‘Eternally Confused And Eager for Love’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Can Ray find True Love?


“Eternally Confused and Eager for Love,” a Netflix original, is an Indian romantic comedy that follows our lead character’s many reflective conversations with his fortunate keychain named Wiz. Ray can make decisions about his love life, friends, family, and other matters as a result of these conversations.

Ray works for a Japanese investment firm with his friend Varun, who is simply sleazy but always supports Ray regardless of the situation. Riya, his other best friend, has a special link with him that lasts until the end, when things abruptly change. “Eternally Confused and Eager for Love” follows Ray as he decides to seek true love, even though his parents are insisting on his pursuit of marriage with his chosen other half. 

Major Spoilers Ahead

Season 1: Plot Summary – Ray And Wiz Decide What Love is for Ray.  

It is stated that finding love is a journey that begins with loving oneself. If your journey begins with confusion, it is always preferable to take it slowly and find yourself, as you will eventually attract what you are. Ray’s many decisions surrounding his pursuit of women who could be possible love mates are explored in “Eternally Confused and Eager for Love.” His parents also come to his aid, hoping that he would be able to have a happily ever after with at least one lady he likes.

Meanwhile, Ray enjoys standing on his pedestal while listening to the animated voice of Wiz, his lucky keychain. He even drew a picture of it as a child as a visual reminder that he must first settle all of his doubts with Wiz before moving on to the next step in his life. These discussions can be beneficial in helping Ray understand his emotions better. Somehow, they never create a solid footing for Ray to stand on when things go awry. This eventually prompts him to take matters into his own hands, which is when the narrative takes unexpected turns and propels Ray forward in his life.

Ray is a not-so-confident thirty-something who is struggling to find the right lady to date as the series begins. He’s looking for love but doesn’t know where to start. First, his parents step up to the plate and arrange for him to date Pari, the daughter of a family friend. Ray arrives at the location on the day of the date to cancel on her, breaking her heart. Both of them are shaken by this, but Ray feels more guilty than before. To get over it, he approaches Riya, his best friend, and asks if her friend (who has recently broken up with someone) might be interested in dating him. When they meet, Ray delivers a poor joke, and the date ends on a sour note.

When the date goes wrong, Ray begins to doubt all he knows about himself, or more specifically, whether his instincts about the opposite sex are correct. Ray used a dating app after getting wine all over his shirt at a bar and approaching a woman and asking if she wanted to sleep with him. He gets a quick thrill whenever a match serves his purpose. He even gets a few matches owing to Varun’s advice about how the profile should behave as a hook for his matches. 

While the dating world will continue to thrive with or without Ray, his inner circle grows as he meets Riya’s buddies at a pub. Ray invites Varun and his fiancée, Priyanka, and after a few drinks, everyone takes to the dance floor. Naina is attempting to approach Ray, but he is wary of her approach. Riya’s other companion, Komal, is getting increasingly unstable as a result of a tiny overpour of vodka in her drink when Naina and Ray were tasked with making her a drink.

Riya is irritated when she notices Ray isn’t taking Naina seriously. Naina meets a new suitor and ends up kissing him, making Riya and Ray even more nervous and perplexed. Ray quickly admits that he has never been kissed before. To get that out of the way, Riya decides to kiss him.

Ray seeks to rectify a wrong with Pari as he starts to feel at odds with Riya’s pals. He feels responsible for her father’s heart attack after learning of it, even though it was not his fault. While his guilt consumes him, Riya becomes a haven for him to return to as he tries to come to terms with how he feels regarding the dilemmas of his life.

‘Eternally Confused and Eager for Love’ Season 1: Ending Explained

During drinks and a get-together, Komal talks about her grievances when a man has physically molested her. During the discussion, Komal demands an explanation from Ray about what he is doing to keep women safe. When Ray is confronted by Riya’s buddy, Komal, he suddenly comes up with an idea. According to his masculine mind, he planned to walk ahead and overtake a woman on the road if she was alone, in the hopes that she would notice she wasn’t alone and that she had nothing to fear from him. As the story further unfolds, Ray even decides to put the theory to the test, which has unexpected consequences. 

