‘Entergalactic’ Ending, Explained: What Causes Jabari And Meadow’s Breakup? Do They Get Back Together?


“Entergalactic” is centered around the life of Jabari (Scott Mescudi or Kid Cudi). He has recently moved into a swanky apartment in Manhattan after being hired by Cosmic Comics to turn his original character, Mr. Rager (Keith David), into a comic book series. Soon after that, he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Carmen (Laura Harrier). And despite being warned against hooking up with her by his friends, Ky (Tyrone Griffin Jr. or Ty Dolla $ign) and Jimmy (Timothée Chalamet), he goes ahead with it. The following day, he realizes that he doesn’t have any space for a steady relationship in this new life yet and requests Carmen to just be friends with him. That said, when he runs into his neighbor, Meadow (Jessica Williams), after being awoken by her loud music, he experiences what’s known as “love at first sight.”

Spoilers Ahead

What Caused Jabari And Meadow’s Breakup?

Although it’s evident from the get-go that Jabari and Meadow are madly in love with each other, they take their merry time, cementing the fact that they are, in fact, a couple. After their first date, they accidentally meet at a human reproductive system-themed party and bail out of there for obvious reasons. And going by the magical nature of their bike ride back home, that’s when Meadow realizes that she’s in love with Jabari. But it’s only after some persuasion from Karina (Vanessa Hudgens), i.e., Meadow’s best friend, and from Ky and Jimmy, that the neighbors finally take the plunge into a whirlwind romance. Things go rather smoothly because it’s the “honeymoon period.” They go on vacation together. The sex is good. They meet each other’s friends. However, one night, a little misunderstanding in the form of Carmen creeps into Jabari and Meadow’s lives.

Upon noticing that Jabari’s phone is buzzing, Meadow unlocks it and sees that Carmen has sent a photo of herself wearing nothing but Jabari’s red hoodie, along with the messages “you left this here yesterday” and “some things always fit.” We get a flashback that Jabari went to Carmen’s to get rid of a rat in her house. While dealing with it, he took off his hoodie. But after running out of the house due to the enormity of the rat, Jabari never came back to retrieve the hoodie. Hence the picture. As Meadow starts to cold shoulder Jabari, he goes back to Carmen’s to not only get the hoodie, but also to clear it out that they aren’t “friends with benefits.” They are strictly friends because Jabari is in a relationship with Meadow. With that out of the way, Jabari heads over to Meadow’s to clear things up with her. However, since she isn’t in the mood to listen and Jabari isn’t very good at explaining, they end up putting a pause on their relationship.

‘Entergalactic’ Ending, Explained – How Do Jabari And Meadow Get Back Together? What Is The Significance Of That Post-Credit Scene?

Post their breakup, both Jabari and Meadow dive headfirst into their work. While Meadow prepares for her art presentation, Jabari prepares his demonstration for the Mr. Rager comic. But their personal lives begin to suck. They even avoid running into each other. When Jabari’s comic gets green-lit, he types in the message to inform Meadow but doesn’t hit “send.” One of the artists who is co-presenting with Meadow, Nadia (Daniella Balbuena or 070 Shake), lauds her for the picture of Jabari she had snapped. However, Meadow says that that portrait isn’t going to be in the presentation because it doesn’t have a place there. That’s literal and metaphorical in nature because Meadow isn’t sure if she can accommodate Jabari, someone who she doesn’t trust right now, in her life anymore. And it’s literal because, subconsciously, Meadow has composed her presentation in a way that the picture of Jabari just won’t fit anywhere.

Jabari’s sister Ellie (Maisha Mescudi, i.e., Scott Mescudi’s real-life elder sister) pays him a visit to knock some sense into him. She tells him that he shouldn’t let his pride get in the way of trying hard enough to win Meadow’s trust back. Then, she basically spells out the ethos of “Entergalactic” by saying: “Love is the easiest thing in the world when it happens by accident, but it doesn’t get real until you do it on purpose.” Jabari and Meadow live beside each other by chance. They ran into each other by chance. And their personalities match with each other by chance. But the moment they have to put some real effort into ensuring they’ve got a future together, they are cutting and running. Yes, you can say that Meadow isn’t as much at fault as Jabari is because his inability to draw lines caused this whole misunderstanding. Jabari should’ve realized that and made more of an effort to make amends.

Well, thankfully, Ellie manages to motivate Jabari to not only attend Meadow’s presentation but also make a grand gesture by turning the nearby McDonald’s poster into a Mr. Rager street art. Meadow sees that and understands that Jabari is telling her to meet him at her secret spot, The Greasy Spoon. Jabari cycles to the restaurant while Meadow takes a cab. After reaching there, they make out and become a couple again. In a post-credit-ish scene, a news reporter informs us that the dating app, Stush, which looms heavily over the movie, has been accused of defrauding its customers by acquiring their credit card details. That, in a way, makes “Entergalactic” an anti-dating app movie. Before cutting to the credits, the film settles on a shot of Mr. Rager pointing at a poster of a man with the words “ICON” written on it. And that man bears a passing resemblance to the late Virgil Abloh. Why is that important? Well, long story short, Abloh was Kid Cudi’s friend and the costume designer of “Entergalactic”, who sadly passed away in late 2021 after a 2-year-battle with cancer. That poster is a tribute to him.

“Entergalactic” is a 2022 Drama Romance film created by Kid Cudi.

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