‘Entrapped’ Ending, Explained: Who are Bergur & Sverrir? Who Killed Ivar? How Did Andri Resolve His Conflicts?


The crime thriller genre captures some of the greatest cinematic representations that have not received widespread attention considering the lack of hype and instead made it into the “most underrated” list. Especially under Nordic Crime Genre, the cinema may not have an extensive response, but they deserve to have it. Films or series that belong to the Nordic crime thriller genre, such as “The Bridge,” “The Killing,” “Bordertown,” and numerous more, always have a tempting depiction of the most complicated crime involved with political influence or built around some dark internal domestic secret. With such a befitting story, Netflix has brought to the screen “Entrapped,” directed by Baltasar Kormakur.

“Entrapped” is the third edition of the Icelandic series “Trapped.” After the first season’s murder mystery operation and second season’s uncovering of the twisted family’s sordid past involving a political context, season 3 brings Officer Andri’s new mission, primarily centered on his inner conflict. Andri has always been personally involved with the case since the first season, whether it’s his sister-in-law Dagny in season 1 or his daughter Thorhildur in season 2. Similarly, Andri himself is attached in the case of season 3, concerning a guilt detection that he made seven years ago. This time, the case has brought Andri to face the question of his being a good police officer, the answer to which he struggles to find throughout the expansion of the crime. So, let’s dive into this story to find out if Andri is a “good cop” or a “bad cop”.

Spoilers Ahead

A Death In A Cult: How Was Andri Personally Involved In The Case?

The story blooms its petals with the wondrous nature of the North Icelandic hilly area called Asar. A cult takes place amid the green land, chanting their spells and worshiping mother nature in their Norse ritualistic way. Iceland is always known for its famous religious rites, and it seems that the cult is playing one of them. But their peace is disturbed when a group of bikers with black jackets called ‘Horns’ interrupt their prayer, warning them to release the land. However, the manpower of the biker gangs seems to offer an unequal battle to the cult that they cannot resist. The scene slowly shifts into the constant part where the chief of Logreglan, Hinrika, and her husband are back together after their little argument in season 2. Hinrika might give her relationship another tries, where she and her husband, Bardur, are now taking care of her nephew, Logi. On the other hand, Erikur, who was charged with attempting to murder Hrafan, is discharged from the High-Security Prison after five years. Andri comes to pick up his ex-father-in-law because Andri, though legally free of responsibility, does not want to be humiliated by his conscience since he was the one who arrested Erikur (season 1).

The upheaval over cult members’ land rights carries the signal of impending doom, which is evident shortly after with the murder of a boy named Ivar. Ivar’s body is found, shot through the brain, inside the cult’s meditation room, a cave in Asar. As usual, the police arrive on the scene, but instead of Andri, Trausti is brought in, who is accompanied by Hinrika. But there is no need to think that Andri will not be part of this investigation. However, what can bring Andri to this investigation is up for discussion. 

Andri takes Erikur to a hotel in Reykjavik, where Trausti confronts him about the dead Ivar, revealing several deep secrets that expose a dark side of Andri’s character. Ivar Kristjansson was a young man with whom Andri became involved in investigating the disappearance of Lina, Ivar’s girlfriend, seven years ago. Of course, Lina has not been found till the date, but after getting a false alibi and suspecting Ivar, Andri beats him to death, which became a trauma in Ivar’s life. Later, Andri harbors guilt while Ivar is found innocent. In the flashback scene, we understand that Andri was not as indifferent and calm as he is now, rather violent and ill-tempered, which may have led to his divorce from his wife, Agnes.

The Motorcycle Gang ‘Horns’: How Did They Become The Prime Suspects?

On the other hand, while searching the scene, Hinrika finds some old paper clippings in Ivar’s room, which only contain news of all the crimes solved by Andri. Either revenge or hatred, for some reason, Ivar was obsessed with Andri while alive, which led him to keep an eye on Andris every step. Hinrika also learns that Ivar was the son-like figure and co-founder of cult leader Oddur, who founded the cult seven years ago. That means that since Ivar was found innocent, he had been associated with the cult. Andri tells Trausti that regarding Ivar’s death, he will talk to his family because Andri has to face them. I don’t know why, but Andri took this step. Maybe he was thinking of continuing the investigation himself.