Ray notices the lady who works at his office headquarters walking towards her home one night after everyone has left the office to go home. He tries to walk ahead of her to put this theory to the test because she is alone in an alleyway, and the woman, Shanti, assumes she is being pursued. She shouts for assistance, and a rickshaw driver rushes to her aid, confronting Ray and punching him in the face. He is apprehended, imprisoned, and eventually released on bail, and his car remains in police custody.

He wakes up the next morning with everyone at his bedside and a bruise on his face. Riya, Varun, and his parents, along with their domestic staffer, Umesh, are staring down at him. He is aware that he made some poor judgments while attempting to persuade everyone that he did nothing wrong. Later in the day, Ray needs to figure out a way to attend Riya’s gay friend Sandesh’s party. He requests his mother to apply makeup on him so he may hide the bruises, which she gladly complies with. This becomes a regular practice for him, and it helps him maintain his dignity.

Riya and Ray must escape as Sandesh’s party goes bad. Ray, on the other hand, approaches Riya and assures her that they are destined to be together. Riya firmly disagrees and orders him to leave the rickshaw, making things awkward between them and signaling an uncertain future for both of them. Immediately after, Ray is informed by a message on his phone that he has been suspended from work as a result of the incident with Shanti.

Ray’s suspension occurs at the most inconvenient time when the company’s founder from Japan visits the company’s headquarters in India. Ray is summoned to speak with him in person, with his superior present, and a file serving as notice of termination from the firm is placed on the table. His superior explained to him that he had a spotless record before this occurrence, but they couldn’t risk keeping him due to the incident. He needs to clean out his desk and his spirits are entirely drained.

While everything appears to be falling apart, the only thing that can be done is to mend all of the broken ties. Not only that, but he must first find himself and trust his intuition about women rather than rely on Wiz. When he goes on a date, he lets the woman take the lead, which suits him fine, and they return to his car to have a couple of lustful moments, only to discover he is missing a condom. Eventually, another date does not go according to either person’s plan.

He learns that for his evening trips, he needs to keep a couple of condoms on his person at all times after this date. Varun contacts him to invite him and Riya’s broader group of pals to his engagement celebration. Everyone shows up for the celebration, and Riya and Ray have reconciled over a legendary chicken curry prepared by Ray’s housekeeper, Umesh, as a peace offering to her. Ray gets loose on the dance floor at Varun’s engagement party after a few shots with Riya, and things shift dramatically. He wakes up in his boxers the next morning to find someone in his restroom, after finding out he slept with someone.

When Ray realizes it’s Komal, he accepts the fact that he’s still trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. However, when his parents discover Komal smiling in his room, he understands that as much as he wants it to be Riya, it may never happen due to the other person over whom he has no control.

In Conclusion

Netflix together with Tiger Baby and Excel Media brings us a humble and entertaining series that is set in a modern-day social context that is cautious to be sensitive and inclusive. The scripts provide us with succinct and clean dialogues and nice, friendly characters. Given the preceding two years of solitude, the informal setting would brighten anyone’s attitude, as the chatter around dating apps would be the new norm and culture. It brings upheavals and celebrations as people learn to expand their circles. 

“Eternally Confused and Eager for Love” reminds us of how difficult it may be to construct oneself from the ground up and go on a new adventure in life, whether with or without love. It even delves into whether or not a spouse is required for true happiness, requiring us to define it for ourselves before our parents intervene and make the decision for us. It is a top suggestion on our list to watch and view at your leisure, simply because more of these dialogues should be had, whether or not we like to admit it.

“Eternally Confused and Eager for Love” is a 2022 Indian Romance Drama series created by Rahul Nair.

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