the person he believed he was in love with. Camille’s parents were delighted and encouraged her to say yes to his proposal. She agreed to get married to him, and what started as an engagement party turned into a wedding ceremony. When it was time for Camille to repeat the vows after Gabriel, she stopped. She could not continue with the pretense. She was aware of how Gabriel continued to be in love with Emily, and by marrying each other, they were simply ignoring the truth. She left the altar even though her family pressed her to get married. She declared that it was her life and that not marrying Gabriel was a choice she was making. Alfie was stunned to learn that Gabriel and Emily had been together. He admitted that he could always sense there was something between them. He refused to be her second choice and asked her to be with the man she loved.

With the wedding called off and their partners gone, Emily and Gabriel were left behind. While Emily believed that she was doing the right thing by staying away from Gabriel, she ended up hurting her now ex-partner. She admitted that she had always been in love with him, and he disclosed that he felt the same way. Just when it seemed that the two were finally ready to commit to each other, Gabriel confided in her an unexpected truth. He revealed that Camille had not returned from Greece to revive their relationship; she had returned because she was pregnant. This explains why Camille agreed to get married to Gabriel. She wanted to give their relationship another chance, but clearly, he was not the person she was in love with. She still had feelings for Sofia, and we hope that the two end up together in “Emily in Paris” Season 4. The pregnancy also explains why Gabriel chose to hasten the marriage. He perhaps believed that it was the right thing to do, and he wanted to play his role as a father perfectly. But what will happen to Gabriel and Emily still remains a question. A baby will surely affect their dynamics, though it might work out in the best possible way.

What To Expect In ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 4?

In “Emily in Paris” Season 3, we witnessed how Sylvie, with the help of Emily, managed to turn Agence Grateau into a success. The French elegance and the American drive formed an indestructible force. Sylvie broke up with her boyfriend, Erik, who felt insecure about her marriage and her husband, Laurent. She, too, wondered why she chose to remain married even though they were mostly living their separate lives, but eventually, it became evident that the two had always been in love.

Mindy’s life is completely changed once she is offered the opportunity to perform at a popular spot. Her relationship with Benoit ended abruptly when he left unannounced. Gradually, she fell in love with Nicolas de Leon, the son of the JVMA company. Throughout the season, Nicolas and Emily are not on the same page due to their professional differences, but eventually, Nicolas comes around and apologizes to Emily for his behavior. While her relationship with Nicolas seems to have potential, Benoit returns announcing that they were invited on the Eurovision tour. Will her relationship with Nicolas sustain after she goes on the tour? She might get back with Benoit considering that she never fell out of love with him. Julien is dissatisfied with Emily’s constant interference at the workplace. Even when he tries to come up with his own pitch, she always has a way of grabbing the client’s attention. In the end, we witness Julien leave a message stating that he was considering the work opportunity. Will Savoir return with a list of new employees? Will Julien lead the rival firm? We are hoping to find out more in “Emily in Paris” Season 4.

The most important question remains: Will Emily and Gabriel get back together? Well, considering that they are in love and are currently single, we can expect that they will decide to pursue their romance. Though they know a baby is on the way and the relationship between the two is bound to get complicated. Since Netflix has greenlighted “Emily in Paris” season 4, we can expect all the questions to be answered and to finally watch Emily and Gabriel together. The storylines of the supporting characters were mostly wafer-thin this season, and we hope that the creators work on them to make them a little more interesting. Also, the fact that Emily has a solution to every problem (funny how a CFO has no answer to a financial crisis, but Emily does) is getting a little too immature to deal with. Hopefully, there will be more layers to the character of Emily because it is getting all too repetitive at this point. Season 4 of “Emily in Paris” has a lot to answer and, of course, unite the lovers that the audience has been longing to see.

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