Did Demerzel Kill Enjoiner Rue And Brother Dusk In ‘Foundation’ Season 2?


Enjoiner Rue Corintha, who came with Queen Sareth to Trantor in Foundation season 2, was not the same woman whom  Brother Dusk had once known, as she had not only grown in ranks but become someone whose decision could have an impact on the future of Cloud Dominion. Rue served as a concubine in Trantor back in the day, and Brother Dusk got quite involved with her, more than he had expected. Dusk had a soft spot for Rue, and when he saw her with Sareth once again, he was reminded of all those good times he had spent with her. Rue had gone back to Cloud Dominion and become the Enjoiner to the queen. Soon after that, Sareth’s parents were killed, and she was very sure that it was Brother Day who was behind it.

When Sareth was called to the Trantor, she went there with a motive to find some evidence that proved her speculations right, but she and Rue both knew that it was not going to be an easy task. Rue knew that she would have to guide and protect Sareth at all costs and expose the lies that the Empire was built on. Brother Day didn’t have any clue what was going on in Sareth’s mind while he made a proposal of marriage to her, and Rue warned her to be very careful, as she was well aware of the consequences in case the Empire got to know about their real intentions.

Why was Rue worried about Sareth?

Sareth, from the first day itself, started snooping around and finding people who could give her information about the involvement of Brother Day in her family’s death. Sareth and Rue both came to know that their suspicions were not baseless, and though there was no concrete evidence that they could get their hands on, there were rumors that it was Brother Day who had ordered the kill and made it look like an accident. Sareth and Rue met a man named Markley, who had agreed to work as an informant for them. Rue knew that the closer Sareth got to revealing the truth, the more she would be putting her life at risk.

Sareth acted very impulsively at times as she was losing out on her patience, and as much as Rue understood her desperation to know about the killer of her parents, she always advised Sareth to not do something that put their lives in jeopardy. Rue knew Sareth very well and could see through her intentions, even if she didn’t want to tell her. Rue got to know that Sareth, apart from finding evidence against Brother Day, was having an affair with Brother Dawn. Rue decided that she would have a talk with Queen Sareth and remind her that she couldn’t afford to act so recklessly because one wrong move had the potential of getting her killed.

Sareth became defensive and told Rue that she didn’t have the right to tell her anything as she was also indulging with Brother Dusk. That’s when Rue made Sareth realize that she was queen and that the consequences of her actions could have a much greater impact than her own. Sareth was in denial, and she had made herself believe that she was getting intimate with Brother Dawn just so that she could get some intel about Brother Day. But Rue had her suspicions that Queen Sareth was actually getting emotionally attached to him, and she was not thinking about it rationally. As an enjoiner to the queen, Rue did her bit, but she knew at the end of the day, it was Sareth who would have to make the decision and realize her responsibilities.

What did Rue and Dusk come to know about Demerzel?

Rue had gotten close to Brother Dusk, and she had somewhat started to trust him. Cloud Dominion had a way of bringing back the memories of a person if they had been removed technologically, and that’s how Rue came to know the kind of relationship she had with Dusk back in the day. At this juncture, Rue knew that it was Demerzel on whose orders the attack on Sareth’s family was carried out, as Demerzel herself had revealed this fact to Queen Sareth. Rue and Brother Dusk were meandering near the Mural of Souls when Brother Dusk found a secret passageway that led to a hidden room where the age-old secrets of Cleon 1 were hidden.

Rue and Brother Dusk had been wanting to find out the truth about Demerzel for quite some time now, and it was on that day that they figured out that they were all just pawns in the larger scheme of things, and it was Demerzel who had been running the show since the very beginning. Through the digital consciousness of Cleon I Dusk and Rue came to know the entire story of how Demerzel was made whole again by him and how she was the one true heir who protected the genetic dynasty. Rue and Brother Dusk were petrified, and they didn’t know how to put up a fight or how to deceive a robot who had been programmed to save the genetic dynasty at all costs. They needed to reprogram Demerzel, but that, too, wasn’t possible since Demerzel wouldn’t have let them do it. Just then, Demerzel arrived, as she had gotten to know that there was a breach in the secret passageway.

Brother Dusk and Rue were caught red-handed, and they knew that their end was near. Rue told Demerzel that she could erase this part from their memory, and then they would never remember whatever Cleon 1 had told them. But Demerzel knew that Cloud Dominion had the technology to bring back memories, and that’s why she couldn’t leave them alive and risk the future of the genetic dynasty. Rue, at this moment, would have thought that she shouldn’t have ever come with Brother Dusk, but it was too late now. Demerzel didn’t want to kill Rue and Brother Dusk, but she had no other option, as she was programmed to preserve and defend the genetic dynasty.

Rue and Brother Dusk were murdered by Demerzel in that chamber itself, and later, Brother Dawn got to know about it as he saw the green mark that had been put by Brother Dusk on Demerzel’s neck. Rue was not only a dependable advisor to Queen Sareth, but she was her conscience, as well. Though she was not able to make Queen Sareth escape Trantor until she was alive, she tried her level best to protect her and safeguard the interests of Cloud Dominion till her last breath.

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