At Ivar’s house, his sister (who has Down syndrome) Eva is waiting for her brother to celebrate her birthday, but after learning of this tragic event, Ivar’s parents feel conflicted about how to face Eva. Meanwhile, Ivar’s father, Kristjan, blames Andri for Ivar’s death, ordering him to investigate his son’s murder. But Ivar’s parents don’t seem as distraught as they should. What is the reason behind this? Problems arise when Oddur demands that Ivar’s dead body be handed over to them so they can properly cremate him. But as the case of murder continues, the Logreglan police refuse the demand and are forced to lift Ivar’s dead body in a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Andri, who is in financial crime detection, wants to investigate Ivar’s murder on his own and has a little cold fight with Trausti, which, of course, ends up being a friend, because even though Andri made a mistake in the investigation seven years ago, he is a better police officer now. Andri joins to kick-start an intense investigation that brings up the prime suspect, the motorcycle gang “Horns,” since they threatened the cult members a day before Ivar’s murder. Trausti goes to talk to their co-leader, Gunner, at a pub where he is present with his girlfriend Elisabeth and other accomplices. Gunner doesn’t give a proper alibi, so Trausti arrests a gang member, Flosi, on the pretext of consuming marijuana to extract information from him. However, upon the interrogation of Gunner and his companions, Lina’s true identity is revealed. Lina was a friend of Gunner, and Elisabeth’s at one point, which makes Ivar also Gunner’s friend. After Lina’s disappearance, Gunner went to Copenhagen and joined this group. Later in a discussion with Hinrika, it is revealed that besides Gunner and Ivar, another important character is Lina’s brother, Bergur. A group photo found in Ivar’s room shows everyone’s faces, and Ivar is known to have been drunk with Bergur on the day of Lina’s disappearance. After this was proven, Ivar was found guilt-free.

The Dark Domestic Secret: How Is Oddur Related to Gunner?

When Flosi confronts interrogation, a major mystery is disclosed, revealing that Gunner is the son of cult leader Oddur, with whom his father’s relationship became bitter following the death of Gunner’s mother. As Oddur’s wife was a drug addict, he wanted to separate Gunner from her, but Gunner later joined Horns with Hopper, his uncle, to take over Oddur’s lands. This big truth is hidden by both Oddur and Gunner from the police investigation, which is caught in Flosi’s alibi. Innocent Flosi is spared. Meanwhile, research on Hopper reveals that he is Kim Ole Brogger, a big-time drug dealer who smuggles amphetamine. Hopper, being Gunner’s maternal uncle, baits Gunner into taking Oddur’s land.

Meanwhile, the cult’s people don’t want to sit quietly; instead, they want to fight to solve this problem, but Oddur disagrees because his cult’s principle is not to fight but to discuss calmly. But adamantly, two cultists hatch a plan to harass the biker gang. One evening, they visit Hopper’s hideout, the Old Factory, trying to set their bike on fire, but are caught red-handed by a brutal biker spy named Baby Lars, who calls on Hopper and his cohorts to capture and torture the two pagans. Later, at midnight, after beating both of them, the gang set them naked on the street. Forensics revealed that Ivar was physically intimate with someone before his death, which forced Hinrika to start looking for another alibi. In this situation, Hinrika and Trausti notice those two pagans walking naked on the deserted road in the north. When Trausti brings them to Asar, Oddur’s current wife, Asa, reveals that Ivar last had intercourse with her, which further confuses Hinrika. When Andri informs Oddur of this, Oddur agrees to know about it beforehand, which makes him look suspicious. Andri realizes that, as his wife’s lover, Oddur has good reason to kill Ivar. But some more exciting facts and events caught Andri’s attention.

The Other Suspects: Who are Bergur and Sverrir? What is Their Connection with The Case?

Further investigation reveals that Ivar owns an apartment and a bar in Reykjavik, where Bergur meets Andri. A mysterious girl, Soley, who Ivar may have had an affair with, informs Andri about Sverrir, Bergur’s boyfriend. It is known that before Ivar’s death he had a quarrel with Bergur and Sverrir, after which Ivar went north and was killed. Sverrir has not been reached by phone since the day after the murder. Andri, believing Sverrir to be a suspect, rushes to the ship’s dock with one of his colleagues, Isak. Eventually, Andri finds Sverrir there, but Isak is wounded in the nose, causing it to bleed.

