‘Eric’ Ending Explained: Why Did Vincent See Eric, The Puppet?


Eric, the latest Netflix murder thriller, is a testament to the fact that our baggage, our repressed feelings, and our unresolved traumas sooner or later catch up to us and impact our lives in ways and means that we cannot imagine. Vincent was an extremely talented puppeteer, and through his wild imagination, he created a hit show that became a rage among the kids. One day, while Vincent was busy arguing with his wife Cassie, their son, Edgar, went missing. Nobody knew if he had been kidnapped or if he had gone somewhere out of his own free will. Vincent started losing his mind in the process, and the police found it extremely hard to make a breakthrough. So, let’s find out what happens in Eric‘s ending and if Vincent is able to find his kid and get over his childhood traumas. 

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Who killed Marlon Rocelle?

Amidst all the hullabaloo of Edgar’s disappearance, everybody forgot that there was a 14-year-old boy named Marlon Rochelle who had also gone missing sometime back. His mother, Cecile, kept coming to the police station, but even her persistence couldn’t bring her boy back. Cecile quite openly spoke about the discrimination and racism prevalent in society. She said that just because her boy was not White, the authorities were not keen to find him. Michael Ledroit knew that the two cases were linked, and The Lux, the popular club in the vicinity, had some role to play in the scheme of things. He knew that back in the day, a raid was conducted, and the illicit activities going on in the Sierra club came to light. It came to be known that an underage sex ring was being run in the club, and the who’s who of society was involved in it. Ledroit had a gut feeling that this time, something similar was happening in The Lux, but nobody was ready to listen to him. Ledroit went to Gator and told him that he knew that something had happened to Rochelle in his club, but the latter didn’t listen to him. Gator was a good man, and so, though he trusted TJ, his employee, he went and searched for the CCTV footage of that day when Rochelle came to his club. Each and every recording from the past couple of years was kept in an organized manner in the storeroom, but only the recording of that one day when Rochelle was present on the premises of the club was missing.

Gator questioned TJ, and that’s when he realized that Ledroit’s intuition was probably not wrong. Gator was able to procure the VCR of that day, and he gave it to Ledroit after they both spent a night together in the latter’s apartment. Gator told Ledroit to watch it at his own discretion, and the latter was blown away when he saw the recording. From Mayor Richard Costello to his superior Cripp and colleague Nokes, everyone was involved in the crime. Nokes and Kennedy killed the poor boy just because he was skimming the profits they made from their illegal activities. They wanted to teach him a lesson, and even the presence of the mayor at the scene didn’t stop them. The deputy mayor, Richard Costello, often went to the club, and a lot of young boys were employed in his service. He was indulging in an intimate moment with Rochelle when Nokes came out of nowhere and started beating the kid. The deputy mayor didn’t want the kid to be killed, but he was guilty of engaging in sexual acts with a minor and, secondly, concealing the fact that he was present at the scene when the kid was mercilessly beaten to death. Ledroit brought the VCR to the NYPD headquarters and played it in front of everybody. Misha, one of the workers at the garbage collection service, told Ledroit that he had disposed of Rochelle’s body on the orders of Bruno Di Bari, who was the brother of the deputy mayor. Based on the testimonies of the various people and the evidence that Ledroit could gather, everybody involved in the murder of Marlon Rochelle was arrested by the NYPD. The deputy mayor broke down during the investigation, and he told Ledroit that he never intended to kill the boy, but things took an unprecedented turn, and he just hid like a coward to save his political career. 

Why Did Vincent See The Puppet? 

Vincent didn’t have a very good childhood, even though he came from an extremely privileged background. His father never understood him, and the poor boy, on the other hand, was terrified of him. Not even once did Robert validate the actions of his son because, for him, anything that did not align with his sensibilities, anything that was different from his viewpoint, anything that he hadn’t experienced in his life, was not right. Vincent was different from the rest from a very young age. He probably had some mental health disorders, too, which aggravated with time. But it was an undeniable fact that he was truly a gifted boy living a cursed life. He had an exceptional talent, but the world didn’t recognize it. His father said that he did not know what he had done to deserve such a kid, and that’s when Cassie told him to try to understand Vincent and give him a chance.

However, Robert was very rigid in his approach, and even Vincent’s mother didn’t really care what happened to him. What they didn’t understand was that just giving money to their kid wasn’t enough. They needed to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. They needed to give him an opportunity to express himself. They needed to deal with him with an open mind. But nothing of that sort happened, and it had an impact on Vincent later in life. Vincent’s kid was scared of him, and his wife was extremely unhappy in their relationship. Vincent was doing some good work professionally, but his personal life was a mess. He started hallucinating, and through his mother, we got to know that it was not the first time he was going through that. Even in his childhood, he had these imaginary friends with whom he talked all the time. Vincent was probably suffering from schizophrenia, and the reason behind it could be years of suppressed feelings. Obviously, Eric was not real, and Vincent probably knew that, but he was not in the right state of mind to differentiate imagination from reality. 

Was Vincent able to find Edgar? 

In Eric‘s ending, we saw that Cripp, without informing Ledroit about it, told the media that a man named Yuusuf was the prime suspect in the case and that Edgar was probably taken in the tunnels where all the homeless people stayed. Ledroit didn’t want that, as he knew that it was a very delicate situation, and one wrong move could spoil everything. Cripp just didn’t want his crimes to come to light, and so, Ledroit was on his own, and the safety of the kid was his highest priority ever. Ledroit went down with the police officers, but before that, Yuusuf made sure that he escaped from there, and he sent Edgar with Raya. Yuusuf never wanted to hurt Edgar, and he made sure that the boy was safe during his stay in the tunnel. Yuusuf grew fond of the kid, and he told him how even he was quite scared of his father back in the day. Yuusuf made sure that Edgar got food and that nobody bothered him. Yuusuf contacted Cassie and asked her to bring the reward money of $25000 to the specified spot. That was probably not the best move he could have made because the general perception that anybody would make after such a call was that he was the one who had kidnapped Edgar. Nobody would have imagined in their wildest dreams that Edgar had run away from his home, and nobody had forced him to do so.

Edgar loved the graffiti that Yuusuf made, and one fine day, he followed him to the tunnels. Vincent was very sure from the beginning that his son was alive. People thought that he had lost his mind, but it was not so. He figured out that the drawings that Edgar made on George’s wall were maps, and he started decoding them. Vincent did reach the tunnel, but he was a bit late as the police had already arrived there, and everyone had already escaped. The troubled father went to the rally, where everybody was protesting. He got on the stage, wearing Eric’s suit, and spoke on the mic, hoping and believing that his kid would hear him. He told Edgar how apologetic he felt for his actions, and he asked him, just like in the old days, to race him to their home. With hope in his heart, Vincent ran in the puppet suit, and when he reached his destination, he found Edgar standing there. At that moment, Vincent felt like somebody had lifted a huge burden from his shoulders. He took his boy in his arms and took a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Cassie also arrived at the scene, joined the boys, and thanked the Almighty for keeping her boy safe. 

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