Superintendent Orne is informed about this by Hinrika, who consults with Sonja, chief of the Narcotics division. When Sverrir is brought to police headquarters for questioning, Sonja releases him, surprising Andri and Trausti by revealing the reason. It is understood that Sverrir, Bergur, and Gunner are each police informer involved in the sales and distribution of Hopper’s upcoming drug smuggling shipments. This information is very important and confidential, which Orne believes the Logreglan Police Department will not disclose anywhere. But Trausti’s ego is constantly at work; he doesn’t like to follow orders from his superiors. This is reflected when Trausti interrogates Gunner about Bergur. Gunner becomes aware of the police search, so he is now extremely cautious. He tells Hopper about Trausti’s question to avoid preemptive danger, causing Hopper to view Gunner with suspicion. Gunner panics and destroys his phone so Bergur can’t smuggle data with him. The Superintendent, on the other hand, learns of Trausti’s folly and sends Sonja to Siglufjordur to lead the investigation. Sonja comes and starts bossing around, which becomes poison in Trausti’s eyes, but he has no choice left but to comply.

Sverrir’s Death: How Did Hopper Find the ‘Snitch’?

The police give more importance to the investigation of drug smuggling, completely forgetting about Ivar’s murder. Hinrika expresses an unpleasant feeling that this drug investigation is a PR stunt designed only to give glory to the political party. But they are mere puppets of the legal system, bound to abide by the rules. Although Hinrika shares similar views with Trausti, she is quite pragmatic and not stubborn like him, which makes her a sincere and competent chief police investigator. Gunner, suspicious of Flosi, starts torturing him, causing Flosi to disobey police orders and try to escape from the biker party. But on the way, he is caught again by the cops. Flosi reveals information that Lars and Gunner went out on the night of Ivar’s death, which now puts the police’s eyes on Gunner and his partner.

Meanwhile, Sverrir wants to join Hopper’s gang by baiting himself to save his boyfriend Bergur’s life, which is approved by Sonja. But when Gunner brings Sverrir to their Old Factory, the head of the team, Hopper, makes a smart move. With Lars in secret, he summons Sverrir and reveals that Gunner and Lars are responsible for Ivar’s murder, so he will send them both abroad the next morning, assigning Sverrir the responsibility. Sverrir, sensing imminent danger, tells Bergur, who tells him to inform the cops about Gunner and Lars. Sverrir does just that, which makes the path to his impending death that much smoother. In Hopper’s pit, Sverrir is trapped. Just like Hopper would have thought, the next day, the cops come and take Gunner and Lars away on mere misinformation, while Hopper takes Sverrir’s life in the process. But Sverrir captures all this event on his phone’s video-recording, which is recovered from the dead body.

Hopper’s Arrest: Why Did Hopper Spare Gunner’s Life?

Sonja finds out and rescues Gunner and Lars, prompting Gunner to approach Hopper. Hopper tells him that Sverrir is a ‘snitch,’ a police spy. Gunner realizes that within a few days, the truth will be revealed to his uncle Hopper, ending his days as a spy among the Horns. Oddur, upon learning of Sverrir’s death, rushes to rescue his son, suggesting that Oddur may have known about Gunner’s secret quest. Hopper, being a blood relative to Gunner, spares his life, handing him over to Oddur to get rid of him. Hopper, upon learning that Sverrir’s body has been found, plans to escape on a ship, which, unfortunately, contains Bardur and Logi. When Hopper attacks them, Hinrika arrives just in time to arrest Hopper.

Andri’s Conflicts: How Did He Realize His Mistakes?

Meanwhile, Trausti and Andri are suspended for arresting Gunner and Lars based on false information. This leaves Andri distraught; he packs his bags, and heads home. When Hinrika comes to calm him down, he takes his anger out on her. Eventually, we see Sonja develop a love interest with him, which they both enjoy and want to pursue. But, due to this mistake, Andri breaks that connection with Sonja. A mistake he made seven years ago leaves him conflicted, which jolts him awake when Hinrika’s nephew Logi asks him if he is a “good cop” or a “bad cop”.

After the suspension, Andri faces the same question again. To clear his doubts, he goes to his mother, where he had a little remembrance of his father. Andri realizes that his father was a tough guy like him, who people were afraid of or didn’t want to associate with. Even so, his mother confesses to her not-so-easy married life with him. Andri realizes that, like his father, he pushes his close people away when anything is wrong. Finally overcoming the conflict, Andri returns to Hinrika and apologizes for his rudeness. He even proposes to Sonja, saying that he wants to take this relationship forward. It fairly seems that Andri is back in the game, so let’s see how the suspended officer Andri finally finds Ivar’s killer, which can prove him as a good cop again.

‘Entrapped’ Ending Explained: Who Killed Ivar?

Meanwhile, Soley, Ivar’s possible girlfriend, approaches Kristjan’s office. She wants the toys Ivar bought for his sister to be delivered to his family. Even though she’s finished with her job, Kristjan invites her to their home. Soley feels very uncomfortable, noticing Kristjan’s hideous gaze on her. Although she arrives at Kristjan and Magdalena’s house in the evening, she feels extremely ominous inside the house, so she soon goes out alone, refusing to be dropped off by Kristjan. Behind the eyes of the police, Kristjan tries to get his act together, but as Isac (the previously injured colleague) keeps an eye on Bergur and the other suspects, he sees a photo of Kristjan, Ivar’s father, caught on CCTV footage on the night of Ivar’s death. Andri calls Eva to find out if her father was home that night. When Eva answers negatively, the prime suspect falls on Kristjan.

Isak tracks down Kristjan’s phone and learns that, on the night of Ivar’s death, his phone was switched off and was unlocked twelve hours later. When Kristjan is questioned, he says that he was in his office that night, but that there was no CCTV footage or witnesses, which leads Andri and Trausti’s suspicions to deepen. Since Ivar’s parents agreed to have his funeral at Asar, Hinrika, along with Kristjan, heads to Asar. Meanwhile, through Erikur’s previous contact, Andri gets Securitas camera footage of Bergur’s car driving into Kristjan’s office and an altercation between them, in which Bergur throws Kristjan’s phone and breaks it, which turns off his phone. Finally, Kristjan has to face Hinrika, accompanied by two suspended officers, Andri and Trausti. Kristjan takes off his good guy mask, revealing his evil side. It is revealed that Kristjan, while drunk, molested Lina even though she was his own son’s girlfriend.

After Bergur’s footage reveals that Soley’s testimony was completely false, Hinrika blocks her path, but in the meantime, Bergur escapes with his life. Kristjan admits that only Bergur and Lina knew about this incident, so he shut Bergur’s mouth with the money after Lina’s disappearance. But Bergur, on the night of Ivar’s death, demands an enormous price from Kristjan, which he is unable to pay. As a result, Bergur goes to Ivar to unmask Kristjan in Asar’s cave. But, there, he faces another horrible truth. Ivar told him that he knew all about this. Even the night Bergur killed the child and drove away, Lina told Ivar about the incident. Ivar thinking his girlfriend is dirty, murders and vanishes her just to save his father. Bergur could not bear the secrets uncovered and killed Ivar.

Bergur’s Confession: How Did Andri Resolve His Conflicts?

Bergur’s head can no longer think straight. Thinking about his capture, he escapes with the car and baits Soley. Meanwhile, when he arrives at the bridge and is surrounded by the police, he confesses to all his crimes, threatening to kill Soley. He cries that he has lost both his sister and his boyfriend, so he has no fear of losing anymore. He forces Andri to shoot him, or he threatens to kill Soley. Andri is forced, despite his suspension, to save Soley by shooting Bergur.

Seven years ago, when Andri was fired from the Metropolitan Police for excessive forceful interrogation and brought to Siglufjordur, his mind began to rise and fall, but when he was brought back to court after Bergur was killed, all the evidence was overwhelming. It turns out that his slaughter was to save an innocent girl’s life. In fact, his seven-year-old investigation was also proved to be true. But in the eyes of the blind and neutral law, he was a suspended police officer who had no right even to commit manslaughter. As a result of that, he had to be sent to prison for two years. We see Sonja by his side throughout the process. However, Andri is finally free of all conflict. He was neither wrong in his investigation, nor is he a killer now. All he did made him the savior of one’s life. So, there is no reason for him not to be a good cop. He proudly agrees to spend the next two years of his life in prison. So, the last time he boosts himself up, talking to his mother on the phone, and we, the viewers, are hoping to see Andri’s next crime thriller, after two years of his imprisonment.

“Entrapped” is a 2022 Icelandic Crime Thriller series directed by Baltasar Kormakur.

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